93% Black High School

Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school

Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool

I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke

Uhg I hate this school I complain daily

I hate the K-9s  stiffing at our asses every week

I hate having the whole gang unit police force at our school

I hate the white principle referring to us black students as 'you people"

Im tired of constanly being on locked down 

And most importantly im tired of the non believers 

I may attend a school full of beautiful black people

But I refuse to fall victim to the system

Fuck Them

I refuse to be another statisic

Of the young black mothers on welfare

Even though I was given birth to one 

I look around a school full of hopeless black kids

Project Raised 

Welfare Dependent Black kids

Fighting, Smoking, Black kids

Our teachers never gave a fuck so why should we?

They tell us they get paid weather we learn or not

No hope

Just a future in a cell

Because our sorroundings caused it

We are black

But we will not fall into your trap

Jail? no sir I have plans in life

SIx feet under? no thank you devil, I will survive

I will make it out this apartment 

Even if it takes blood sweat and tears.

I scream graduadtion not incarceration.


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