A human body is made up of trillions of cells

Those cells form together to make people

People vary in size from babies the size of a hand

To still growing adults above eight feet tall

Natural hair colors range from standards

To every mixed shade and highlight inbetween

The shade of a person's skin can mirror the snow on the treetops

Or the vastness of space above us and any shade in between

Personality tests continue to break down individuals

Grouping us into more and more sparse groups

People are so incredibly different

People have such a crazy variety in nearly ever category

Except one

Despite all these differences

All these inbetweens and varying degrees and different shades

Humans continue to try and force seven billion people

Seven billion people that can push and pull at size and weight

Seven billion people that swap and mix and combine hair color and skin tones

Seven billion people that have personalities that can't be boxed and tied with a bow

Seven billion people who's ability to be themselves has reached far outside of what they are given at birth

Seven billion people that are still expected to check mark one box or the other

Seven billion people still walk through one door or the other to wash their hands

Male or female

Seven billion, three hundred and seventeen million people on this planet are told to fit into one or the other

All because of something they are born with

A body part is dictating how one lives their lives

A body part is the deciding factor on equality

A body part is expected to be a defining feature

Why is it that someone can dye their hair and do not fear for their lives,

But if I were to walk down the street wearing non-gender-conforming clothing, I get harrassed?

If someone changes their style of clothing and begins shopping in a new store, that's fine

But if I step over that dreaded line the names are sure to follow me:





The list goes on

If someone wants their breasts six sizes larger, that's no problem.

If someone wants to add an additional three inches to their penis they can hand over the money and get it schedueled right away.

Someone can eat themselves to the point they can't leave bed for a primetime slot on TLC and then get it all lypo'ed away.

But I try to do anything to become more comfortable with my body, I have tests, and diagnosises, and psychiatrists

They have to find out if I'm "really" not the gender I was born with

I have to prove myself

A man wears a skirt and he's 'girly'

A woman wears a suit and she's 'manly'

Are you really telling me that as a society

Not only have we forced these useless categories onto seven billion human beings

But also onto clothing? Onto lifeless bits of fabric that cover our bodies?

Clothing has no gender binary and neither do I.

I am nonbinary. I am not boy nor girl and my parts do not define that. I am both, I am neither, I am one, I am all

I am me.


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