Behind The Curtain We Remain


The walls are black and the lines are blue

The curtains are draping around you,

For judgments there is no measure or amount

But for understanding-

Well, let me shut my mouth


Christian.Atheist. Mexican.

Muslim. Buddhists- White

Different cultures but the same strife

This life is not kind to one or the other

Yet we still treat each other like we come from separate Fathers

I am, a Mary in the Garden of Eden

Swayed into sin, I am Eve

My Adam is slipping right away from me

The schools expect so much yet care so little


I am the curtain the stands in the middle


So spare me remorse

Spare me pain

IF you really cared you'd know everyone is just the same

I am a sinner, but so are you

Christian. Atheist. Black.

Muslim. Buddhists. White


Who I am should not be measured in my

SEX , religion or  the pigment of my skin

If I am gay or if I am straight

Behind this curtain I still remain,



they yell and they sing

Yet, Christians judge the "unholy"

AND atheist laugh at those "who are"

Behind this curtain lays so many scars


Christian. Atheist. Jewish.

Muslim. Buddhists. White.

Gay. Straight. Women. Men.


Behind this curtain I still remain

This curtain of society and propriety

This curtain of sexism and racism

This curtain that remains politically correct


But this curtain still remains

Though,who we are

will not change.






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