Everything Has a Story

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 18:01 -- belo243


United States
33° 24' 33.4008" N, 86° 49' 55.4664" W
United States
33° 24' 33.4008" N, 86° 49' 55.4664" W

People walking down the street,

You never know who you'll meet,

Everyone is different now look and see.

Even the pavements we walk on tell a story,

The stains of blood and the cracks of pain.

Things are hard in life,

Yet you don't regret a single step.

The "ghetto" streets hide their scars,

While the fancy streets hide them all.

They hide like the rich people that cover their flaws,

Yet those flaws show who we are.

They tell a story day and night,

Not even the lights can make them fright.

Be open-mided for you never know.

You might look and seek,

But not till you meet will you see,

That person that you saw and judged,

Just might end up being your judge.

We might be different but at the end we are all human.



Nice poem!


Thanks! :)

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