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Shut your mouth and listen to what it is I have to say I will take you all back on that specific day I was laying in my room listening to the two of you argue
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
What ever happened to our American dream?Did it fade in the past,
I am a very humble man I do everything I possibly can Discrimination needs to stop There is no race who is on top Red, yellow, white or black We are equal, thats a fact The killing needs to cease
Originated from a great state That of longhorns and very proud But stil not sure where she comes from   A military brat has been over oceans Carrier of much luggage
For once in my life the storm around me matches the storm raging in my soul. For once in my life the puzzle pieces fit perfectly.
Becasue setreoypes exist
4 years old,
One day I walked onto a stage I read a few words from the page I didn't know I could act That was a fact But that's what I did from that age. My newfound love I could not flee
When my desire to succed Turns into me taking lead I admire what exheeds Out of the the mind of me No matter the need, My promises seed And continue to breed Until I recede
Can I Get A Story I am Black and American Yet I am labeled as white And not because I bite
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. We cannot walk alone.
You thought you knew my name But all that time all you saw an image Looking down and up "Yo!!! mame..."   Don't insult me I thought why don't you be like them gentlemen... I can't stand you!!!
Pursuit to gratification rises all the time. Subconscious mind always over me,  Saying no-no go on until the thirst is quenched... My patience bursts unhappy when not met fulfillment,
It floats through the room Heaven to her ears She releases her sadness Though the rhythm and beat
  I pledge allegiance To the flag I remember the day My best friend said “I think I might be gay”
No one knows about what goes on behind the curtain The struggle to keep all the robes un-tangled And every object nice and in its place What it takes to make the show go on
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
I am just me. I have nothing to hide behind these two curtains of mine.  My eyes see all these fake people just barely surviving. I am judged because of my opinions, when in fact they are the truth.
Flawless is waking up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like everything that the world says matters is irrelevant at that moment and I
While your young, your told to live a certian way People teach you how to talk, what to say Everyone looks, judgement in there eyes. People talk, but all you hear are lies. Noone can tell you who you are,
I Woke Up Like This... Faithful.  
Remembering the time when I wanted to grow old faster. Thought things were easy as I’ve seen grown-ups do their way. As my height increase inch-by-inch The clothes I wear changes day by day  
A boy shot in the street A cop with a gun Six witnesses and hard evidence Darren Wilson is given paid leave rather than put behind bars Ferguon is called a riot area As they block off any reports
Demons go up to me suddenly talking nonsense,i am like God is this real?He nods and says revelation apocalypse, so i kneel and ask for strength to hold on to the throne because i know when people hear this demons won't leave me alone.Heaven is my
I’m from the self-made man who left home at the age of eighteen because he didn’t want to follow his mom’s command. I’m from a woman raised to have a plan but that got interrupted by an ungrateful man.
Thinking about my goals,I feel very oriented to think about my soulAl l I know is I can’t be home
Looking forward to that last year in highschool. Ready to let go and graduate. 
School is for the fun Science, math and history School is for the young
Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke Uhg I hate this school I complain daily
Ovaries are key in a woman's health What happens when they cause a problem            Treatments can be dealt
Dirt or Mud, Sun or Rain, A team works together to earn their fame. These girls are tough and hard to beat, together all working to earn 1st seed for the state final four.
Am I the movies I watch?Am I the books I read?Am I the classes I take?Am I the feelings I feel?Am I the food I eat or the drinks I drink?Am I the air I breathe?Am I the skin I live in?
A dark cloud hangs, A dark shadow looms, A dark burden presses, A dark day it is.   A beam of sunshine, fighting its way through the darkness, through that dark cloud over you,
I hate being around people. I hate being alone. I hate everybody and everything. But please don't let me go.   I'm traped in my head. Stuck in my day-dreams
Empty room, bleak, white walls.Standing still, shrouded in a cloak of black.Poised, porcelain face, perfect to those who
Who I am, I am someone who is not who they appear to be, Secrets, are what make up who I am,  A past that haunts, however does not prevail over who I want to be, I am who I am, 
We have a tendency to hideEveryday before leaving homeWe put on our maskAnd leave to go into the real worldThere's almost no room for authenticityHow can we "just" be ourselves?Your beliefs, my opinion,
 I grew up in the  Bronx  Where gang war goes on Drung  Dealers  sell to crack heads   And teen mom raising babies Old people have no health care And homeless people have no where to go  
All my cries
I meander through the neighborhood, searching for the house. Once found, I happily jump the 5 steps to the front door and pass a silhouette smoking a cigg.
If I stay....
27% That number took the blood out of my face and the warmth out of my heart 27% It’s only a number, but one that haunts me and might define me 27%
Mama, where did you go? We're playing hide and seek, and I just don't know If you're behind the couch or under the bed. But when I find you, my joy will show. This five year old loves mama with her whole heart so.
We grow up in a world where looks are more important than a mind the size of your waist determines your place in society being "dumb" is cute   we grow up in a world where everything revloves around sex
It's just a scar on her arm,    A canvas few choose to paint.        Just a gun, fully loaded,     Waiting to accept her fate. The ropes looked so convincing
I, a young woman today , realized my flaws. I H I D E under a persona that is not me. I H I D E to protect myself from scars caused by not strangers but people I love.
I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks. There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks. God has a future planned, planned for you and me,
I watched you fall, limbs and sins Sitting there watching all the pain you soaked in Dancing on your heart, laughing at your words,
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
I remember, when I was fourteen,  I found out my friend had been raped. I didn't even know what it meant  back then. My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma.
"In the someday what's that sound?" Questioning the bane of ones existance is common Hey Kurt, did you question yours too much? I listen into your distortion   The lyrics don't match up
You began your life with a simple dream...freedom!  A desire to live as you please!  The day you said no to your creator  No! To the very hands that formed you!  You denied your master! 
I can't see it come down my eyes, so i got to make this song cry. Fuck comb-overs. Fuck yellow grass.
A blow in the face And a red mark on the eye, Who said you can flee?
It's another day, another ho
Stand still solider  Knowing that you will never see your little sister grow older Stand still solider 
Is it a baker? Is it a maid? Is it a sewing machine? Is it a toy? NO! It’s a WOMAN!
Haiku   Freedom to express Invigorates the suppressed. Love's blind, not distressed. 
I sit near the window frame Staring at my own shame Nothing is the same Am I really all to blame Or is this really just some game My emotions are set aflame This isn't some ballgame  
I keep blocking it out Tying not to hear it Can't face the truth Can't bear to stand it   Trying to stay strong But it's so hard to do Because I can't help but hurt
Little by little, the table breaks
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
I like to think I'm strong I used to be smart  I used to think I had some feelings bottled in this heart. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women?
Look all around you and tell me what do you see? Are people fighting for originality? Or hungry to be like you and me? This world lacks individuality, imagination and innovation.
  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth He saw that it was good so he continued his creation He created Adam and Eve and gave them all of their worth
I used to prefer ignorance But no, no, no,  I did'nt. I hated the mindset of "ignorance is bliss" I was a walking contradition  Bound to get hit with reality  
i'm the little girl hiding behind her mother's legs i wonder if i'll be able to fight the monsters off without my dad by my side
I see the certainty of uncertainty 
When I'm in scared I go to You When I'm in pain I go to You
    Speak, shout, they must know It happened behind a closed door. Arrogance, mannish poison coursing through his veins,  Twenty minutes ago she came in but left.
what is love
Being vivacious is my exact definition Right? Of course, It is the veil to my grand facade
What is color? , Can it be warm? , Can it be taste full, is it suppose to make you feel happy or maybe sad?.. Can you  use it to decorate or bring life to something?......maybe use it for art?... what is color?.......................
What is color? , Can it be warm? , Can it be taste full, is it suppose to make you feel happy or maybe sad?.. Can you  use it to decorate or bring life to something?......maybe use it for art?... what is color?.......................
another day wasted on waiting for only you to come back to me
Have you ever gotten to know that one child out of the family that chooses to lock themselves inside their room and invent new stories to tell all day? That would be where I began.
god i constantly feel like I'm screaming  i feel like I'm just crying into peoples ear drums  begging them to help me oh please oh god please help me i constantly feel like I'm clutching their hands
There is so much that they don't see So little do they stand up and lead Many faces in the faceless crowd Only few will stand, and be proud Only few will go out of their way
All the reasons I shouldn't write poetry. 
    16 and confused. Who am I supposed to be and what am I supposed to do? 17 and unhappy. No friends, no point. School doesn't mean anything to me. What a waste of time...
Oh lord I say. Who's going to ever help me with my insecurities? I go through hell every night. The demons..the company I dont need. They're attacking oh father.   Say a word for me...
I am beautiful. I walk with my head up. No looking to the left or the right of me. Nobody could bring me down   I am my own person.   I am courageous.
Keep this one dear to your heart Cause this ain't a car that you gotta pushstart Now in the beginning God made man No doubt in my my mind that God had a plan A couple seconds later out came Eve
What would you describe faith to be? would it be a feeling? Maybe an emotion, an action, or is faith a THING? I see faith to be something unseen, It's like walking blindfolded,
How can you not tell when someone is crying out to you As if they don't give you any clues; When you are known for happiness but filled with sadness When you're trying to figure out this world through all this madness
Growing up is scary, at least a little in all of our eyes
Each day I
My mind cannot settle when its filled with thoughts, and those thoughts will not come out unless they are spoken about. But how can this be done when im the angry one?
The burning under my skin, a fire clawing out of my body. I hear the tortured souls cry as they are slowly burned. The demons hide in the shadows, waiting for me to sleep. The moment I close my eyes,
I can be your winter, you can be my fall.    We could make sure, our life is never dull   You can be my summer, I can be your spring.   
This red rose has turned black and it won't turn back, Hard as the stone that was carried on the cave mans back, Cold as the night that shoots its vicious snow, Shooting through my heart like bullets,
I've loved. I've loved and lost. But it's better to love then lost, rather than not loving at all. Better to fall, and call for help rather than not try. 
This woman told me that she would rather date a blind guy than to date me Then I asked what does that mean And she told me Because he would be blind which means he can't see and I would know that he loves me
Age ten bullied, called fat and ugly growing up feeling like being handsome is the only way to make friends being the clown of the clasroom, but sweet when i hit send
America land of the free
Behind the curtain of life I stay, Wondering how the day will play. They cannot see the true me, Scared, alone and someone’s prey. I smile, laugh pretend to be here.
THE TIME STARTS NOW... 12 Mins These will be my last As i sit here and wait for the pills to take my life i think about what i've done with it 11 Mins  Who is listening to me?
      If walls could tell lies and alibis these stones would talk    for days, Tales of innocence and prejudice of
U Who       U Who              U Who What Who      What Who           What Who        U The.... Selfish Evil Lonelly Freak        Your A.... Egostistical
You What a word the word you Break it down itno "Y" "O" "U" It asks a quetin, "why owe you?" These three simple letters have a whole different meaning than the word they compose You
This is it, This is how we change it,
Going back in time,  rewind,
You cannot simply tell me to get over someone I love.  It's not something that can be stopped all at once. That's like telling the earth to stop revolving the sun
I love you for the graceful care for the humor that lightens my soul for bringing hope of love into my life I love you more for putting up with my selfish needs loving me unconditionally
To feel your happiness on my chest is the most painful and beautiful feeling To kiss your charming lips the most daring and gracious gift To be lost in your arms the begining of a treacherous adventure
I write to vent out Because I’m not one to shout                                      Every emotion I’ve ever felt Are in every word I’ve ever spelt   My pen holds my secrets
Who raises kids to think like this Always questioning if love is real 21 years old and I still cant deal Dealing with questions like is it true That relationships are just for love and sex
It’s commonly believed That men are stronger Than women. They can build houses And fix bikes And change oil But I’ve never seen A man Carry two toddlers And an infant
When I have daughters and I have sons I won't won't spank or scream when I'm blind with rage I won't lock them in the bathroom when they misbehave I won't threaten them with the hospital when they say they're not hungry
A sea breeze gently pushes her ahead Making the old wood creak. I can almost feel the framework straining underneath my feet.   On the same wind, an osprey rips past,
wakeup, or nah clean your face, or nah brush your teeth, or nah take a shower, or nah go eat, or nah activities, or nah eat, or nah take a shower, or nah brush your teeth, or nah
why do we get our emotions toyed with? we are all humans 1 life 1 heart we want to love and be loved back but that's not the case and why is that? pouring our hearts out
View the great expanse
As time passes You finish all of your classes The good memories lasted But you're happiness crashes And you wonder why You sit down and cry Relieve your stress with a sigh But the pain remains
As the day drags on I sit and reminisce the good times And ponder why you had to go Nothing is the same I stutter everytime I hear your name It hurts me to see your family in pain We all miss you
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray for eyes that do not weep sweep sweep sweep away the dust of cries banging to come out of that deep dark closet door in the back of my heart so my pain can be free
Lately I’ve began to cherish my life a little more than usual When I breath I can taste the air When someone talks I can feel their words
So here I am I knew where to go I KNEW what to do Every second of me, being "gifted" So here I am Four year university Four years of WHAT?! WHAT EXACTLY?! 4 years of financing for school
The car went faster than ever before,
fight for my honor, get jealous, get bothered. show me you care for more than a kiss. come over for hours because of my conversation you miss. ask me questions that make me ramble until you smile. tell me you like the way i sound when im tired.
We were almost loverd a long time ago,  Two young minds entwined through intimate play, thoughts waltzing together in endless flow,
You breathe alcohol through my nose, Pushing me down so my rolls squeak the ground, My face turns red, I’m ready To detonate To blow your head across the floor For every time you whispered “whore”
Are we a free people, a free country, with a truthful servicing of liberty and justice for all?
In this body I feel nothing but lust A single touch or look   Will give me a rush I won't care for you tmrw  I won't dream of you tonight 
Sleep,A deep land,filled with a rejuvenating waveWith each wave being more restful than the last,As the waves crash into the soire that is the unconscience,The mind rides the waves spinning tales upon tales ,
Could you truly control another human being Could you have absolute reign over what they are seeing Could you be dominant over what they are saying Could you relentlessly keep them moving with no time for laying
every night I rest my head,I rest it sometimes on a bed,my head is resting but my mind is racing,my mind is going so fast I feel like pacing,I have so much to think about,
Why do i feel like this is my fault when im the only one that trying? Each one of my relaships slowly dying. I just want to feel loved but maybe thats asking for too much. Just once i would like to know a loving touch. 
I live in this broad bubble that I all a life.  But i know thats not right.  I have become so scared of failing thatg I no longer try. Dulled passion just trying to get by 
Speak my mind, huh? Okay. Who are you? What do you believe?
Don't look back at what they did to you.Don't look back at what they said.
end of story you say word but you know not what mean end of story those words you say hurt an individual end of story you say that so gay never  coming to a conclusion that what you is effecting that person
Blood Transfusions Tranformers And Goku Fusion Im Inhumane but i feel more human My brain has a gaint eagle Why the hell do i have a gaint eagle in my head My thoughts too outspoke they fly over your head
I, too, know hurt. Suffering, pain, all things we  try to disguise. I see, and understand What its like To be left out in the Dark.  
The brain waves in my mind are like an ocean during a tsunami Big and ceaseless, powerful. Neurons connecting too fast Mind racing Heart speeding Sweaty palms Too many connections 
Times flashes by and I realize, I'm not looking through the same eyes, It's a different feel and sight, My world changes, day to night. Different perspectives and views,
Just like a watch or a clock, I also tick. Just like my family and friends, I too tick. However, we have different ways of working, And the gear for my functions is my family.  
He hides secrets behind his locked door Blaming everyone but himself Reality is blurring Illusions are controlling Paranoia, insecurity, and anger Are the voices in his head Sleeping behind locked doors
Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. 
Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. 
I come from a very humble family Loving and caring but affected by divorce. Nonetheless I grew up very happily Because compared to others my life could've been worse.  
Lack of all feeling or emotion This I plea listen to my notion! Impassiveness enslaves  We the crowd intoxicated, like those at a rave.   
Mistakes grow by the day, and are remembered in the broken blueness of yesterday.
This is for the women with the broken bones With the shattered heart and tattered clothes This is for the women with silent voices Who made tough choices that were seen as pointless  
A memory. A feathery strand of light of  facets in a diamond enters the head. 
Roses are red, my skin is brown, My name is Prosper; I'm the only one in town. I also play football, and run the track, I am  a top ten student, and that is a fact.   It isn't hard to maintain this for long,
Listen. Hear that? It's the sound of blaring red sirens, Innocence shattered on the cold marble ground. Two bombs were dropped that day. The one in the building: Seventeen injured Two dead
Adrenaline I want the most pure and enlighteningrush of adrenaline any human could ever experience.But how?
Do I look like
*/ /*-->*/ I feel like I'm falling apart. I'm breaking Like glass, shattering on the floor.
There is n
I made one decision I said one sentence I thought you were smart enough to understand that no means no. You had the nerve to blame me You made me a victim but I will not be a victim
I “Nothing is set in stone; besides, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t care about your hopes and dreams; my needs matter so much more.”   II
More than a billion people live on this earth. Do they truly know their own worth? Although opinions differ, you are you and that's all that matters. Don't pretend or change for another.
You tell m
Why do I let the things that crush my soul Bruise my demeanor, my attitude, my outlook on life? Is it because my mind, a vast space filled with dreams of love and adventure, Hope and happiness, splendor and joy,
Time. It just keeps ticking. Do I let it pass me by
Whispering winds sounded through the cool night Shivering, trembling, she quickened her pace. Not sure why, the still shadow gave her fright Unknown to her, the shadow had a face.  
In peaches
If a tree falls in the forest
I Am…   When I came into adolescence, It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought people would accept The things I had inside of me. Accept me as a person, Not judge me for my outside.
You tell me to use my imagination But erase my every creation You tell me to be a dreamer But crush my very thoughts You tell me to reach for the stars But cut me off before I get there.
I told the world, one day I would pay you back, Super 8 our laughs and falls so that one day I could play it back, but now I don't even know what is the point of doin' all that.
*sound of whips* *man hollers* *women scream* *child cries*Ancestors forcefully taken from a place they called home,Foreign land, foreign faces, together yet still alone,Something unexplainable has happened.
To the young creature,  jumpy "you don't know nothing" on her street, sedated "can somebody please buy me something to eat?" in the subway, and her name repeated on a recursive loop at day
Raising her arch in a laconic form                            
The first time I picked up a pen to write - to write with purpose, searing intent stored in my mind - I was liberated, overjoyed! I was to let ring the deepest thoughts I could find:
I might not have much but ... I take what I got & make it the best I can be. I don't accept your apology because you can't seem to see, the struggle What it is to come from nothing
You want to know what makes me tick? What makes me feel like giving up just a bit? It's the Republicans and Democrats, strong as can be, Giving no space for other possibilities.
The one that takes the knowlege. The one who carried on. The wish of going to college, Is the fear that brings a dawn. I look upon others For the help to bring hope, But what of the mothers
Do not cry my friend. The story of life was not meant to be perfect.
I’m here to speak my mind. Poor oiled clock, I’m on my grind. Perhaps that’s why, I’m never on time.   Look at the world. How can one’s mind not race with thoughts?
Girl.If you get any stronger,Your arms will get to swollen,Then your stomach never will.   
If the mind were a box, it would be vast, yet dark. The lid would be closed but somehow the thoughts would enter And enter they would without consideration to the feelings they were hurting or fear they were causing.
Life after death? Well; no. More like death after life. There is no shortage of strife. It isn't exactly where I wanted to go.   I admit, I ended my life early
Everything that I have ever known is a lie. You don't realize it till someone say it in your face. I was living a life of sin. You take a step back and re-evaluate your whole life.
I have to do this. I have to make it through. Since everyday is a struggle, is a fight till the end of the day. Problems piling up blocking my way. I can't see the light.
To know and to see, It is what allows us to do more than just be, thoughts and words are not just streams that flow, they nurture us and cause us to grow. knowledge can improve your life,
People wonder what my problem is
Why don't they jump rope anymore?
6 letters 1 word they say can shake the ground and bring you down to put it nicely they called me fatass   and its amazing how words give you worth
I fell for him, fell hard, so swift and quick As if it was an act of Aphrodite
  Dear Teacher,   I can be the filling of an empty seat; I can make the count either odd or even; I can ride along as you begin the mind’s expedition; The knowledge you expel, I can digest;
Millions of light-years away where empty space is full of wonder time sits still in loud silence woven into the fabric of space, its majestic nebulas, stars, and everlasting energy
My soul is forever on a moving plain, passing through the earth on a bead of rain. No change is seen on the horizon, everything remains the same.   I am unable to make a connection with life,
I was Trapped in a tumultuous turmoil of trepidation and insecurity, a tourniquet of timidity restricting any temeritous thoughts from flowing forth to fruition; in a word, overwhelmed. I was
You walk a lonely road with no one left To have and to hold. Each passing moment you follow the same
With the unceasing tick of time, your life is now your own, Creation and exploration of your own mind, making possible fun of your youth; yet, maturity of being grown
Downgrading someone’s beauty because of the shade of their skin?That’s like loathing a flower for the colour of its pigment.Lessening someone’s attractiveness because of the texture of their hair?
After six months (Sometimes Two or three, A day or a week, Or even a year) I wake up and I don’t think about you.   (Proving to myself
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't know where life or God plan to take me. I don't know what this world will bring.
I woke up one morning drowning in my own blood On the sidewalk of Colored People Avenue in Who Gets To Be American Parkway Floating in and out of consciousness Dreaming that good ol' American Dream
I wonder what it is like to live in hell. To be in a world of dispare without a single moment of joy, only long extensive periods of sorrow. Maybe I should ask someone, I bet if I looked hard enough I could find it out.
our skin is a tattoo itself so why get tattoos and worry about all the money and wealth Where the niaour pass momries Tattoos e the bnding ofur sprits not free
Right and wrong, criminal and justice I have never understood where these ideals of right and wrong begin. When they are a result of societal norms and when they are a result of simple though and humanity.
The worst insult I ever stood forWas from a girl with perfectly glossed lipsIn grade eightWho said only I would understand fat cheerleaders-I had never once before wanted to cheerBut in that instant
SunshineThey call me “Sunshine”I like the compliment.I’m a positive person, most of the time.I like to smile, like to laugh.I like to make you feel special.
They say who you are Depends on what makes you tick But they’re wrong It’s not what makes you tick But Who   While a watch passively marks The passage of time as it goes by
Bombs go off in the distance Buildings gone in an instance Televised to millions The world watches in silence   Now the children are dying And the mothers are crying
MLA format is cruel to the trees. Those pale promises of untouched space on the backs of papers
I have trouble with the idea of finding a cure for autism. And it’s not the idea of the cure, but this status quo schism. You see, just because someone is different doesn’t make them ill
What's Religion?According to wikipedia it's, "an organized collections of beliefs, cultural systems, and world vie
a young woman usually finds herself bombarded by coments and misconceptions that a woman cannot be beautiful and still be an intelectual
Hello.        My name is Ed,
You say That I’m the whitest black girl You’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve heard it from other races, But somehow When it comes from you, Another African American It breaks my heart,
"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."
Do you ever look up at the night sky And wonder why we are here? This world is full of beauty you can't deny, And there's nothing to fear.   We work hard each and every day To provide for our family.
What makes my mind tick?
Biochemistry... it's something I can do successfully. I can't help but think of all the symmetry with all this chemistry. I have a problem that can't be fixed. My love for Biochemistry can not be untransfixed.   
Senior year  s h u f f l e s  her way closer She bears promise,  Yet she intimidates me  
Hope. It runs deep. Deeper than any mineshaft, Tunnel or crevice within the world. Versatile, yet universal to all. It doesn’t hesitate, procrastinate Or assimilate. Hope is…             
Not enough hours, days, minutes By the time I am done with work I just want to quit. By the time all my essays are written, I just want to give up.    Though I love to read, write, and draw,
How is it with so many people around, adoringly screaming on about how much they love you and how you're an amazing person.
        She sits there in a room full of laughter and joy.
Best I remember, it was Fourth of July She was laughing as she slid down the waterslide Jumping in, doing flips, making friends on the fly I never would’ve guessed she held a secret inside  
Tick. Tick. Tick. Ruined concentrating silence. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tiny noises sound like giants.   Round. Round. Round. Going up instead of down. Round. Round. Round.
Welcome to the Theater of My Mind.
  Information is what I desire Something substantial is what I require The ability to know to ones capacity   That is what intrigues me   I want to see the larger world
I am Celestial - Celestial Star.
Pull me in farther,
The look you give me when I tell you I want to study away from you, 
Do not ask me what makes me tick
Enter a world known as Earth Know that whatever you say has no worth There is freedom of speech but that is a lie And nothing is ever as easy as pie Look around and you will see Something that will forever be
Math and numbers make me tick
The sky may shine above the park below My friends will pass and bathe in sunlight bright But I will slave away until I know, Which primer, enzyme, or reagent is right. The lab is cold and sterile. I am weak:
The moment came when I was looking deep into his eyes. I realized this was serenity. This was happy. We laid there for hours next to each other under the stars, Yet it felt like mere moments.
the way its raining, the way its falling trees swaying, and branches dancing. night falling, day at end, the moonlights begin.   sunrise was a long time,
weightless, imbalanced, tolerable. the tedious length of time, sensely immeasurable. he don't know what happened to him?  why he felt a vertigo, so dull and dim.  
a lamb in a turmoil, burning grass and hopes, in a field of burden, beneath the golden throne, fluffy feathers, shiny skin, innocent so pure as sweet, very keen.  
now i wonder where? the circumstances meet its plane? to fly me everywhere, into things i don't want to spare.   i also wonder when? digging through recall?
"I will always love you," she said to the man she wed
Let me read it.  No. Let me read it.  No. No, because it's about her.   About the way she eats and the way she doesn't.  
I see it everywhere Kissing, hugging Holding hands Everything a couple does. I see it everywhere Except for me. Alone is all I will ever be. No relationship has ever found me.  
Big booties I guarantee these girls have cooties Their luxurious life Causes me strife   Kardashian is their name Media scandals are a part of their game
A stutter, a slouch, a quite tone, a closed off posture. The list goes on off the ways I close myself off.   Don't speak up, stay to yourself, don't get noticed. The things
When I walk into work the air is cloying The musty glow of past play-sweat clinging to the air, The whipping of sugar has begun in the back Building the wispy crystals into pastel clouds
*/ /*-->*/ Labcoat, goggles, notepad and pen.
We have lived long enough to see the evil in this world Th sins of Man And I have had enough I am done with the corruption of this world Done seeing casulties of hundreds because of war
Everything they’ve said I’ve seen: Music is my life. Music is my heart, The rain, the pulse.   These words So far, Frustrate me. Music’s not these Muds and chains.  
Stuck in here for eternity: Lost in darkness; I will never see. No voices ever speak to me, Stuck in chains for eternity.   My breath runs slow, My heart losses track
Can you just SHUT UP? Turn your lips to mute! You             You                         You Bitch. You stress her out over pointless things You should stop right now and…
My thoughts are as many as shells on the shore, Their topics diverse as the shells’ shape and form; Constancy of motion is ever necessary Even when my body has remained stationary.  
Itty bitty Dean So much younger than a teen Mama cookin’ some peas and rice Stomach growlin’ Mouth hungry Can’t find a toy to play with to distract me No stuffed doll is worth more
Land of the Free? The American Dream, These phrases make me want to scream.
I remember flicking my bedroom light off and dashing to my bed for cover. You see, there was this monster under my bed, but he could only get me in the dark.  And the means of safety was laying in my bed.
  What does it mean to be strong?   Does it mean you can run faster Than the guy behind you? Or that you can jump higher  Than the person below you.  
Boy you are something special, and you got a gift, you better believe in yourself, So speak my mind hopping that someone will listen, To a young black man, African American with a vision,
The rest of my life: A long and winding road yet untraveled. No signs, no warnings, but the still silence of new asphalt. If it curves, I'll take it. If I swerve, I'll make it.
                                                                  He is there. Just to copy I move, hoping He does not see me But he moves.
Some are driven by their money Some are inspired by their honey Some are propelled to influence What makes me tick is to make a difference.   A difference can help one in need
See I dont really see the differencebetween her and Isame mom and dadsame eyessame hairsame bloodsame everything  
In less than a month's time, My world will change From the familiarity of my home and siblings To the unknown of university.   Who will I meet?  How will I progress? The infinite possibilities dash
I have always been told to Never give into peer pressure, But I have Never been told to Not pressure others. The society in which we live in Is dysfunctional. Because
It's not the place of in-between, Nor the place where souls scream Night is, as night does Not in this world, or the one above For if you stay, you just might find By dawn's break, you've lost your mind
Ana, a young girls best and worst friend
Stand straight, Look forward, Never show weakness.   Each gentle glass face glistening, The imperfections The cracks, The Broken Bruised and Battered The Shattered,
1-10 I begin my life stumbling to the beat of my parent’s drum I adhere to the rules imparted upon me And respectfully follow them When to sleep, where to eat, how to act
Anything can happen any day,
Are thoughts 
I know a man, with hands like destruction and eyes like forgiveness.
I met my lover for lunch down the street. My lover, who taught me how to exist In the twist of this hiss, this fizz and sleet Who brought me this bliss, who's Anger, I kissed. We sat outside on two summer-hot seats
In this big frightening world Lives a lonely closed off girl Though that’s only how she feels The pain seems so real To walk around everyday And to feel as if there is no true way
I've made it through, the hollow tube of hearts and minds, Both fake and true. I constituted that I won't care, holding the feelings inside I bare. What it contains I cannot say,
i live in a neighborhood   where the streetlights blind us of the stars   and semen flows down sewer grates like rain water  
Give me a sec to get my mind straight. And let me speak out what I feel every day. You wanna know what my struggle is, so listen carefully. I feel like just some dusty book on a shelf.
Love me Love me not Who do I want to love me? Me or Them? It’s one or the other; This I’ve learned.
At the edge of a branch  a little bird will stand  surrounded. He looks down  and sees his fate.  He looks up  and sees his parents high expectations.  For to fall is to fail, 
Listen up I got to say something, This is the start of a new revolution.  
An education is something I hold close to my heart. For in my country my mother had to pay And it was not good enough. But in America, it is surreal- a free education enriched my mind.
Get away from me, peasant! Get away from me, nigger! Get away from me, faggot!
"You did this" I think this as I try to sleep my first night at my fourth foster home that year. I am ony six years old. As that night was not cold, my heart was chilling to my soul,
Ideas! Floating, hovering, hanging in air Calling for people to hear and to care Calling for brains to join them in thinking Calling for someone to give even an inkling.
Love is a feeling. Love is a pain. Love can be colorful, and love can be plain.
One beat, two beats, three beats, four How much time is there before it wants more? One plus one, times two plus four,
What makes me tick I haven't hands or a face like a clock Just gears in my head slow and steady whir and buzz   What labels on those gears, dear
Silence is a killer considered as a thriller. While it holds suspense, you're always on defense. The louder the silence creeping in,
words not said that needed to be didn't he care didn't she see   that all we needed was some communicative company.      
It is not a he that I fear, but the feelings that I hear Feelings screaming in my head, there's no beginning to your career.
Sea of Love By: Jimmy Orantes   The sea of love My darling Is where i found you Our eyes locked Our hearts stopped The stars aligned Oh, how we met by great design
I don't know when this started really. This feeling of falling. This feeling of emptiness that started as a dark seed and seemed to grow and grow, taller and darker, branching into the paths of my mind,
Above the brown eyes, Where colors fade to white A match it lit, a burning, of ones delight The eyes burn and shine, singing   A runaway goal to follow, Inner revolution, Up and coming,
afraid of hurting
She 21 and want me to hit, but i'm no black jack. I think i'm brown Joe and as far as brown goes it's clear she's reached her pinnacle and hennesy and me is what she wanna drink, so now i'm on the brink of temptaion.
He told me girl you are something else I am something else
Everyday I see it It's on the tip of your tongue You want to put us down
I sit in a classroom Where my teacher tells me to stand and demand. She says that it's all up to me To fix all the world's problems we hear and see. The wind blows inside and I unravel my sail,
Peace, oh, what is Peace? I hear the word often, but I have never seen its manifestation. A country that sells a lie it itself cannot comprehend, talks of Peace. They know not the meaning of the word Peace.
So bright, the rising of the morning sun. I wake and see the beauty through new eyes, And glad to find another day begun. I think of ways to live before it dies.   Remember all the world has yet to give:
My kids are on my mind  all most %80 of the time even when they are not crying  my mind seems to be lying I here it no matter what I do when they are sleeping I here it too But I love it you see
Have you ever been to where you didn’t even feel worthy to ask God for forgiveness? Have you ever felt that everything you touch gets screwed up? Have you ever felt like you were the cause of all your family’s problems?
I find, make, fix, and break things, all for fun. It’s my joy, my passion. I’m not normal. Enjoying learning the way things work, the way I work. Helping people one invention at a time.
Boom boom boom... The steady beat that  sounds throughout  my body.   You passed by, the feeling the rapidness of the beat   Becomes faster  and faster.
There’s a lot that of things that make me upset but being late and not calling has to be at the top of the list. One thing to know about me is that I’m a very punctual person.
A rhyme here and there can make a point. Stay away from that stuff as your friends pass the joint.
Cases pile high on my desk. I sigh.Another lost soulsixteen and desperate.   These Judges fear blood as we step in it everyday-the cement is never purely clean.Suits discussing white collar crime while
Bullying is the worst evil It can make you bleed It can make you feeble It strips away your confidence It can destroy honest men It steals from the poor It preys on all fours
Beautiful music, Blended with truthful lyrics, Stirs my intellect. 
In my neighborhood   its hard 2 care for an educashun   thier arent meny outlets 4 inteligent mynds   y, 4 every 1 student that gradates,  
She sits on the dock, looking out as the orange sun sets right behind her left ear. The gentle breeze whispers words for me to say but, by the way the wind brushes her weightless hair,
Eight months later and she faces a new life Started out green to this disease that's so mean  Now she's ripe from the changes that strike  Her old life fades away  What used to be normal would be a luxury today 
Useless burdening thoughts Drowning under the pressure Wishing I had just another moment   Eyes pierce me as I prepare
Because you said I couldn’t wear my long hair down. I stomped into daycare, Threw my bands on the ground.
Elusive answers Ponder questions Get your gears on a drive. How rattle you become Feeling at times,  Like a hamster on a wheel faster, faster, Faster, FASTER! Just to keep that drive.
yellow, green, red, brown
Standard beauty ideals are failing us. People demand Curvy but skinny. Tall but petite. Modest but sexy. Pure but experienced. Natural but modified. We can't have it all,
Sitting here, thinking of you, I can't help but look in the mirror of my eyes and think about all the shit I've been through hoping to find a glimpse of happiness and solitude.
Excuse me,  you look familiar.  I swear we've met before. Are you the reflection I see in the mirror, Or the slam of a broken door?   You seem recognizable to me: an old childhood friend,
I always hear the words from men and women, they say to me that i'm not who they thought I'd be, should this offend me or should I just let it be, let them believe that I can be who they see of me,
Having just quit my job, I was finding the meaning of freedom Dreams were becoming a reality, yet I was blinded by what only the eyes could see Unfamiliar with taking risks, I sought comfort in something I was familiar with
It started with just one  
You see me and you laugh Even my mother calls me ugly You say that it is no place for a woman  You do not accept me   So I have tried to hide Escape into my own world
A woman walks up to the church with tears in her eyes She looks straight down so no one sees the tears that she cries She walks alone In long dark clothes So she can say "goodbye"
In the air of the night, a child screams in fright As the red blazes accumulating the sky, knowing He is about to die The child runs to his mom but she screams his name, he stops, frozen, as he feels the flame
LifeFull of moments of pure joyNothing was better than the moment the three of them realized they had a baby brotherTen fingers, ten toesSomeone who’s job was to bug and annoy them
exhaustion is a tricky state of being
Happiness stapled to the surface Discontent smohered in smiles Despair cloaked in giggles
Swimming casually in the sea I come to an ocean full of diverse creatures The creatures speak but I do not underestand  Caught in a fish net The creatures play and swim in the deep I go to them
I have a secret. One I've harbored for 18 years, You can see it on the upturned corners of my mouth, A whisper and a hint hidden in a brown fleck.   I have never been kissed.  
Music has become, Pop culture, but to some, It is the blood Flowing through their veins. My music is, To me, Everything I am.  You see,  I need music to survive.
I don't know who you think you are but this is not over yet.
Every day, I wake up and pray to the Lord that I can go out into the world and act as a shining light to those who are lost in the darkness.  
Today our world continues to be filled with pain and suffering. Loss is brought and hatred is driven. False entities are all that 
it is only when my life is not filled with daily distractions, with the tug and pull of a schedule, that i'm able to realize i'm physically and emotionally exhausted. understatement.
Living, loving, and losing Inside my heart's been battered and it's bruising Following my dreams is harder than I thought
Sitting in bed at night I reminisce about all the things I could've done better.   Maybe if I studied harder for that one test... Maybe if I hadn't put love first...
Love and abuse speak the same language; - “Don’t you love me? want to make me proud?”   Love and abuse speak the same language; - Some hugs light the insides up -Warm and sugary-
There used to be a time when writting for blacks was a crime. But laws changed over time. Now blacks are allowed to rhyme, through poetry and raps and now some are creating their own apps.
On those endless nights when I can't sleep, I think about you. 
You know what makes me tick? The logic behind people's choices.  Your son raped someone but you believe he did nothing wrong just because he is saved by God. 
Limitations and glimpses,
Wanting success Future on my mind
Ain't it funny how life is always filled with pain Take amounts that the body really can't sustain   You're so depressed, you question your own state of mind 
That look from the barista. Is he judging my choice of coffee or undressing me with his eyes? The boy I like just nudged me. is he into me or did he not even notice me there? Her tears, joyful or miserable?
The happiness dims down His number is like a roller coaster My heart beating out of my chest The sight of him walk and helpless
Public school wasn't always the best for me.
Night after night my dreams felt so bright because she made me shine with all my light.
There are approximately 100 billion nuerons in the human brain. At least, that's what they tell me. See, my mind can't picture 100 billion, and the science part, I can't stand. The best I can do is with comparison,
Abandoned yet hopeful,
Bitch Slut Skank Whore These are the words we hear everyday Yet do nothing about!   Gorgeous Beautiful Amazing Fantastic
Can you see something for the first time?
What if she's the one I can trust and turn the me into an us. What if we can be the us that "everyone" tries to bust.
As I tick tock like the click of a clock, I know I would hear and feel this familiar knock.
You are an angel at heart and a goddess at sight. You are my beautiful Aphrodite.
“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian Proverb. So here I am, standing alone in the open.
This is my attempt for getting you naked. Yea, the earlier me is being amended. So please help me acomplish my new goal.
Anne is so pretty, Anne is so nice, and Anne is just so wonderful I stand in the corner watching from the sidelines Why can't I be her? Am I the only one who waits for their turn to shine?
Time like a ticking bomb, Counting down the years, months, days, hours, minutes, Down to  the last seconds, the last second, Of the deadlines, the "too lates", the missed opportunities.
It always seems as if
Everyday I work and endeavor But I must not give up It will get better   The days pass on Each day seemingly shorter But I must not give up It will get better  
my mind is
From the moment you're born,
I always said that I knew myself That I knew how I felt And how I would feel And what I would do Or in other cases, wouldn't. But what I did not know is what to do when I didn't.  
A car explodes on the hot, dusty streets. 5 people die. A shooter opens fire into a crowd. 9 people die. A suicide bomber takes out a bus.
without you i am lost, without you i am alone. all is dark, there is no light, without you i am nothing.   without you i am afraid,  without you i am weak. my problems endless,
  memo left on yellow notepads the resonance of tides in the sighs of an old man with a demented back, empty beer can and crooked disposition sinking, in a dysfunction of a life
Arizona dry winds Blow open Dusty trapdoors in my head, As I sit On a sun-baked rock - Lizard's home. Red-yellow-gold vaulted skies Make silhouettes Of the curved-spiny cacti
Let me tell you a story, but first, 
Severe complexity at its best Harsh on the brain with a mild core Eruptions occur with no warning 'Sight set on the danger approaching  
If you choose to love a girl who does not believe herself worth loving, be warned:  she does not take well to being proved wrong.  In fact she will fight against the very idea of your affection during all the hours you two are apart, during the y
Imagination is what keeps me inspired My brain is like a vacuum Drawing in the dreams The fantasies I create It keeps me writing Reading Performing Designing
A lone man cast at sea lost amidst the storm of his nightmares. The clouds are swirling, dark, imposing. The winds fed by his thoughts, The waves moved by his fears, Where the two meet, the mist arises,
A mother screams in painas agony takes formand curses the Lord's nameas her blood spills onto the floor
The illushen of the world around me is falling appart, and now i see how cruel this world can really be. How it tests you and takes away all purity, nothing is really as it seems. I'm not a strong as i apear,
At the age of eighteen
My ladies when did we decide to let society dictate our size? When did we decide to let people tell us what “beautiful” is? Beauty is not what we look like on the outside but it is what is inside of us.
Your dream needed an audience. Where it lacked one, one was found. Ordinary crowds became worshippers-- Sucked into an infatuation That was entirely designed by yourself.
I have seen the other side, More than eight thousand miles away. I have seen the other side, And it's like nothing you've ever met before.   The streets are lined with ramshackle stores,
Kurt Vonne
Opportunities do not knock. They can't. No knuckles.  Besides, there's hardly ever a door.  Let's say there is one. Right in front of me.  You see it? I know it's locked. 
And all at once,every cell in its crimson tributary  thronged to my aching heart.  My chest swelled with the anxiety of a hundred fizzing bottlecaps, fervently awaiting thier emancipation. 
Is this what superiority means, what leadership means?
My emotions are tied in a box at the bottom of the ocean. I only think for te benefit of others and that  should be a crime. When my emotions ran free I saw bushes and trees
Open and close, open and close The same action goes on I breathe out cool air Your dearest desires And appalling items Stored in this wonderful box   Curiousity and Happiness,
I am not the rain on a tin roof,  I am a blanket that never keeps your feet warm at night.  I am the uneven barstool at 2 am,  And the kiss that doesn't quite feel right.   
“Do Not Cross Tracks”:   She was “Dying to get there”; one of those people that those signs are made for. She tripped while crossing the tracks and fell
Many shaped who I am. Many more shaped those who shaped me. I hope with my words many will be shaped by me. A spark in darkness created a universe that we all know.
It's cool sitting around showing off our many talentsto an outside eye we look like show offs to the ones who walk off balancedWhile we're just looking for the next step to conquer our dreams
All I could do was just sit there and cry. I couldn’t change it; help it, or anything for that matter. All I could do was sit there and catch the mascara stained teardrops that attempted to scar my cheeks. Or was I even wearing mascara?
So, I'm out here being myself but all the see is color Not blastin', twerking, not even a young mother I'm out here being myself but all they see is fame
Be cautious, but not quite hesitate. Mistakes are common because the door of reality can be blinded by dreams.
The room is peaceful, serene and then TAP That one little noise, many disregard. TAP Breathe in deeply, count to three. TAP Exhale. Trying to concentrate,
You snatched the ladder from under my feet UNpurposely. And didn't bother to stay and cover my exposed wounds.
I'm brown and I'm proud, they talk but action speaks more loud,
Sometimes we wonder why we are here. Why we, of all people, are here. We question our purpose in life, while others end theirs with a knife. Some sit at home all alone, afraid to be thrown in the loser zone.
The men are praised
Love means...?   I love him till that last star stops shining  Bet you, he don't love you like that.   Mac, your best friend It hides your scars everyday Your girls tell you, 
Funny how we thought live fast and die young would forever stay at the tips of our tongues, as we kissed and commingled with smoke in our lungs, we said it was just fun, what could it hurt, b
Billions of brains, minds, imaginations One like mine
  It's as if my mind is adrift, nothing looks the same Life flipped upside down, time moving coun-terclockwise, 
I've heard that some are bound  By causes, boldly stated, They roar their motivations  To a world they think will listen. I know people who think love Is all that there can be,
Shallow Heart, why are you beating so load. Shalow Heart, why are you pulling me down. Shallow Heart, why are you doing this to me. Shallow Heart why cant you just let me be.   My thoughts are dying,
we are forever mute a community of silence   we speak loud and clear to have words snapped up by our brethren   they all say "speak up" and we do
It is not That I mean to shun you It is not
It's more than a job More than a pastime   It's a passion,  A calling And a duty   It's to rescue a girl from the burning fire, And from herself  
This morning I looked up in the skies Past the prickly trees Their green arms a border for the clouds And blue skies. The world is so big, Sometimes I can scarcely imagine
"It's all in the delivery," they say. "You too can talk, speak, write, act, be like me, But only if you subscribe to my life philosophies. My 5 step plan that I've worked out over years of experience
You are special You reading this.  No matter what they tell  you. Your are special too.  Along side the President, the Mayor and even Britney Spears. Just think.
The last time I was here, with my back up against the wall Nowhere to turn and no one to confide in Does anyone understand and feel the pain that I do? Why am I here? Has God forgotten about me?
Thousands of stories fill the pages of the newpaper. Thousands of stories stream through the news. But not one is about the girl with demons in her head The one who was called dozens of names
the best time of your life is when your fort of couch cushions became a castle
The New Kid   You came in to town as I left,
I am from many things personal, From many things pivotal, Events that shape my life, Events of pleasure and strife.   I am from things physical, And from things emotional.
A bouquet of balloons strains against its bonds, dancing in the breeze with its anchor of ground.   I imagine releasing them with scissors, one, two, three, more, watching them fly into
The shine less mornings I do love indeed On the road again to the place so sweet Loads of bags packed with everything we need So the breeze and ocean I do meet Family makes the peace ever with me
Known by few, saw by many It's the dark hole, that surprises plenty
The birds were chirping and the children were playing for that moment there was no hatred   young men studying, and playng ball  No guns or drugs appeared at all  
It is there deep and blue Where color shines bright and true Over every valley and wrinkle Every drop and ripple.   The sky is high and low and middle. It is as ageless as the Devil's fiddle.
The words of my mother were very true,
All of those smart remarks, The slander and the disrespect, really makes me tick, the youth of the society has no respect at all, if only they could learn to represe
There’s something in the air today.
Strong Minded Woman neglected by family and abused by strangers Could've gave up but didn't react out of anger.   Kept her head high put it in Gods hands Kept her faith she was back on her feet again!  
 I am Falling can’t you see? My Mind is drifting, slowly I’m Falling
Broken Soldiers coming home. Having fought for freedom all alone.   To see their families and fight no more. To enjoy the spoils of the war.   Sent home crushed and broken.
                                                                   Western Times
If I could speak with my eyes, you wouldn't have to wonder. You could read my looks, every smile, every frown and tear. You'd know all there is to know about my soul, the things I cannot form into words.
  What makes me tick? It's never just one thing. My mind races with thoughts of Galaxies unknown and far away, Places I dream of traveling to and people I would love to meet.
I exist within a beat A moment of synchronized sound.  An instance, determined by an ongoing tempo.
I am water that takes the form of any pot. doing things I was so dearly taught, doing things I'm not supposed to do without getting caught. trying not to let my brain rot, trying to be happy with what I got.
Tick tock, Just like a clock. Tick tock, And there's a thought. Tick tock,
It’s a love/hate thingThat I wish I could stop.It’s a Cinderella dreamThat I wish I could swap
Cherished by many beingsFamily and friends  A sadness she feels again 
Stuck In the ungrippable reality that is a world With racism. Proof is in the side glances.  I am a witness to this injustice, for multiple offenses.  Prior to my time at Syracuse U,
I am sick sick of being told I am second rate just because I was not born as a white male sick of my beauty being defined by how close I look to a blonde blue eyed model
Joy is a bird.
There are many things we can do
we shall overcome
We start our lessons before we can speak They want us to walk while our legs are too weak We find strengh with age and stand on our own  We say a few words amongst the dribble and groans
You struggling to get to college , you try to fill out all the scholarships that you can    You get tired and drained from all the work you have done  
  What is a Man? One who sheds no tears Who drinks all day and night, with vessels flooded with beer.   What is a Man? One who has no goals, makes his conscience dissolve,
They could've been heroes Yet you make them into zeroes Machines of Self-Fullfilling Prophecies Causing nothing but tragedies Youths full of hope Suspended from school gleefully to sell dope
To put it in a simple phrase would just be too much, What makes me tick are many things like cursing and such, Like littering and disrespect and friends that are fake, Like never using your turn signal for goodness sakes,
The thing that makes me tick, Is determination to succeed. This isn't just a want in life, For me it is a need.   Though some people may discourage, Or even put me down,
Animal Cry   I mournfully stared under the pier My eyes brimmed with tears
You can't go to war with nature. Even though man can destroy it and remold it and shape it into something profitable - mechanical - civil. It will win you over again.
Able, am I, to become loving. To become a soul full of life.  To become the person I've always dreamt of becoming.    Able, am I, to become dangerous.  To become a force to be reckoned with. 
I want to be successful, make a change in this world. I want to be successful not just for the diamonds and pearls. I want to be successful for my family.
Has it really come to this? Or am I just making a wish? Even if it is a wish,  It's just about time it came true.   I cannot imagine anymore of the past.  Sure I can walk on nails and glass 
Back when freedom was leaving them bleeding out
A small screen comes to life as a phone vibrates Green and yellow leaves on a tree dance around eloquently In the distance, a sun sets filling the sky with orange and pink dye
My head's in a rush, I don't know what I'm trying to do? I have a project I want to finish, But school keeps coming up, Isn't it summer break? I guess that's not an excuse, Schools around the corner,
BIG just BIG Coiled, curled and tangled causes a fit YUP! It’s BIG just BIG It’s half Momma, half Daddy
It's a driving force. It annoys me constantly every single day. What is this thing that makes me tick? People's comments on how I should live my life!
Like the clock on the wall, we all have a story. Time ticking away which tracks life's journey. Like a scribe it records the good and the bad. It never stops to think what makes us happy or mad? Or what makes us sad ?
A country for the free, it was supposed to be To be unique and new, equality to all With innocence upheld, Lady Justice was blind New labor laws intact, kept the people alive
Hope — Broken — Abandoned
The sound, it vibrates through the air You must be strong and have no care Be free and crush your fears with screams
it comes, it takes, like a thief in the night  no worry, mercy... it has no heart you cannot see this entity  with sight this thing that comes has perfected it's art   
Let me list the things that are on my mind The FEAR is gone and so is the strife
She's so beautiful with her bright blonde hair. Her blue eyes shimmering. And her thin body that allows her to wear whatever she wants without a worry. Her confidence stands with her she's not afraid of her self. I want to be that girl.
I, too, sing hope. I see the struggle straight ahead.So many choices, so much to dread.I leap, I fly, twist and turn,Escape the fire, and do not burn.
Ignorance is Bliss Some say that ignorance is bliss; that you’re better off not knowing, If you know then you’re responsible, if you’re responsible you’re held accountable…
My teachers inspire me to be better a student and work hard for good grades, They push me to do my best and achieve things I thought not possible, They help me with subjects I don't understand;
Flashing gems mount the noble crown  Dashing passions paint the milky gown  Pulsing plights sound within the hue-ringed hole  Convulsing fashions taint the beautiful soul   
In Two Parts I. If I’m not worth the minor struggle, one call into the darkness, Then why is she worth my effort. It’s in the moment when she needs Outlets, but I am too fed up +
Everyday i have no time for myself. I'm running in my head needing a break From my jobs, family, and school. Never slowing down to look around me  Smelling the roses at bloom
yeah, yeah Life once felt simple and complete but now grown up nothing feels the same   I always feel frustrated and angry life was never ment to be this way  
We were the kids from another street and another house that would go unnoticed. We made marks on playgrounds,  and sheds, and the same pavement we crawled on in hopes someone would see it from the sky.
If you were to unravel the mazes in my mind, The sky would welcome the horizon. The artist in me paints the world in shades of red. Chilling, daunting, crimson red. You would find my infinite wonderland.
Momma, do you love me I mean, really, really love me I ask you that question well at least I did in my head I was always too fearful to hear you say no Momma, I lost love when I couldn't find it in you
Don't forget about what I did for you all the crap I put up with to make you happy all the tears I cried when you hurt me all the memories we created for all the world to see  
You don’t know the rea
My dream My dream is to finish college To be able to afford everything I need. My job My dream job is to be an Occupional Thraspist, OT for short Finishing my associates, Going on to get my masters,
Everything struggling for the upper handVying for unbroken attentionBuilding up to the utmost degreeOverflowing like a spilt damSo many choices; Yanking like chainsI keep dragging through everyday
Money is here money is there money all around but in reality money is nowhere. My mom cant work my dad is hurt our once saved up money is now a pile of dirt.
Clench.  Tug. 
As I sit in the darkness at 3:17 a.m.
It takes time to make a mind impervious to cold and kind. Not one to fail because I never try, knowing all too well it takes time to die.
What I never grasp  In my big head Is why people are bitter Bitter like an apricot? Or like a peppernut cookie? Is that what they are like? Also, why be like that? An unsweetened fruit?
“You’re so cheap” Excuse me but no Do not call me cheap You don’t know me   It’s only an extra 5 why does it matter Because every cent counts That’s why
   Your voice alerts me, I finally found you, I can see. Searching the noises thats in my ear, Listen real close its you, I can hear. I love those big brown eyes, I'll never  have to say my goodbyes.
I guess I could have went to that abortion clinic I could have went through with it I could have killed a living life Instead, I am suffering sleepless nights  
Perhaps the most complex specimen in our known universe, Our world revolves around us, The sun shines solely for our enjoyment for we are the ultimate creation,
Don't You Dare Label Me! I see my hair as a soft and fluffy pillow that I lay my sleepy head something like a teddy bear when a young child embraces it But they say my hair is "unworthy" and "nappy"
Tick tock, tick tock, my life clock is ticking away but batteries aren’t the only thing that makes it run. There are many things that make my brain tick such as love. Everything I do and say is with love.
      BBBbbjjkaa  Body   vbhhnhjBoBB Bsaadd    Bbia     bbkihiog bBODJAJJKSDAhhggJNGHGbbbbbbb:s{:p"kb<<pBBBBbbbBbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvbbbfsssfffgg  Body Image, Body Image, Why is there all this damage. 
  “Ode to the Forest”  
I walked with my head down Noticing every crack in the ground In order to keep from falling. I walked like that for years Until the day I looked to hard at the ground And ran right into you.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
“You got accepted into the school you’ve always wanted to go?” They say. “Alright! That’s great! You must be overjoyed!”, They say. There’s joy, of course But with it comes fear and worry,
                  Fairy Tale     It wasnt love at first sight becuz i wasnt trying to look at him.    Then he layed that smoothe charm on me so i just had to have him.  
I am tired Tired of waking up at 6 AM to go to a white-washed prison where I am taught Not to learn But to pass a test Tired of hearing my dad loudly groan, "Oh really?!" when he sees a homosexual
Daydreamin' about slammin' my head against the wall, Cuz i got bills and tuition due before this comin' fall, i am nauseous with anxiety, All i've got is half a penny. 
I live, breathe, and aspire To be the one to inspire And hopefully, someday lead To see how, please continue to read   Pride, honor, and glory This is what makes a story
When the people who gave you life are also what makes you consider taking it, There is a problem. Every single night I brush my teeth in an attempt to wash away the sound of you Slamming the door as you leave.

Dear mom and dad 
 You won’t ever actually hear this because I’m too scared of what you might say  
Dear mom and dad 
 Yes. I care what you think of me 
 Dear mom and dad
What maps out our life What can lead me astray in a split second
I was just five  cake in front of me waiting for you to arrive. Mom gave me the birthday cards  One from dad sending his regards.   "Sorry I couldn't be there I got some papers to go through
She comes home to an idle scene. TV blaring, refrigerator buzzing, aimless loitering, productivity lacking. Useless channels and ideas demand their attention, making them numb.
"What is it that you think you're doing?!" SMACK! Get back over there!                 Mommy sceaming at her daughter, makes her sit back in her chair. It's scary how Mommy kicked her ribs, smacked her face, pulled her hair.
Close your eyes.   Bom bom. Bom bom. Bom bom. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of my heart beating.
When I was little, I was a "tormento" but then I died. I was reborn as a perfectionist grade school student, then died again. After that, I was reborn again as a "wana be" bad girl
I’m not sorry
The future is a topic widely talked about. People talk about what they want to do Or what they must have in the future. Why can’t people let the future go? What makes the future so special?
An untold story you are .. Pages fall from you, like secrets from an open diary. Your flaws are recognizable and yet you remain perfect in sight. Tell me, how does something so good never get out?
When I walk out the door and around the corner I notice something different each time. Yesterday it was a wine- o humming to his damn self. He smelled bad. And it was obvious he needed some real help.
I see my dreams, shimmering and bright I see my dreams and smile with delight I run to her, with open arms and kiss her delicate lip I release a cry, straight from my heart, as I hear it savagely rip
I often find myself falling in love. With bright eyes, goofy smiles Broad shoulders and tanned skin I often find myself falling in love With tall shadows, two left feet Edges and a dash of masculinity
Life is a mystery yet unsolved through life it is we've all evolved   Some are born with silver spoons, while others don't even have rooms.   A hobo lies on carboard ground 
I wander through an art exhibit, and I admire all the extraordinary work. Majestic landscapes, history written in people’s faces…  And then I am halted, floored, at a painting of a cabbage harvest. There was an artist.
Freedom. Who said we have freedom? The Declaration of Independence? All that is, is a signed piece of paper.
And you were like a dead golden brown leaf  barely hanging on to the tiny tree that grew you  blowing in the January wind, hold on a little bit longer  and I can save you 
Leaves falling from trees The sunset slowly leaving Picture perfect scene
When they ask how? and why? I can simply open my mind, show them the way I see the world The way I view and what I love How the shadows reflect and things creep My love of the world and people
To design or not to design - that is the question Whether 'tis better to follow dreams And risk not having enough money, Or not take that leap of faith, And, by engineering, playing it safe.  
Why don't people learn previous mistakes? You're suppose to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.  You're suppose to take care of your children and not leave them.
  The man who you are suppose to be able to trust and love turns out to be the one you have to look out for the most. The man who was suppose to love you and never hurt you turns out to be the one who can't be trusted.
Don’t ask for Notes Because  your life  Is worth so much  More  than that.   Instead, say to  Yourself ‘If the Sun rises this Morning I will 
Lies, they surround
Pleasethere are these things to understandyou seeI was having the most terrible day
Heed my words, one and all! I dreamed a dream of an ocean. Violent ocean-jolts enveloped all in their path. Water winds blew rigorously, Thrashing locks of hair into my face, blinding me.
Creativity is daring to enter all parts of your mind The parts you usually acknowledge are kind But what you may find
It’s a Beat   Pulsating,                        pulsating                                     within me.
Please hear me out My voice is here But my mouth is closed The only way to get to you Is to leave 
over 7 billion people live in this world with a different life
  My body is a post-war wasteland
I've been measuring the world in awkward pauses and how many hands it takes to wrap about my waist. I've been too busy wondering whether to suck in to speak out and the words are tangling up here in my head and
Wall street looms above you as you takeyour walk across the graduation stageyour walk down the aisleyour walk around the neighborhood,draining you with the fangs that they call debt.
Fading into the darkness,
The lies in his eyes The deception that he buys For such a quick high Only to hear himself cry   The strides that he takes The effort that he makes The love that he craves
From the tip of my pencil And the curves of my lines I create. I see a face. An ear. An arm. I feel. The image rises And it is no Stranger to me. It is my  Creation.
So…you want me to “Speak my mind”? Do you want what’s in my head, my heart, a little of both combined? Am I just supposed to trust that you care about my thoughts deeply,
These summer days will fade.
The intercom buzzes, and my principal’s voice begins to speak, reminding we young ladies of the dress code, berating us for wearing shorts that are too short or tank tops with straps that don’t meet the required three inches, because,
      My dream job is not anything out of the ordinary. I don't want fame, nor attention.  I just want to help people. The dream job that I achieve is being a doctor.
Who am I? What am I to  you?
Recently I learned that glasses have gender   That the colors we see  
In the city, coffee-toting zombies of the morning pass along the avenue, a rich soup of smog and haze. Skyscrapers stretch to block the sun, weeds growing in the cracks of neglected sidewalks. The
Walking out of my house I see the sky, a squirrel, and a baseball game. Hit, miss, miss, miss again, Hit You scream in pain but no sounds escape. I know this pain and you wear it like a coat.
My education, My satisfaction, Loved by many, Taken by any, Any was bright, Any was right, Any was smart, Any loved art, Subjects was fun, 100% pass a ton, Everyone loved any,
It's when you dont care It's when you're done It's when I need you most
Every time I look in the mirror A face shows up Except it’s not mine I… can’t control it She’s taken over my life I just hope one day she becomes my wife   My parents call it infatuation
Regret and Anger tries to take hold. Pain and Sorrow leaves me cold. I feel it deep within, a storm breaking thru, trying to take control, of how I hate you. A heart you were given
The haunted statue, Waits, Alone and pondering, Chipped and oxidized to the point, Of unrecognizable. Struggling to stay timeless, Beautiful, Waiting. When will my hero come?
I wrote you a book of what's in store. on how I have always had open my front door. For you to walk in and stay with me. So we all could be one big, happy family. But you walked out and left us alone.
All the colors, anything I can imagine. It all swarms around in my mind, similar to the gnats during a South Georgia summer. The more I think, the more sharp each image becomes.
 I Bet you don't know how some of us youths are trying Consistently attempting to filter  and rebirth the "already drugged" mind whose views are confined to material wealth, sex and guns
Love is like a rainstorm Sometime it's scary and unpredictable It stops us in our tracks and changes our plans Even through it all we find someone to hold on to After the storm there's always a rainbow
High school will soon turn into memories. The ones you use to call friends will soon be strangers. As you leave to college all you can do is look back. Wishing you can take it all back.
The name’s Carleen I’m only 20 But you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through   I’ve been through a lot Most of it being mental I’ve learned to be a better me through it all  
I am a dreamer, I am a believer, I am a changer, In a world that sits still, I am a go getter,  In a world that sits still, I am a dancer,  I am an entreprenuer, a risk taker,  A dreamer, but in vain.
Slam. I hear the sound of the door closing, turn to see the car driving away, and with it, everything i've ever known in life. Comfort, gone. Security, gone.
what the f you're laughing at rape? mimicking those picture of a little child that was raped? shame on you shame on you all this is not funny it's a serious issue many are raped
lets change this world starting with child hunger little babies dying before life even started a child in need not to be over looked because you are blessed that could've been you
life is so beautiful so much to explore go and be adventourous  cause you're end may be near 
faces are unique its our identity  not one is the same not even twins some "ugly" some beautiful some kind some mean but did you know some are born with two?
Having to struggle to get an education Waking up to the sound of my mom going to work at the crack of dawn Fuck her boss for all the discrimination But she keeps her mouth shut, so the system has already won  
I am weary; I am weak. No strength is left in me. Sustain me; remain in me. Save me from myself. Take my transgressions away. Make a cut; let my sins bleed out. Take me to a place full of peace.
What makes us move? The move to become successful Is it money, comfort, and satisfaction? With smiles ever so gentle My tick to become successful are my family The core of my life      
Day after day You talk about revolution How the world should change And why everybody else is wrong And then you go throw pennies in the well Watching the water ripple
Tied tongues and lost love, Your lies slip out of your mouth Easier than a thousand truths. I thought I was worthy of some honesty But evidently you held a dissenting opinion. Our case won’t be in court,
What makes you think? School, grades, work, time, everything, panic. It's senior year, you've survived three years to make it to this point.
Crashed Cars: Broken glass and broken glasses A week later still in the gravel- glittering. Waiting: I don't have time. I Have so many excuses not to have time. Wind: Lipstick sticks
"Hey." "Hi." "I like those earrings." "Thank you, and I like your hair. Who did your hair?" "My mom." "Ah. She did great with your long and thick natural hair." "Thank you." "You are so welcome."  
My emotions are tangled, In knots I can not explain. The feelings for her which I nurture, Are looked down on in great disdain.
I am from warm summer aromas and breezes, from homemade apples pies, sitting on the window seals and sweet, scented strawberries in our garden. I am from the memories of crimson, fiery
You wanna know why I'm biting my nails, or nawing at the string of my hoodie? You wanna know why my I'm quiet, and have a face on ready for killing? You wanna know why my jaw is clenched?
When the silence builds within me, the walls around me fall.  For when I am by myself, I can stand among emptiness tall. But when I'm corned in the open,
A College Girl Unknown One You Wouldn't Know Was So Bruised
When I was younger... I thought there was something wrong with me. As i grew older, I realizedI was just crazy You didn't believe me thought I was overreacting Then I told you that you were crazy too
A sun wrapped in winters cold ribbons Turning backwards the tree of a seed
No thank to mani-pedis I'll pass on the spa   Spend your paycheck on produce
In a blink of an eye, the world can change Stillness of smiles in the paintings, the dimples of their cheeks flash Lyrics of music providing the ride into imagination, asking you to sing with them, and to dance
Most of my thoughts derive from questions. I don't know if that's how everyone thinks, but it's the only way that I know how.
There it is. Those metallic golden gates glistening in the sun. I have only heard about the place they call heaven, but how do know it's really there? Have you ever seen a beautiful bright red cardinal singing in the trees when all hope is lost?
The People that Bully have problems of their own The People that Bully laugh and tease at the features that are "imperfect" The People that Bully have no perception of anyone's feelings except their own
Wasted freedom adjourned by the linguistically-challenged society. A wreckage in my brain driving me to the point of insanity, manicuring each  segment to be 
Words have so much power. The power to heal, To inspire,  To attract, To amuse, To teach,  To excite, To change a life for the better.  
If insecurity is just a fear, And hate is just a word. If slander is just a lie, And pain is just a weakness. If depression is voluntary, And popularity just a theory. If regret is just memories,
I see violins carried by kids are they my students?   They run up to me so happy to see me they want to learn. They are my students!   Open up play some scales
My mind wants one thing but my heart wants the opposite. I don't know.  Do I value friendship more or do I value romance more?  I don't know.  Are we just friends
Apology Unaccepted. How dumb do you think I am? I realized you were leading me on, And that I fell into your scam.   Bet you weren’t expecting to get caught.
May we all please bow our head and pray and thank the Father our Lord for giving us this day
My name is Tecun Uman I am a legend An ancestor Carried as a sacred bundle A spirit A memory By my burned and burdened children   But my progeny starve They feed off my spirit
My name is Tecun Uman I am a legend An ancestor Carried as a sacred bundle A spirit A memory By my burned and burdened children   But my progeny starve They feed off my spirit
oh. the Insanity it comes and it blows like the wind but with minds instead of kites   shall you search for an anitdote? no, no silly What would their crunchy Jaws snap at then?!
I move the sliding door out of my way. I step down onto the balcony as the warm summer night breeze touches my skin as if to welcome me as this wonderful celebration begins. My eyes are only tempted to look up at the dark sky.
Are you listening? Because I don't think you heard. There's a boy crying in the corner, He's just been called a nerd. Are you listening? Because I know you didn't hear. That girl you called a loser,
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "An eye for an eye will make the world go blind."  As
Danbury    Danbury holds the only home I have ever known and in that home are the memories that make me the person I have become.    Many say that they hate danbury. 
Only you ✔️     Wow. Ouch that actually hurt.  Your words. Are like knives sharpen for the cutting of me.   
My book of life     My life is a book and if you decide to check it out pleases read the back to see what it's about.   
Breathing.  We take it for granted because we have always had it.  It as in clean air.  Air that we all share. We as in the 7.5 million human beings that inhabit the earth. 
Lie    Who am I to criticizes those who lie? Because I lie too.  Probably more than they do.  I lie just to get by.  I lie when I say I'm ok though I'm dying inside, about to cry. 
Red, blue, yellow Colors of beach umbrellas Cooling off surfers From the summer heat to the  Relaxation of the waves   Hot sand and cool waves Experience of beaches Memories are made
Poison.    Rushing through your veins.  Quickening your pulse.  Killing you soft and slow. What could be worst?   They told me not to drink or take pills. 
Day after day Semester after semester Year after year I run into college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are victims drowning in their own pool of confliction
    I'm a writer.  I'm a speaker too.  But there's a difference between the two. 
Hate Despise, Scorn Shunning, Cursing, Hostility Pain, Evil, Delight, Care
  Sometimes I doubt there is a god and then I think of us two.    7.5 billion people on earth and god brought me to you.   
I'm rich.   I may not have more than 20 dollars in my wallet.  And my Health my not always be 100%.  But  I have a mother and a father.  That makes two parents. 
You are so graceful, elegant Even sometimes sudden and firm Steps are delicate, yet sharp The movements are very versatile   Flexibility, precision, and control
Calm and graceful, fluttering in the wind Their life span so short, yet their wisdom so great   Their attraction to bright colors, beautifully and socially inspiring
School is full of stress Which makes me depressed Took so many test that I am at the point of unrest. 
When trials are headed our way We wait in vain for someone else to pick us up Our selfishness overcomes our consciousness And we fall even deeper into darkness   Life isn't always daises and roses
I see you That scared little girl hiding her emotions from the masses I see a girl who uses a tough facade as a sheild from the hail of raining bullets we call whispers
My Body is an ocean It is graceful and it is powerfulIt is strong
      It had only been two weeks since school started and already she felt his eyes drilling a hole at the back of her neck. Immediately her heart flipped for she knew who it was without having to check.
*/ /*-->*/ If I could fit my world in a box
When I was little, I saw the world as a magical place Now when I look at it all I see is pain. Pain is everywhere. It is mostly noticeble when you look in my eyes.
To Be Honest, I don't know what I'm supposed to rememberI pick up information, from here back to early DecemberBut the pieces I actually analyze and dismember
Life is sometimes rough but everything happens for a reason always make sure to be yourself Open your mind and your imagination strive to be better than the norm strive to be different and make a difference
Life is sometimes rough but everything happens for a reason always make sure to be yourself Open your mind and your imagination strive to be better than the norm strive to be different and make a difference
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
Texting and driving really makes me tick. People don't know how their eresponsibility makes me freaking sick. They put young souls on the line thinking its fine, saying crap like nobodies life is at risk not even mine.
As obvious to no one but me? it’s as if light- Wait just thinking about it What a soft touch Jesus, curves so fine, can’t explain the touch But it was warming
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
The status quo declares
 that fantasy is the realm
 of lunatics and children

Rain   It was so cold,   We wandered through the woods to seemingly nowhere   Just because   Not even talking, just walking  
Brazen, blazin sunshine   and exposed lines   of joy on each other’s faces:   Smiles too wide for our lips.   May we brighten the world;  
Hello darling Its been so long Since you were gone Just thought  You ought to know I am fine Even better than before Learned a lesson without you
Go to a private college, tha
Spring We melded like 
fine wine and
 flushed kisses.

"Too much", yet not enough To get any help to reach my dream. A life filled with debt and struggle: Is not the life for which I strived, Is not the life for which I worked so hard.
How much  glorification, can one
 person endure
 before becoming
 the person everyone
 wants them to be, instead of the person
I come from a dead end, deadbeat town, Filled to capacity with dead end, deadbeat souls, They are the crushers of dreams, the killers of ambition, because they think, that no one
It is okay for people to stand up for those who do not stand up for themselves
i want to live.
As I stand on the path in the forest called oppurtunity, My life awaits a carriage of success that will whisk it away. Will I actually become the individual I want to be? The obstacles are rows of tormentations, 
America - the land of the free  We have the oppertunity to do whatever we wish  Or do we? The pressures, the influences, the impact to fit the cookie cutter shape of the American Dream 
Why is it alright to earn less in a lifetime where are our full rights?
The breeze that strokes the vibrant leaves, The wind that struggles, blows, and heaves. The light of the sun shining bright, The glow of the moon throughout the night. The slip of sand beneath small feet,
The wound is fresh, The air ripe with storm Molecules tremble with the thrill of it, Skin stretching and yawning, eager to split. My lips are paper lined with empty comforts,
When I looked up at the sky, I saw myself, I saw myself. We the youth are suppose To look for placement Among the stars. Among the sparkle. My tracks always left a sparkle. A blaze.
He stands over me like the Chrysler building, tall and frightening. He speaks words of doubt, but I can't hear.
Circadian Rhythms    Have you ever noticed the circulation of the sun? 
East Japan is on fire And we're sitting pretty
What makes my brain tick? It happens when my thoughts just click. Through my eyes, I can see A great big world in front of me. My mind helps me make the right choice To help me find my own voice.
Do I stand a chance? I am not creative or possess a talent I’m sorry I have not experienced horrible, painful, branded, unforgettable pain not just physically but emotionally
Let's have a little talk about the way you speak, 
It’s in with the new, not the old, and society keeps fading away, I can see it in every student, every mind, and its everyday. We’ve become immune, in tuned with technology we bare,
 Watching the world turn by 
In the rainforest it’s loud; everything makes a sound Every drip and drop is heard, as the rain drops plop on emerald leaves. The beatles weave, while the monkeys leap.
It's always been an incomplex task. Yet somehow it never changes.
To think on what gives me life Is a strange yet joyful thing To think of things most people don't Changes you from pleb to king   On any other ordinary day No one delves into their mind
The anger boils, threatens to spill, barely contained inside the small vessel called my brain. Or rather - my heart. The pressure builds and that three letter phrase, oh, I'm so close to screaming it.  
Home is where your people are Not the house It’s where your soul is Not your bones You can carry it with you in your pocket You can have your very own home It’s not the abode The dwelling
When you realize that nothing you do matters to you, take a step back and do something that does. When you see someone struggling, respect them for their effort and thank the earth
  A convolution of ominous rings Like transparent shackles that bind most things Surrounding and suffocating, thin wisps of grey
If they say dignity is fruit to one’s individualism, Then why do they hold me in chains?
The mind, body, and soulAre explorations on their own Humanity is rich in curiosity And our livelihoods come in all shapes and forms Only ten percent of our mind has been achieved
Halfway cross a country have I come To share a life with my family I love Along with them I must search for Folk to fill a friends-sized  hole On this journey I may find My greatest ally in this life
Remember how we were simple children
Wouldn't you like to know?   Wouldn't you like to know how to weave into my head,
This is not the world I imagined growing up I was told humans had peace Those same humans are in pieces I was told there would be no hunger Yet famine has to be a word I was told we would rid disease
Five things you just won't believe  This man did something so shocking so he could achieve This terryfing picture of a cat will make you have questions Wait, first, may I make a suggestion? 
Is my mind so unoriginal, it can't think in another way? My thoughts have turned sappy Since he came around that day.   I love him, I love him He loves me too. I want this for forever
The illusions that
Infused upon my membrane is where you can find her. Meeting each other was designed, no.
Through these eyes I have witnessed hardship, Through this mouth I have tasted the tears,
If you really knew me, you would know I suffer from depression. A misdiagnosed type of new vision. Seeing reality as it was always meant to be. Seeing the actuality of the false viatlity of the world.
The Making of a Leader A leader.....who is leader? Many are they in sight, Many that I see, But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems But for her deficiences.
Anything to get my money they did, I guess telling the truth is forbid, This place was clean the last time I was here, Now I look around and say “Oh dear,” I thought there was 60% diversity in this place,
I like to scream I like to shout I like to faithfully cast those negative thoughts out I think big I imagine wild I'll go the distance for my travel crave mile-to-mile But once indroduced to another mind
Things my parents said when I was in kindergarten: “Just be yourself and you’ll make friends.”
You can love me. You can hate me. It doesn't matter what you think of me, becuause I am me. You will not change me,. I am bold, bright, a star amoungst stars.
Why is it that I dream under this black sky again Why do i feel as though i cannot see My heart aches  But i still dont know  What to say to you I close my eyes again Today i must say it
How small it seems, now I've seen far more Than I had ever seen before in memory How insignificant such moments, such feelings, After witnessing such passion How helpless it seems,
Can you trust me?
t is in the process of
The Other Me   Happiness (adjective) Feeling pleasure or joy It’s the perky energetic kid that has
The mind is a breeding ground for romance. Surveying the room you gently use your eyes to see. The image defined clearly within the unending path of neurons. Sometimes you begin to modify the image
we value the public school syste
belonging to a circle of a tight knitted  family  is only as hard as words go someone is always there for someone else or so it seems sometimes this sense of belonging is as exclusive as can be 
Night.  Her fingers trace galaxies across his bare skin,  her hair is silk,  and he feels her warmth, curled into the arc of his body.   Don't let me wake don't let me wake don't let me wake. 
darkness covers everything i am aone yelling screamin crying all around me but stil i am alone more pople come in 15 20 30 the capacity builds up i am alone so many people around me
They say to speak your mind...
Dear Joel. You married a gorgeous redheaded girl and I quit loving you the way I have since I was six. You were the first person to show a misunderstood little girl true kindness. You were my hero.
You say you love me.
It took me nearly 8 months.
As I watch their energy burst in the mornings, my energy surely but slowly surfaces             Something about that gives me hope As I teach them something and they grasp the concept, peacefulness overwhelms us both
  I guess there was something about her  Something she posses that I didn't have  Or maybe it was your statements that I just couldn't grasp I know I wasn't the problem so why leave me blind 
I need this money, College is too expensive,
The two beings of one's mind. We enter without care. We hope to reach, to find, The one's who share.   We do not stop for the other, We do not listen to the whines.
The two beings of one's mind. We enter without care. We hope to reach, to find, The one's who share.   We do not stop for the other, We do not listen to the whines.
When I look around, I see Everyone is looking for something Waiting, wishing, numbing the pain
Like Napoleon My brain is unstoppable 1v1 me IRL
  Imagination runs wild, but reason stands still, conserving her energy.
What makes me tick, they all want to know Is it because the world is passing me by to the point I want to go Is it because I'm watching my back in fear of friend and foe
"What were you wearing?" "What were you drinking" All questions asked to a rape victim. Never, "Are you okay?" "How do you feel?"
You ever think to yourself “I don’t care” 
We werent created weak with able body and mind.  Blessed with the power to think an obligation to stay alive.  Controll we strive to seek  some find it more than others.  Mankind is an only child 
The ink in my skin is like blood in my veins.  I want more.  I want to engrave emotions in my flesh. I want my feelings to be permanent, my motivations eternal. 
First off,
I was once this Now  I am another
The Center Piece of any person Is a Calm that fills a certain type of rhythm Steady, Strong I think about this all night long My tick is a tock, my tock a strangled cry
A girl for me will be respectful to every human being she will have a pretty face for me to always see
To much time wasted  looking for the the things in life the things that fill my heart with awe
Why now? When you have gained so many in your love You come home to just swing back Hospitals beds, nurses, shots, more chemo will it ever end? Your body is less than the fortress of a miracle
I´m the friendless child who never goes out. No one likes her, she may know why
I´m the friendless child who never goes out. No one likes her, she may know why
i am  but still am not- that is the idea that powers  my mind.   i am not the girl with the roughened hands,  scrapes from fish hooks, burnt out voice from too many cigarettes 
I write for my Future, what will I do And who will I meet? Never limiting myself, I write with  uninhibited passion and Thrill. Always willing to dream big, with a Spitfire tongue and aspiring mind,
I am not a metal man I am no metal machine which you can turn off and on, 
I am a whisper   I am the wind, gently blowing on a tall strand of grass   I am the silence in between  words and glances   I am
I wonder what it feels like to be free To have no connection to the world around us A place of fortune where we can just be Be ourselves without adversity Without conflicts or distrust
I have a lot to say But if I speak,  I think I'll go astray.  Like those poor young soldiers  fighting a rich man's war in the Congo bushes.
Rain... Crashing overhead and drowning me... The desire to run burns strong... To get away... To go someplace safe... I would if i had wings.   Quake..
Young Souls, Can't you see the situation that you're in? Or perhaps you enjoy smothering in sin? Star crossed by all the cash flowing in, Perplexed by all these fast women. Mama crying in her bed at night
I have been told Poetry is metaphor, So you should probably use more of them. So instead of stating blatantly what I feel, I should use my knowledge of language to cover up
7 billion people walk this Earth Each with a dozen faces They say "7 billion people, 14 billion faces" But it's more like 21 billion, at least A face for the mama, a face for the friend
You shot me. You put your hand up, brought it up, and let it out. You shot me. You spat and screamed and let it out. Don’t run form what you’ve done. You’ve injured this woman.
What is this world? A place where a test dictates all where if you can read fast you can live at ease and all your schooling is paid in full but am I given that luxury even though
Molding me, Shaping me, Making me who I am: A work in progress.
Molding me, Shaping me, Making me who I am: A work in progress.
We live in a world of real niggas and bad bitches Stick to the code of the streets no time for snitches
What is love? Often used to display affection So many doifferent meanings It sometimes is used as protection   Most love and move on And some stick together
When you have one life to liveIt seems pointless to worryPointless to run andAlways be in a hurry. -
Feeling like a loser My neighbor is a boozer Been used alot of times I feel like a user People spittin out my name like they know it Crossing the line to the end then it's over
Someone once told me you have to take care of yourself And, I do, but after I take care of everyone else I'm very appreciative of what I have I'm doing fine without having too many people in my life
As the melodies of my pen against paper skitter through my ears, I can't help but wonder if this is right. What about my dreams? What about the future I had for me? I guess this is what it feels like to be free. 
To My Father To my father who impregnate my mother who never wants to see me, this is for you
Books My escape since I turned twelve years old going into barnes and noble and searching the shelves for lives I could never have became a monthly thing, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on.
Enough. Ive had enough, I've done my time. when is it time for my stars to align? Im tired of being cast aside, of being the bridesmaid and never the bride. I just want someone to say that they need me,
What is it to speak? What is it to live? For me it is my way, The glory of my heart,
From girl to girl you still don't see what you have done and how much yuo have hurt me. No respect. No love. Yet you expect and expect and all I ever want is for you to love me.
  “Speak your mind!” people say, because they think every thought should be shared, or posted, or tweeted. So everyone speaks at once, and the roar is deafening
Break free from your romantic dream It's time to face reality Said to be too young and naive Waiting to be disappointed By false hopes and dreams that will never be   Break free from the shadows
Have you ever realized that any book you've ever read is only composed of 26 letters? 26 letters that have shown anything from pain and loathing to passion and compulsions.
Sweat seems to seep out With bitterness and  burning As it slithers down and  air So sweet burns just the same as if  tiny jewles and crystals line my throat dry
Some words: abominable. becoming. abscond.
Fearful of love.
  At times I feel such anger and animosity. I let time pass and it will dissipate into guilt and disappointment.
Because I am bi, I see boys the same way as I see girls.
  It’s been through so much It’s so tough It’s a clam that never cracks It’s happy inside and beautiful within
     I w
We live in a broken world, I’ve heard it over and over before. Traditions are lost, morals corrupt - Only to be torn apart by war.   We build and we build Our cities stand tall overhead
When something doesn't go our way, Most people wouldn't generally think of a solution, Or try to stay calm and assess the situation, But since childhood, We've always responded with some kind of tantrum,
If you really knew me you would know that I look at people the way you read a book. If you really knew me you'd see the way I tense up when
I can only ask for you to take me as I am, I know I am not perfect. I'm a work of art still being worked on, A complicated puzzle, with a few pieces mising. I am undone, partial, incomplete.
love is real.  how do you feel? I think that we are crazy! Yes, you are amazing. That is a truth! How much truth can prevail? Show me, you beautiful exhibition. Ok! Aren't you lonely?
Back to school again Off to class i must dash I hope I get that scholarship Where else will i get the cash   Classes are much harder I don't know this stuff When is class over
Have you ever felt like an alien A Single cell ameoba in the mist of gigantic waves of   Have you ever felt like Communicating Without looking or seeing
"Your performance was excellent, I just don't think you have the...look we're going for." bellows a director from behind a table casting his eyes down on my scarred legs.  
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
The spider spins it's silky web. Small silvery strands sparkle and something stuck struggles.   Like my life, full of lies. Little lies linking along, leaving very little truth.  
Time gave me a leash And so I ran
I come from the blood on my father's hands I rise for the different people who don't love themselves I stand against the empty pots in homes all over I come from the violence of the streets
I am tired of walking outside, surrounded by a group of friends or a group of strangers alike, erasing my focus from the joy of the moment, but instead honing in on how my thighs compare
They tell me I'm proper, too proper than I need to be
Every child reaches the age  When their thoughts need no consent. When hearts twist and writhe, Simple encounters evoke torment.   Days pass as moments, Slipping through the tightest of grips;
Only one thing I know is true Bad things can happen to good people And good things can happen to bad people. Even reversed, it remains true.
It's a fog of misery that comes over my soul. I hope for it to soon pass over and to feel the sunshine of happiness on my face, yet I know  that this won't be happening soon. But I will continue to hope amd pray,
Pregnancy is beautiful such a wonderful thing  but what if you're a teen? and you can't have it? scared and alone  with nowhere to go should I abort? Should I run? what do I do?
Isolated  Frustrated drowning in tears Backed into a wall, no where to go no one to listen, no hope at all should I leave him ? Should I forget it? should I reach out? No, I cant
Everyone wants to know what goes on inside your head what makes you tick what makes you who you are whether a liar or a goody-two-shoes some are suicidal, depressed and hungry for dying
Hate school but love education. Inspiration.  I will not let your grading scale define who--I am.    I go to UCLA but it's just an institution like any other. Prison.
It thrilled me
Prologue 1.     This man stands tall, six feet to be exact. 2.     His mind is very fast and is abstract.       3.     He takes a common, simple thought, and can
Her eyes have witnessed horrorsIn the darkest of nights and the brightest of daysIf you'd look within them deep enough They would give all her secrets away
I see darkness.
They call you stupid worthless tell you your not worth it tell you your noone and nothing to go die to commit suicide tell you your no good for noone tell you you only harm they call you hopeless and heartless say your a sin a mistake that's been
  I am wounds the I ware  I am the tears I cried  I am the pain I felt
Hard-to-peel oranges and sticky hands,
A human body is made up of trillions of cells Those cells form together to make people People vary in size from babies the size of a hand To still growing adults above eight feet tall
My mind is buzzing with an array of colors, each flitting by so fast it's hard to see every one.   At once it is Yellow:  the color of my summer thoughts;
I'm spilling out what makes me tick. . . A challenge to be conquered since I normally write about what makes me sick. Here goes nothing--it's for a good cause. . .
When did male become synonymous with strong? When did female mean delicate.   
Faster and faster, Until the air leaves your lungs. You can’t breathe But that’s okay that’s the feeling you’ve been waiting for You dance until you feel like you’re going to drop and then you move on
Why are the stairs to great heights gated and locked, instense speeds limited and alternatives suggested? Why do they warn us when we get on rollercoasters, or have us hold our breathes under great depths?  
I wish my dog was here.Trees shift into spring,and the water in the reflecting poolripples in wavesand then stills as the windstops blowing.The grass is cool under my body.
Loved but it's forbidden Take my hand without looking back Just let them stare
I am unaware, Here I lie scared, Of the next steps to take, What legacy will lie in my wake.   Through the distant storm Nothing will remain of the norm And life will change...
Eyes searching hungrily Viewed as meat and an object Who am I to object? Who am I to say no? I have no say in what is 'right' for me to do I must know my place
You and I Are the Lucky Ones When It’s all said and done You and I are the lucky ones. My heart goes out to the those in the struggle.
So you're thinking about running And it's less about the outcome, the hardened muscles and lean body, And more about the feel of wind Rushing through your hair Feeling the elements As they pass
Thinking gets me into trouble.
Hijab: it is so much more than just a piece of cloth; it’s a part of me. It represents my identity, my religion, my choice. The symbol that I am free to express who I really am. My faith, love, and devotion to God.
A twin, a twin with different last names, were as one but not the same. Our eyes alight in the same brilliant color, Our past dies around a dark corner.   Fever tells, fever lies
What's on my mind? What about what's in my heart? What makes it bleed and break, cry out in despair, what makes me try and want to rip out my hair.   What I think about when it gets dark,
Just the other day,When I was feeling rather gay,Watching the ocean waves,It changed something in me,Some call it inner beauty. For before I had none,
I'm in a trance Staring at my hands, and everything they do Everything they touch Everything they feel Everything they expirience And change.
Look at the wall So sturdy and tall With bumps along its surface Take a look at my hand All wrinkly and tan And yet it serves a purpose    Patterns on pockets
They taught me about life.
The engine on the lawn mower roars to life, Behind it, a homely gardener emerges, The sweat on his brow glistens in the sun. He stops to rest and turns to the street,
When you first meet a person where do you begin do you notice their hair or is it the color of their skin
in your mind you stand alone with the white walls and floor that never seem to end. step. nothing. step. nothing. step. something. stop. the floor rumbles as it spreads
To be a poet, To be a poet is to speak your mind, To be a poet is to say something that may rhyme, To be a poet is to give the world your views, To be a poet is tell the world what is new,
Why is it that I feel so alone? Millions of people surround me but I know not of their presence I am lost in thought and the world is now spinning backwards My body is numb and rigid
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