Fear To Overcome


It's another day, another hour, another minute;

The constant ticking is the reminder of me about to exceed my limit;

The thoughts they dwell on my tortured conscience;

Dark thoughts, regrettable ones, if you can grasp the concept;

Days are like nights, nights are pitch-black;

This only encourages the thoughts, you know the ones deep in the back;

My mind is strong, but my will is weak;

Until the day comes where my actions become complete;

This is not who I am, nor is it something I cherish;

But what else do you do when you're alone and feel like you've perished;

I don't know how to explain it, nor how to control it;

It's just so stressful, I simply want it to quit;

As I look at the struggle, it laughs in my face;

I realize I'm nothing more than an average disgrace;

It mocks my thoughts, making me fear my potential actions;

Diluting my mind, causing even further abstraction;

I think about the ones I love and how hurt they will be;

When I do fulfill and become a permanent absentee;

It's a selfish thought, for that would cause so much damage;

Perhaps I'm not fit for this, I need to find a way to manage;

Life may be hard, to my life it's challenging;

But my life is still a life and that's not worth abandoning;





Lol does that mean you like it?

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