Just because you talk doesn't mean you have a voice. Voice is something more bigger than the speaker box embedded in your throat. Having a voice is way stronger than the strongest muscle on our body. They say the brain can't live without the heart and the heart needs the brain to survive.  I guess they're a married  couple cause they constantly have a lot in common and the argue about what the souls needs to get through a problem. If the heart and mind are married then the voice is their kid, they teach the voice to speak their mind and follow their heart. A big happy family you see but when one is broken, they all get affected , it's like a domino effect. When your voiceless its because the mind and heart stop working together and leave you on your own but you don't know how to act or respond so you just sit there and let someone else's mind and heart creep up on you and devour your voiceless self. Then they chose for you tell u what to do cause u cant say no they say u know better but u don't cause what was once your rock is now your paper, crumpled up and thrown away.  


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