The False Faces We Show


A gaping pit of gossip, lies, and false faces,

Commanding our lives while depositing distrust, and paranoia.

My team, so tight knit, knowing each other so long,

Each sister victim can identify individual weaknesses.

We use limitations to torment victims, making them feel empty.


Girls are the worst; spiteful, and jealous.

Like a flock of chickens we cackle about the dirt we dug up

About the person we feel the most threatened by.

No one is safe; we are both victim and tormentor.

We put on false smiles, say everyone is friends, no one is hurt.


Like sinking ships we subside into sad emptiness.

Snatching at the closest person, trying to pull them down with us,

So we are not the only one suffering in sadness.

With false smiles etched on our faces we gossip, gossip, gossip.

Reports are filed in our minds to be brought out, used against our prey.


The phony expressions don't stop;

Curved lips tell whispers that only have a minute amount of truth.

Keen ears strain to catch murmurs not meant to be heard.

Malicious eyes watch dramas play out, secretly recording.

We never rest in our pursuit to make others feel as bad as we do inside.


If only we would stop, but gossip is a drug.

An addictive sensation we feel when slanted truths spill out of our mouths,

Into the ears of an eager listener.

Spreads like the plague and infects all those in its reach.

Gossip swells like an angry beast but whispers like a snake. It will never stop.


Shielding ourselves from the cruel world, we carve masks.

As we hide behind the pretenses, they glue to our faces, hug our skin.

We can't pull ourselves free. The false faces we show aren't pretty;

Animalistic expressions confirm infection by spreading diseases of insecurity.

Our self-worth gets eaten away when we find anyone with a stronger mask.


I stay up at night and think of what I did, what I said.

I can't convince myself that it was all innocent, that I didn't hurt others.

My actions upset someone, made her life worse.

I promise myself I'll stop to think of the consequences of my words.

The next day, it's a promise I won't be able to keep.

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