The Social Phobic Poem

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 19:49 -- Macee

The Social Phobic Poem

Hiding away in a turtle shell,

All I want to do is dwell,

Over the fact that I am scared,

Even though people really care.


I try to call out and yell,

But when the eyes are on me I repel,

I hide in the back of the room,

Even though I wish I could bloom.


Without those eyes staring at me,

I now feel very free,

But I still want to speak,

Speak up for those that are weak.


This declaration takes much courage,

But I know some day that I will get encouraged,

It will take much energy to speak one word,

And at first it may sound blurred.


But I know what this feels like,

As I am one of them right on the spike,

Sometimes I feel cold,

But I want to feel bold.


With a racing heart,

I feel like wanting to dart,

There is the high feeling of getting negatively judged,

And as I get that feeling the breathing gets smudged.


Blushing,sweating,shaking are a few symptoms,

And I am one of those victims,

There are many out there that have this illness,

Even one might think that it is silliness.


Worrying I'll get called on in class,

Gives that feeling of wanting to be window glass,

I do not want to be seen or looked as the center of attention,

So this brings up much tension.


Talking to "unknowns" brings much fear to my eye,

Much energy is wasted from the reply,

And when the talk is done I can feel much transpire,

I just want to go home and bring the day to an expire.


Staying away from events,

May make one discontent,

And this may lead to a life worth nothing,

But in the end a life is a pretty important something.


This may be you,

But it is not your fault as you got to push through,

Push through the fear of being laughed at,

And say, "Take that you old rat."


I am done with my poem of a phobia that takes lives,

And I hope this journey of a poem made you survive,

Because in the end,

I will even be able to survive the bend.


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