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Health, oh precious health, The foundation of our being, Without which all our wealth, Is nothing but an empty feeling.   A treasure beyond measure, A gift we often take for granted,
Health is a treasure we should all hold dear For it brings us joy and removes our fear It is the foundation on which we stand The key to living life to its fullest, unplanned  
Keine Ratte steht tatsächlich über dem Gesetz Gerechtigkeit muss blind, fair, gleich und roh sein Für alle, in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft
No racist rat is indeed above the law Justice must be blind, fair, equal and raw For all, in a democratic society
Willkommen Zuhause Willkommen auf der Erde Wo niemand perfekt ist Und nichts ist immer richtig.   Willkommen Zuhause
Welcome Home Welcome to Earth Where nobody is perfect And nothing is always correct.   Welcome Home
It is wonderful that you unilaterally
                                                  It is wonderful that you unilaterally
                                            Te ofrezco mi dulce corazón todos los días En lugar del cielo y pasteles de miel Te ofrezco ramos de flores bonitas
The history of Black People,And all of our People should be celebratedYear-round: every day, week, month, and decade.The celebration must go on unabated,All the time. The first couple,
                             In the USA, Black History month is celebrated In February, the month with the shortest days
Parfois, oui parfois, c’est bon d’oublier C’est bon d’ignorer hier et le passé Pour aller vaillamment de l’avant Pour continuer vachement avec le vent.
    Hate is vileHate doesn't smileHate is rough and toughAnd sips bad stuff. Hate hitsHate spitsFire, fireIn the dire drier.
I cautioned him well But to the wind it fell Gliding through life On the very fast lane You kept asking God Your sins to forgive For only through this belief Could you get relief
                                                   Where are You? You must be at war
Tragué Su decisión Me voy La casa Yo acepté
                                                Anybody, who is struggling, Is my people The one with the color purple, Who will one day earn and own the ring.
                                            Failing is hurtful,
                                                     C’est dans les forêts Où je trouve ma paix C’est à la campagne
There're days when the sun is upWhen the solar rays hit youYou feel been dropped from the topAnd you end up right on the screw.
How does the flavor stay in my mouth if this is sugar free gum? Wonka was not there to answer my question It was the person he gave the rights of his company to that stood in front of me, who I asked
Veo Tu belleza en tu sonrisa Tu belleza en tus ojos Tu belleza en tu cadencia Tu belleza en tus fragancias.  
  Je vois Ta beauté dans ton sourire Ta beauté dans tes yeux
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
No eres nadie Como yo no soy nadie Eres alguien Como soy alguien Hay una humanidad
You are nobody As I am nobody You are somebody As I am somebody There’s one humanity Let’s thank God and Jesse
Roses, flowers and bouquets Love, Honor, Peace and Respect Verses, poems and literature
We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
El eterno silencio Es la muerte A menudo decimos bajo este cielo Donde los enemigos están en todas partes Incluso entre matones y tontos
L'eterno silenzio È la morte Diciamo spesso sotto questo cielo Dove i nemici sono ovunque Anche tra teppisti e sciocchi
Death is The eternal silence We often say under this sky Where the enemies are ubiquitous
Le silence éternel C’est la mort On dit souvent sous ce ciel
Girls must have the undeniable rights to speak,And the God-given rights to choose and pick.Girls must have the rights to be educated,To be respected and to be protected.Girls are human beings too;
They swore and they lied Women’s rights are tied To our weak democracy
                                Only God is Supreme Humans can never be supreme Don’t believe in Supreme Court
Tears over death Not because you’ve left Without saying goodbye Oh! I cannot tell a lie.
Sweet child, within you, sparrows sing blooms Each day like protocoled steps will lead you  Down Heaven’s aisle of tapping awe and cool
America is beautiful, great and wonderfulEadem opera, she is ugly, pitiful and dreadfulIn regards to the mistreatments of the Native AmericansThe African Americans and other minorities
Do not tell me the word elixir has not breezed you  Dew of springs bridge itch for wet encounters 
                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
Des enfants déjà grandis Des baisers déjà oubliés Des plantes déjà fleuries
                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
The verb "hate" can never beMy darling, in my vocabularyI can only love you night and dayI can only think of you all day longI can only dream of you and I longFor your presence at midday
The croaking toad The spitting toad Is ill Time and wind pass Like poor cowards.  
  Still tears in our eyes for our Brave Haiti Still tears in our eyes for our incredible Country
Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre brave Haïti Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre incroyable Pays
Wir wissen nicht Wenn wir uns verabschieden Denn morgen Gehört nur Gott im Himmel Wir wissen nicht
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã Só pertence a Deus no céu Nós não sabemos Sobre o último olhar
No sabemos Cuando nos despedimos Por que mañana Sólo pertenece a Dios en el cielo No sabemos Sobre la última mirada
Having depression is weird Because you can be at the lowest point of your life So sad that your arms can’t move So sad that your eyes wont stay open So sad that every sky is a grey sky
North and South are fighting againWasting lives, money, future and funWar is hell; there, everybody is on the runNonsense is their common sin.
It is Good Friday Remember, remember When, for Jesus, everything was nasty and sour
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
L’amoureux brindezingue dit non avec la tète Le cerveau fort agité amèrement s’embête Pendant qu’il dit oui avec le cœur enflammé
Wir kommen Wir wandern Und wir gehen Das ist alles was wir wissen.   Wir kommen auf die Erde
Nou vini Nou flannen Epi nou pati Se tout sa nou konnen.   Sou latè nou vini
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
These are not events that took place very far in the past These are obviously ongoing racial gaffes and contrasts Where human beings are bombarded and mistreated
Today is a new spring’s first day Today is the birth of a new season Today is another blessed birthday
Many politicians vociferously lie Many politicians either hide or omit the truth Many times, I sit down quietly in a booth
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
when the ray hits you it reminds you of life not of the current but of life at its source   it brings up the issues from inside your bones and beneath your skin interrupting hibernation
LET ME BE YOUR NURSE Are you lying asleep or awake Feeling morose or jubilant Feeling famish or stuffed I want to see you through All your needs Let me make your pad Allow me to take care of you
Lord Cares! These Goes To Those Under The Foster And Orphanage Care. The people of the most high. Even when thee father and mother are no longer here. Thy Lord be always there.
No one bothered to wake up, speak, call or text to see me on my way. I don't blame them, I went my own way, I didn't have much to say. I didn't expect anyone to be different from the person they were to me yesterday.
It Seems That MANY Are Living With... “Limited Vision”... !!! Cos’ They’ve Fallen Victim To Being Those Willing...
We come from all walks of life, For some reason brought together here. Learning how to reach new heights, Learning how to cope with our fear. There's got to be purpose underlying it all,
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
I've lost a lot in my life, From happiness, to security, to fight. Even though I survived another night, I still wonder if I can handle this strife. So tonight I step out into the storm
There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind. A place where the scared little child ran away to hide. At such a young age he had given up hope, Went into this attic and tied up the rope.
Now I Waved GOODBYE To... UK Coastlines... Because There Were Vibes That I DID NOT LIKE... !!! But THIS Set of Rhymes... Speak On Waves That Now Rise of The CORONA Type... !?!
Now These Words Are TRUE... And NOT From Some Cartoon... Where A Dog's Being Used... !!!!!!!
“Testing Testing One Two Three ! that’s right, keep your distance, about six feet ! Form a queue please, and keep it orderly, because we’re testing to see if any of you have the Corona Disease !”
This season of quarantine has given my body time to rest, my mind time to reflect, and my spirit time to reconnect. I have realized several truths about one's health. Your physical health prolongs your life.
Okay So What EXACTLY Is... " COVID-19 ".... ?!? A.......... (C.O.V.I.D)........ Certificate of Vaccination ID... ?!? Take A Moment And THINK... Do You Get The LINK... ???
Contrary To Chat That I’m An ANGRY Man... !!! I’m More Relaxed... Than A Laid Back Cat And That’s A FACT... !!! But That’s NOT The Track That This Poem Maps... !!!!!!!!!
Your body allows you to move and act. It is like the body of a vehicle.  Without it, there is no interaction with your environment. Your mind allows you think and feel. 
......... " The Corona Wars " .......... Have Become A Force And That's For SURE ... !!! From Various Shores To People Indoors ... They’re Being Waged All Over The Place ... !!!
It Seems That We’ve Now Found An Issue That... " SURROUNDS "... !!! The Question I Have‘s ... " So What’s Fake Now ? "...
POEM by; Alick Mushekwa® *TEARS AIN'T ENOUGH*
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
WE are the priveledged ones, taking these deaths as our time to have fun. WE are not affected and WE cannot be told what to do, as the rest of the world stands silent and blue.  
So The HOT Question Is THIS ... " How Serious Is It " ... ?!?
Ya Know They Say When You Age … That You Should Stay … " ACTIVE " … !!! Now Physically That Makes Sense To Me …
So ... Where Exactly ... Is Humanity ... " Heading " ... ?!? Because Now It Would Seem ... To Be A ... Global PANDEMIC ... !!!! But Hey People Sometimes ... Can Be Truly PATHETIC ... ?!?
So ..... " Coronas All Around ! " ... Is Now The NEW Sound ... !!! But I DON'T MEAN ... BEERS ... !!!
It could be alcohol. It could be hard drugs. But, you see, it is neither.  
You look out to the sea, and see the horizon, where the known meets the unknown and chases into oblivion. you get the feeling there's more to everything, more to the sand that swallows your feet,
I was very very very broken Nothing but sharp objects and dark places; gone boy The fog was so thick around me All i could see was one shining light
can you feel it in my kiss? sharper than the glass embedded in my feet if you hear it in my voice the water flowing upstream
From apologizing for her behavior at 5 To being the adult at 10 From telling her to stop at 12 To throwing her bottles to the trash without her noticing. From wanting an end. To never wanting it to end.
you left before i got better you left before i could make things right you left before things could get really good and i cant blame you for getting tired of waiting
my guardian angel is skin and bones thin and weary but so clearly i can see us dancing in the stove light twirling you around
i press the blade to my skin i breathe into my lungs out of my lungs when does the pain of your world falling apart begin to end?
i took my life in my own hands and i decided to resuscitate myself  i folded my hand over the other and beat down on my chest i forced air into my lungs
  Some slash their wrists. Ingest a bottle of pills. Jump off a high building. Hang themselves. Blow their brains off. And it is at that moment when they feel the most alive and will to be free.
It Can't Be Good To Hold The View ... That I'm A CROOK Because My Top Has Got A Hood ... !?! The Weather Now Can Be Quite FOUL ... !!! WITHOUT An Umbrella I Could Be DROWNED ... !!!!!
Tell me why my grip on my purpose always slips. Sometimes it gets too much and I don't know how to handle it.
As the clock ticks away with the Nick of time, Health is wealth knowest thou all for to live quite sublime, Rich or the poor none have the desire to keep the health in prime,
I can finally say That I am smiling like an idiotic, Idiot at a screen. My electronics finally know my happiness; And it's shining through, Straight though their body.
Let me know when you meet a child of immigrants who isn’t good at math. Whose parents force him to load up his schedule with more APs than there is Daal and Chicken curry on his dinner plate.
Yes, in fact I do know that I’m fat No, I don’t plan to change for you Yes, I plan to lose the weight someday, but if you think I owe it to you to do so, then you will never get the satisfaction of holding my hand.
I hated eating right and working out Just the thought would make me pout. Eventually my body could not take it, At the age of 19 I felt it breaking.  
You begin to understand the flow a little more as you go  This much I know. Never here nor there, It’s ethereal All around us, in the air.   It’s all around you  There’s no denying it   
Fire under my skin Climbing up my legs My spine My arms Glowing coals of hate Incendiary suffering Deep inside my bones  
Alone. Looking out watching as kids play outside the run-down cheap motel grounds. Watching as I see a little girl, no older than 5, smile as her mother ran after her.
I became grown-up Much quicker than many I was only 13  When they found a tumor in my belly   Technically it was in my ovary 
  Alas, I am sitting in class, Stressed for the upcoming test. Afraid I am unprepared to pass, My heart pounds in my chest.  
Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly Mesomorph= Average Endomorph= Short and fat  
As I wake up everyday, I know I'm just going with the flow No one is there I listen and I take it I try to fight back But my fist goes through a dark mist of air  People call it crazy
  —she sits alone, never  reaches out to the people  around her—she would  rather suffer than speak up    —she never throws anything away  (she keeps treasures in her room, 
For what’s darkness, But a contrast to light? The only reason light can exist Is because there is darkness for it to illuminate. Light heals,
In this life, you can only trust one person,  You.  You will keep your secrets,  You will be there when no one else is, Even when they batter you to the ground, You will be there to help yourself up. 
There was a time when these mind crimes Led to some prime rhymes With a fine line between "I'm fine" and "Am I dying?" But I could focus on the hardest parts
Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression.
Undescribable pain, Writhing hands and feet, Radiating ove ones self, Yet it feels like nothing.    Crying with no tears, Clawing at the flesh, Yet it comes from within,
Hi Gramps, It’s me again. I just wanted to tell you  That I love you. And That you’ve shown me
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
Remember when you broke your right hip? It came as a shock to me. There you were, the picture of health, And only eighty three.   Of course, you were most disgruntled.
I always knew my aunt was a fighter  Since she was a little girl she had been fighting for her life, suffering in health, but exceeding in everything else
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
But I eat vegan, I drink piss, I'm naturally immune,The crunchy people sing the same shit to a different tune.It doesn't matter if you have just spinach in your diet,When it comes to vaccines, we should to everyone apply it.
I walk on a thin line. The one that leads to nothing. On either side, a place I am scared to be. I walk in hope of something to revive me.
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
Seated in the back of the room Head pounding, trying to refocus Vision deteriorating I was told my sight was incorrect
   Gemini woman is that you?.. Over there with your beautiful Fierce stare  well listen here my beautiful little zodiac queen . I want to know if it’s true?.. Is it true that your the one with the twin ?
I see how you suffer I want so badly to help But I do not know how Will you tell me? Is my smile okay? Was my hug comforting? My words seem so  Very empty Tell me What helps
What can be said of the disintgrating people? The ears, the eyes, the mind goes. Ticking time Slow and slow The legs, the arms, the heart show  How age reaps life it once sowed.
High and low Never normal Always fighting Am I losing the battle Some days it feels like it Always on my mind Always there Like a leech Or a tick Blood-sucking bastard
Hi, I'm skinny I am five feet seven inches and weigh one hundred and five pounds Yes, I have a flat stomach Yes, You can see my collar bones Yes, I have a thigh gap And no, that does not make me beautiful
Dear “The Other Side of Me,”   Why have we been fighting lately? I honestly think it’s my fault It’s not you It’s me
Hey,  It has been a while A while since you have sat down and took a breath. You are reading this because you feel burdened,       maybe by something self-afflicted,      maybe by a matter of circumstance.
To overcome others is strong.To overcome oneself is the will of power.  I try to convince myselfThat I am the best actress to ever walk the earth,And that the hole concaving in my chestIs simply a understudy for my sadness.  To overcome others is
Dear Mother,   Why do you allow yourself such dolor? Say its for our sake but there must be more, Since every day I see your face drain in color.
Abigail SullivanPart 1: A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy. Out of nowhere, you chose my dad as a potential victim to interrogate.
2mac,   When you can no longer breathe, When you have no one else to rely on, When you lose sight of the surface, Float.  
my pencils are dull. not because they aren’t tended to, not because they’re like the overused pencils in a kindergarten class.   my pencils, they have no sharpener.
A bundle of pieces; gears take over your heart. No flesh, no bones, just a pile of useless parts. Every morning, first thing, don't forget to press start. Otherwise, you are isolated- God forbid you're set apart.  
Sitting on a wooden floor the sunlight is shining in.    The world around me is moving, not stopping to listen.  
When you are hard on yourself, you cannot escape Running through your mind, from these thoughts. Your mind constantly drifting, lost at sea. Some dark places can be found, some bright places too.
Struggling Smile Through Hollow Cheeks And Cracked Lips She Whispers  I'll Be Alright Bags Under Her Eyes Cuts All Up Her Thighs No One Ever Told Her It's Okay To Cry.  
I burn the pages of my oldest notebooks, erasing the ages that have passed me by. I remember the old days, and cheerful jokes told paired with a longing gaze, and my calloused fingertips.
  in autumn i think of you. the way a leaf browns, curls up, and floats along wind, rustle becoming tremor becoming fall—  
I remember when I heard the news. It was hard for me to follow. I remember when I went to see you, My mind was still and hollow.  
Going in blind Make up my mind Where is the one? They told me about   Forgot my intentions  Rose-colored glasses I got distracted Cause I was imagining  
Love isn't always easy, Challenges may come your way. But as long as you hold hand in hand, You will live to see another day.   Everything is up to you, You have your pen to write.
#BecauseILoveYou A healthy and happy relationship in life requires heartfelt feelings to make things amazing with your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife  It's love that we need
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
Because I love you     I will let you be your own person Because I love you    I will help you succeed  Because I love you      I will give you the benefit of the doubt Because I love you 
smoke cough smoke cough keep choking on your lungs love chest pain chest pain going about another day you keep moving but barely awake not listening to a word anyone says smoke cough smoke cough 
They built me up, And knocked me down, Over And over And over And over. A cycle of trying to impress,
Hello, old friend, it’s been awhile. I haven’t missed you, and I’ve been in denial. Been telling myself it’s okay to smile.  
Did a good heart get you far As simple as it seems Did a good mom get you sharp As simple as her seams   Did a good heart feed your soul Or did it starve you to death
What of my life, What does it mean to me? What have I learned? What has it tried to teach me? I feel it as it tries to reach me But truly,  It rarely meets me. These thoughts of being confident
Ride the wave The pain will never go away  So keep rolling with this way of seeing Being that as it is We are sent to die For a cause  And for justice But who knows why 
This number is only going to do so much for me It may have someone waiting to save me on the other end But I don't have the courage to call I feel like if I call I'd just take another fall Trying to call
In unconditional love, I won't make you prove to me, That you will do whatever I need. In unconditional love, I will support you in any way I can, But I may not put your needs over my own.
Because I love you, you are not only my companion but my best friend as well. Because I love you, I accept you for who you are and not who I want you to be
An outbreak of an illness may cause several people harm to those who surround the infected. The case began with students on a campus who visited the informatory at the same time, as these students suspected
don't let the fuse burn too shortdon't let it burn too fastcause when that fuse is at its endwell that'll be my last
Angels can fly I am an Angel I want to learn to fly. So I jumped… But I found out
Symptoms of evil there's no need for a cure. Just treat what you can profit  and look the other way.
When I was 5, I stood with my hand on my heart and recited words I didn’t understand-the pledge of allegiance-to a country that threatened to deport my best friend and their family.
America the Great, or so she used to be... We the people traded in our life and liberty. We're slaves to media now  surrounded by what other people think, struggling for independence like a spider in a sink.
I remember hearing stories of a Country wherein the citizens were free To love and believe in whoever they So desired, but that was in the past.
I sat up at night thinking what I needed Thinking about what I had lost, thinking about if I was lost Night sweats, Night terrors, Nights up, all night I was up, all fucking night
Before, She laid in a hospital bed Now, she makes sure the dogs are fed.  Before, She was surrounded by nurses. Now, she collects designer purses.   Her family used to hope and try
The brain is a marvelous thing full of numerous files from long ago, and yesterday loads of info it compiles   The center of it all, it gives me instructions brilliant mastermind,
I'm a survivor. I escaped the emptiness inside me; The ghost that's behind me, The one that despises me. When he tries to devour me I make him shiver;
“yeah, I used to get panic attacks myself.” my ease surprises me. I’m relaxed, not like the calm before a storm when havoc is about to wreak. just calm. no storm.  
Anyone who's been on a roller coaster can tell you, there are ups and downs and loops and twists. For the thrill-seekers, it's a rush but for the fearful, the worst part is knowing that
To be beautiful To be hot To have a skinny waist To have a six pack To have a Kim Kardashian butt To have a baseball players' rear
Life is tough, Days are dark   But what makes rough Feel less tough   Is a nice long walk
Everyday bouncing around in the mind and bodyNever have a boring day, a constant state of hyperTo have thoughts replay over and overThe meds offer no help they cause only depression
“your fingertips are dragonflies”   A dragonfly perched on my shoulder And crawled up my neck   I didn’t notice.   I sipped lemonade,
Part One: It's happened twice. you've been there twice. and refuse to return again. The tastes, the smell, the feeling. it's all so close now. and the pain hunts you. its almost seductive.
These words are a salvation  that flows from the need in my chest through my arms and out my flying fingertips   These words are a salvation stemmed from the same feelings  and whirls of thought
If tonight I found myself missing I disappeared without a trace You’d spend your nights wishing I was home warm and safe   If tonight I took my last breath
The greatest strength I've seen in people I've known, Is their ability to Reject the love They are offered In order to receive The love They deserve.
  What if I told you that poets were overrated? Someone who can only write when they’re sad, Or in love or in bliss or in need of desperate rent money, Is like a flower that only drinks from a tsunami.
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
Words… The words I so quickly scribbled Healed my mental anguish more than Any medication from the doctor ever could Or would. Words… Feel like home. The home I have been frantically
Brainwaves whir from corner to corner of my cranium,Causing me to think in a different key.
I still question what is my own reflection?   Looking into a steamed mirror Staring not at my outward reflection Looking toward myself to find. To find, my reflections from inside.  
There is a thing of all things that is posed My head is hurt in a bad ill way The brain I have is sure to stop and rot Doc can not help me how I need to be I am sure this may end good ole' me
Try not to weep, or grim will hear you as he creeps, looking for sad souls to reap. It’s quite cheap, but that’s how he pays his upkeep.
There are two very important things that you learn in anatomy class.   The first
I have felt pain in my life. The kind of which many can relate. I know that pain, therefore I know the idea of fate. You end up down and out finding yourself without cause. Even sometimes finding yourself clinging to social withdraws.
The children are dyingand their mothers are crying.The kid took a bullet through his headright over his bed becausehe dreaded waking upto go to school in the morning.The teachers are scorning the kids
I could live without, but I don't want to. I couldn't start my day right, and my nights wouldn't be the same. The heat wouldn't run through my veins, not through me at all. Life would drag,
It's visible now  and that scares me. "Just stay strong," they tell me, but lately, I'm not sure I know how.   This armor I have built is beginning to crack- crumble off my back.
Mother and Father gave me a kitten. When they knew they wanted one, It took a whole nine months for them to get it! My new kitten was Adorable, tiny, and fragile.  
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
ask any of us and we'll say it's hell to run and run and run until our feet swell sweaty tired faces and sore legs too running 10 miles is a daily thing to do
In the direction of which my heart relies, I find my own warmths life support To embrace the endless swirling sky, my towers never err and fall short
They say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The poison dripping into his veins, makes his life longer. I look around at loved ones, there to hold their hand.
Breath in. Breath out. Go.   My legs move quick in motion. It feels familiar, like an old friend. I let go of all emotion. I move like it is my time to end.  
I tried to end what life he gave, I treid to end what I thought was sin. Daily I thought "How can I win" Within this horrible life of sin?  What should I do with something so heavy?
This goes out to the sick child.
Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat secara alami - Vitamin E puncak daftar nutrisi ketika datang ke kesejahteraan secara keseluruhan kulit. Nutrisi melindungi kulit dari efek menjarah radikal bebas.
Dropping cocktail names because they sound so sweet Auntie's house last night too easy, score some at the meet
I'm all alone in this room, Sitting here in my stone doom. I'm all alone in this land. I'm not part of God's plan.   No more, I can't. Tears pour, I can.
A thought is all it takes
I don't know why you wear a mask,
I'm no good with poetry as it's an art that is felt rather than seen.   I'm not one for feeling.  I'd rather stare at my ceiling and not feel much at all.  
My life is kind of hectic  Like a completed checklist When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
Let me start off by saying god bless you The world's greatest philosopher couldn't fathom the words to express you We tend to lose all hope and live in regret Meanwhile the world continues to spin and time is being spent
A bubbling Laugh, a warm Smile,
Do I have to have a destination if I decide to runaway? Or would I end up in the perfect place for me? We'll, see. We'll have to see. Let's wait and see. 'Cus I noticed the sun hates taking breaks,
Who am I without a filter? For the past four yeasrs, I haven't had an answer to that question  I've spent so long trying to become littler  I've tried to disappear which is something I probably should mention
One, two, three- Organized alphabetically.  Four, five, six- this must have a fix.  Seven, eight, nine- but I hate to whine.  Ten, elven, twelve- mentally it delves.
There once was a girl who would wall
For Losing shall I ever be Great      Losing long nights of pain  Before they found her Quenching the thirst of my innocece Saturating my pillow from sorrow       For Losing I am Confidence
Who's wild and crazy A girl who's set free someone who listens but can talk to those in need
Dear Anorexia I hate you ana You runied my life for so many years
My shoulders are drooping underneath the heavy weight of expectation. I'm being dragged by the leash of society.
The cuts got deeper The blades got sharper The lights got darker The voices got quieter The world got away
There I was another day spent counting miles subtracting calories calculating deficits.   Run, run to look good, run to look pretty, run so boys will like you.  
What I'm saying is coming from the heart.
Let x equal me
I don’t want to not believe I don’t want her to become something other than what she sees In the mirror, is a different person?
Researchers say crying is inborn I had to learn how to cry I stifled the sight of my tears Away from the taste of salty crystals on my tongue Afar from the expression of my fears
I see your round face a wafting aroma towards you I want to pace and savor your colors richness of red and burnt sage flavors the golden gleam of your shine perfection and imperfection
When i am in the gym i feel at peace, The hard work and the sweat prove to me my determination, When i find myself angry the gym is a release, This body i build, my very own creation,
     I woke up on a dirty mattress on the floor of a friends house. It's my 16th birthday. A huge milestone in a young persons life.
Look at me and what do you see?A girl like any other.But once you take a deeper lookyou'll notice I'm quite unique.I lived through trials and heartachesFew have seen before.
I have learned to appreciate water for it’s omnipotence   
It feels like stones no matter what I put in The hardness makes my stomach groan in pain The echoing of the fall audible from the outside I can eat old favourites or new worsts but it ends the same
God help me.  Give me a hand.  help me out.  im drowning in your presence, but it is evil that reaches his hand out to help.  to pull me out of these rising waters. 
there are some who will say
Beat me down Pull my hair A constant frown It's so unfair   My mind is distorted It makes me see things that aren't really there My body is contorted God, I wish I didn't care  
All I wanted was to breathe. Breathe deeper and let it go. Go where I had never gone before. Before.... That's a confusing term for many. Many years ago. One year? One day? Day one. He was there.
  Ew, you stink! Go away Take a bath, wear deodorant.
I'm laying on the table, Cold, Uncomfortable,
Initially I was a Marketing
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
(Part 1) Is it not the gym? That makes me sweat and pant? That allows ‘fit’ children to run round it When obviously I can’t?   Is it not the gym? That intimidates me so
My feet touched the velvety green that lie beyond my door I knew it was grass but couldn't remember the feel anymore The sky, a beautiful blue orb with splotches of white and grey
A deep breath, inhale..exhale, a deeper thought follows.
A group of girls rule the school They always create gossip and fear They always seem to be very cruel
He said, 'I pity that old woman, ' but ran away when she asked for help.
Yesterday in Health Class the teacher had us copy down the definition of the word stress. Stress: noun a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstance
Every step a little weaker Every breathe a little harder
Sheets- warm and cozy- ocean waves of blue
What would it be like?
  A doctor is what I’d like to be Says every kid who has yet to see   The pains, angst, and woes of a pre –med Long, sleepless nights, days full of dread I’m all out of change, my books got me tight!
Once the years of  scholarly things come to a close, I wish to help those who've fallen.   Those who feel down, despise themselves for their body and their lacking
Numb. when. Sadness. swallows. Happiness.
Girl stands alone in her bathroompleading for solace.Eyes lock on the mirror,the reflection of a girl with possibilities a mere stain.She is there,she exists,in every corner that Girl turns.
Our Heart beats oil, nourishing the blisters of our skin. Laying in a hopeless state and devouring the prescribed saturated medicine. When the hunger strikes again, you must see the doctor. His name is Dr. McDonalds and rumor has it he's Legit.
Your pain is my pain. My pain is yours. We share that just like we share blood. Struggling to get up each morning. Praying that we make it through our day. We are our own warriors, in our own war.
.......................... the doctor intubates;the nurse begins compressions;the tecn runs for the defibrillator;chaos.
Your air is my air. Many people smoke everywhere as if they don't care,
We all have that one goal in life That one job we’ve dreamed about all our lives since we were little Whether it was to become a princess like Cinderella To be the firefighter that saves the day
To help save a life tears are shed all good and bad, so many different sizes all of the utmost importance;
One job can shift me into a better being helping the blind see or give a nerveless woman feeling
The wind beats me down
We should know Because if we knew, we would change We should know how livestock animals are treated Because if we knew, we would push for more humane actions to be taken
The words mental hospital
The words mental hospital
I hold within my brain incredible power, The power to hurt, the power to learn,
Being healthy is very important to me, On nights, and weekends when others party, I am one with the iron I am lifting. When others make the decision to eat unhealthy,
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
I choose to be happy. I'm not gonna sit around in a slum waiting on something or someone, I will be vigilant and ready for when my time comes.   I chose to be happy I didn't cry and smash my fist,
Poem 1: Keep Calm and Don’t Judge Me Love (Shake my head); when I was fourteen years I thought I found love, Love like: Fairy Tales, and all that Fucking Bullshit people allow.
McChicken, McNugget, you’re so yummy,
The taste of blood on her lips, She opens them. It drips, On the floor, She lays,
You’re In the Blink 9th grade, you don’t really remember
The passion runs through my vains
HYPOTHYROIDISM   My name is Hypothyroidism I look like a butterfly in your neck Despite the beauty butterflies have, I can wreak havoc.
Sitting on the warm hard tiles engulfed with water and soap Pondering about life and all of its hope The water stops and the door swings open Only to reveal a provoking commotion
People judge by class, And they do this without knowing.
Hugged fingers for safety protect me
Would you just suck it up already? The complaining, the whining, the pouting, the absolute insanity. You don't know how good you've got it. You're ignorant to those who suffer.
This isn't something you ask for, This wasn't something I chose For the monster that tricked me, Was as alluring as a rose. I didn't realize my portions, Began to drastically shrink,
It happened in August. 294, it read. I blink, my eyes needing to focus. The numbers don’t budge. My heart drops easily into my stomach.   I feel sick. The scale says something
Stay inside your lonely head,                                                                                                                and tidy up your filthy bed,                                                                             
When we all were in elementary school We were told “drugs are bad” We could recite all their effects We could tell you how they would kill We could tell you what would happen To your abused body
A tsunami sent by one line of text Adrenaline floods my veins- emotions are drowning, tumbling just trying to catch up with my brain My heart jumps, flips, flies out of my chest-
Would you tell a blind man he needs to open his eyes more to see? Would you dare say “just walk it off” to a recent amputee? Of course not. You know that the solution isn’t to be strong willed
Insatiably stalked by haunting perceptions Mental insecurities cause collections of indiscretions Bleak emotions are psychological assassins
the flourescent lightson her iridescent skinreveal the railroad tracksof her train with no brakes"all aboard," the ageless conductor criesshe climbs in.
It is not that I love death more, but that I love myself less. This eating disorder is becoming a chore. It is something lodged in my chest. It's not that I love food less,
Why are so you fat? When you can be just as thin, Some say what matters is within, You say I can't help that.   Have you ever tried? Whats within will surely become broke,
Shes controled by a skinny waist, a empty stomach and an acid taste. Sit back and watch closly, as that beautiful soul goes to waste. Keep up with the fast pase, another skipped lunch and a hunch to move paranoia in it's place.
Fifteen, my body curved like a question mark as you delegate my presence to your fingers like a Jesus prayer. 
I pretend to drown in the bath. I dream of hazy, pill-induced dazes. But then I remember these kids. These Salvation Army angels have become true angels to me. They came when I cried and have saved my life.
I like how you tell me,in so many removed terms, that I'm falling apart -- as if I don't know it's wrongto savor the scent of my sweat, or I'm not awarethat my house is the line
  Everything is shattered, broken, utterly and completely destroyed So dramatically so, windows broken in to a million pieces, paint strewn across the floor Yellow wall paper gone gray as if out of fear
Yesterday he showed me his bruises. Pulled his sweater up and underneath his breast They were scattered across his ribcage like a Little patch of violet rorschach tests.
Tears. As I sit in my bed.I try not to cry.But the tears sneak out.No one can deny.
I daydream of being something different, somewhere different I wonder, I questions, I think and I have come to the conclusion. Im not living to die, but dying to live.
Crushed by this endeavor. Broken by my lover. I once thought love was forever, but time seems to end when we were together   Hit the rocks from the tide. Dropped down from the vibe.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
    A troubled mind of broken thoughts to ponder as you lay; drowning in an open sea of sorrow every day.   Console your thoughts with talks of love and what you hope will be,
What if you felt an undying affectionAn honest, eternal, phlegmatic protectionIf love couldn't find you, would you go off and lookFor the one who'd complete you, by hook or by crook?
Voices and ventilators echo, Through suffocating hallways, As I walk in a long beige coat, My hair a shoddy bun.   Skin transparent, Veins blue, Blood burning, Clawing to my center,
I dream of a life where media isn't idolized, Where women can love their bodies the way they are and society will no longer have ficticious expectations. I dream of a love that is PURE and true,
Sitting, day after day In a cold boring room, The light bulbs flicker away And the air reeks of gloom.   The walls hold me tight, They keep me in line, Remind me night after night,
There is an underlying silence over everything that holds everything, is everything as we communicate this substance of silence embodies our conversations meanwhile I search for inner peace
When all I do is perpetuate I become the skeleton of inadequate proportions that have no sensible value,  no value to identify with the truly consequential Loyalty is lost, motivation quits
My parents call me into the living room, My siblings stand with me, My father has been on the phone For half an hour.   I had a surgery last week, We were hoping I had no cancer, We were hoping
Im making my mind up to express. Living this way is just a mess. Laughing at nothing Is funny when its serious. Im Living life to the fullest So im a gangster. Living is dying.
There are secrets—Well, there are always secrets. But there are secrets that lie in wait for me. They lie just below the surface.
I have a bad habit of developingbad habits.
Have you ever seen someone going through a anxiety attack?It's not an east to thing to witness. Their body tenses against their willThey shake and cry with no cause or relief
Cast over me, a sheet of confusion and foolishness, and yet it took more than one rude awakening in my life to help pull this sheet off my head but I still wonder why do so many tragedies had to come for me to finally understand a part of life.
Mother me? Can’t I be something other than thee? Can’t my branches grow? Ever which way to and fro? And be as beautiful as long Hair?
Once I was hit in my back so hard I didn’t understand how the death I am destined to meet escaped me.
I stacked them up as tall as the sky Which may sound like very high Though really it was just a lie, Probably because I was small in size.   My mother brought them home each month,
Jugular venous pressure is estimated by positioning A patient’s head at a 45-degree angle. When the veins in the neck Are swollen as high as the angle of the jaw, Blood pressure rises.  
  Eyes are like the doors into our minds.  You can tell just by looking into someone’s eyes what kind of world they live in. Whether it's dark and night or happy and light
My body doesn't seem to want to work anymore.
A mind has vacated its body Escaping voids lingering deep within a battered soul With ignorance to the disconnect it harvests A storm is brewing yonder And one will become wary listening to the thunder
Taco Bell and diet Cokes Don’t be fooled, It’s all a big joke. “It’s low-fat and sugar-free” Really? You think packaged food is that easy? Pesticides and chemicals
Can you see her? can you see the acid rain falls from the skys, every time she crys? She walks through life with her head held high,
Healthiness, well-being   Is what we all wish to have...   And as health professionals, as we are being,   That is what we give...   Prolonging each life's journey  
  You are the moon and I am the sea, Your constant changing faces, Are always changing me, When you show your full face,
My mind wanders to the peeling paint To the bleeding stars in the night sky My eyes scan the bland nothingness My lips murmur to the silence There's soft music in the darkness An entire concert in my ear
Fist a baby girl, Then she is off to college Next a young adult.
For too long, anxiety and depression have been the rulers of my life.             A ruthless king and his queen, with faces of iron and eyes of flame. Trauma is the groom, waiting for PTSD, his soon-to-be wife.
  My way of life And your way of life Are two different ways of living. Where my dreams are reality And yours are solely nonfiction, Imagination forms a line That borders this idea  
I may be one, but in my mind, I am a majority of one.
I start on your lateral ankle bone And walk across to your medial counterpart Not knowing what to expect from this profession And I lose my footing on your rounded cliff and fall
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as can be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea.                                     I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea                                                                          The
The reasons I write are like      stars in the night. Numerous and bright;     I sit in awe, in the light     that comes from lines Of my emotions, my truth.      With my pen as the sleuth
Your body is a masterpiece You were built with skills to master any obstacle Those mountainous bulking muscles That you made on your own while training Running jumping dancing lifting
What is a mistake if we along with everyone around us cannot learn and benefit from it? Too many of my family members, friends, teachers, this generation and ones before me have been effected by numerous heath issues such as:
Terror and fright consume me: Light leaves and dark trails behind me. I am forever alone with no one near or close, In this secluded island, I stand morose.
Pain throughout my body, Legs, back and feet. Oh god this hurts, what did I do? Nothing works, Not heat nor ice, pills or massage. Sigh, just let this suff'ring end.
Getting good marks in exams makes one happy Eating ice creams makes some happy Splurging money on shopping makes others happy Our parents become happy to see their children happy
Fruits and Vegetables are good for you to eat They make you strong from your head to your feet Some are round some are long Whichever you choose will make you strong
Looking at her plate Glancing at her thighs No thanks, she says Waiting to be perfect, or what she thinks is perfect.
Wallowing in self-hatred I am nothing therefore deserve nothing Longing for an escape Incarcerated in my own thoughts, there’s only one option
Darkness cages, while canvas white is his only light as he avoids traces of human life. He ignores splattered paint, dripping brushes, and sickening scent of mildew and waste.
A healthy soul, a healthy mind To a healthy body bind A twist of fate ever entwined In the arms of those who find: A feather pure as gold.
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Of shrimps and steaks and sizzling soups And turpentine rolls and cabbage groups Comes a man of greedy, vicious frosting The essence of virtue he is lacking. An effervescent mind when he wants it to be
Health is wealth or so they say in the red, white, and blue of the U, S, of A. But out of every country in the world, America has the most obese boys and girls.
Aigh’t, aigh’t, aigh’tLet me find a better was to explain this to you cause I see you have some difficulty understanding the bullshit so, I’m gonna give it to you the way my mother gives it to me- raw and uncut.
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