Land of the F(r)ee


Land of the Free?

The American Dream,

These phrases make me want to scream.

If the American Dream is oh, so important,

And you tell me its THE ultimate goal,

then why is my college tuition higher than the conflict death toll?

Why is it that I, pursuing to expand my mind,

Pursuing to help the universe,

Must get caught up by the strings of my empty purse.

Loaning and borrowing is sometimes all we get,

still that system fails me

When it says my teacher parents can afford all my fees.

Reality is they can't, so we all must suffer

Through stress, through debt, and running out of time,

It's the Land of the Fee and I have no dimes.


The problem is that we are not invested in education,

but rather we are a country seeking redemption.

The strength could lie in our youth, in their minds,

But instead we bleed them dry,

For some reason we have not learned from when we cried

Cried out for help as we lose our country's wealth.

Other countries saved themselves by believing in the power of youth.

The power of education.

Yet, here we are, in the good ol' US of A

Trying to figure out how to make our debt go away,

But in the process making our future educated population twist and drown

Dragged down, down by the gut wrenching pile of bills.

Reality is we could save you, but instead we suffer

We stress and cry, trying to dream

Just hoping to reach my goal before running out of steam.

This is my American Dream.

But I'm running out of time, It's the Land of the Fee

And I'm all out of dimes.


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