The illusions that
Feets; they hold us heavy to the ground
Gravity that pulls our spirits down
But even with the missing pieces I am still around
I stand on the edge
Looking down we are like stars
We are so small yet creating and destroying at the same time
Every minute new stars and new lives are born
But also; dreams and promises are torn
We kill the same blood that lies in our veins
Fighting the same leukemia with the white cells that take oxygen away from our bodies
And when all the trees fall and ashes create the fallout 
We choke on our own breath
Becoming monsters disfigured in agony
But still take the same form of anatomy
We deprive ourselves of energy
Yet still eating rich and drinking mineral water
Trapped in the concrete we forgot how to fly.
Starts with one feather
They need each other to create wings.
Sometimes I hesitate and ask myself;


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