I am...

i'm the little girl hiding behind her mother's legs

i wonder if i'll be able to fight the monsters off without my dad by my side

i hear the music notes brush past the tree leaves

i touch the hearts of people with my voice

i see my dreams getting closer as i fight forward

i want to make my parents proud

i am a human fighting her fears.


I pretend to know what i want to do with my life

i feel lost and confused as i get closer to reality

i fear of failing to make myself happy

i worry of letting my fears grow stronger than me

i cry in secret, so i don't worry those who care

i am surrounded by expectations.


i understand that my actions affect others

i say i know what i'm doing, but i don't

i dream of making a positive difference on many lives

i try to keep positive and do my best

i hope i don't stand in the way of my happiness

i know i'm only beginning my journey in life

i am Leslee Jannice Perez.


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