Senior Year

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 23:06 -- Daeli

Public school wasn't always the best for me.
I was teased, pressured, maybe even bullied, but I'm not entirely sure.
I figure there's some reason for those that were insecure.
I've had chairs pulled out from under me, "Carole Germs" was a thing. 
I chased preppy girls with worms and sat alone on the swing. 
Middle school wasn't much better; my nightmare to be exact. 
Terrified of people spreading lies. Afraid that I might crack.
Freshman year was my new dawn, things seem to be forgotten,
though they still lingered, still made some thoughts seem rotten.
The pressure came back, the expectations, the beliefs.
Highschool continued on, unaware that the positivity had a leak.
I got separated from those I loved best, with the best intentions for one.
But soon I learned that I was drained, and could no longer laugh with some.
Negativity took over, my home world was falling apart.
I wasn't prepared for Junior year, wasn't even ready to start.
I finally got out, readied my wings to fly high.
Senior year, I will be my own star - the only limit is my mind.
I've got this now, no regrets, there are memories to be made.
But not alone.
Never again will I let my true self be betrayed.


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