Rays of Sunshine Clouds of Storm

The bright and perfect me
She's Outspoken
Never holding in her thoughts
Always speaking her mind
Joyful and passionate about life 


Confident in herself and everything she does
You'd never know what she holds inside
The sadness and pain masked by a pearly white smile
The tears replaced by joyous laughter
Behind her mask of false happiness lies a deeper being
Drowning in the pain of rejection and lost love


I never speaks of this pain
My tear stained pillowcase bears witness to my sadness
I feel as if no one cares enough to listen
Most would rather bask in my false rays of sunshine, not wallow in the dark rain clouds of my personal storm


Hoping no one will know the dark thoughts plaguing my mind in the night
I continues the charade of rainbows and sunshine
Keeping my distance from the world
Avoiding the pain of relationships and love


But to the world her rays shine bright
Her confidence glows through the darkness and she becomes who everyone expects her to be
The bright and perfect me


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