Remembering the time

when I wanted to grow old

faster. Thought things were easy

as I’ve seen grown-ups do their way.

As my height increase inch-by-inch

The clothes I wear changes day by day


Forgetting that sunrise is everyday

Not contented from time to time

and yet, happiness is not measured by inch

But it never gets old.

It always lead us a way

to things that we think are easy


We always seek for the easy

approach and it gets tougher in a day

But choices are there in any way

We just can’t freeze time

Because all things grow old

even when we move an inch


Even an inch

Of time we can’t take back that easy

Starting to long for my old

self, I should cherish what I have today

Impossible to travel through time

All I have is a way


A way

To my fate, far from 72 inch

-es under. I know now time

is precious and it’s never easy

to become who I am no matter how old

I’m going to be everyday.


In a day

I find a way

I want to grow old

having happiness closer than an inch

and satisfaction I have for time

Life is not easy


You think responsibilities are easy when you lose time?

Live as if your age never gets old and I can still wear my 6-inch

Stilettoes. But remember to choose a way wisely and with a smile everyday.

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