A Story in Limericks


There once was a girl who would wallow

At night tears and fears she would swallow

Her body seemed strange

Her life would soon change

And now that girl's tale you will follow


It all started with nausea at dawn

In the morning before she could yawn

She missed days of school

With vomit and drool

It seemed that her good health was gone!


Her senses, they seemed to be heightened

Of small instances she was frightened

The headaches persisted

And food she resisted

So waistlines soon had to be tightened


And when winter came with its frost

She learned forty pounds she had lost

The reason unclear

Her mind filled with fear

She vowed to right things at all cost


She was scared to admit it out loud

Sickness and strain had her cowed

But she said, "I'll be brave

There is no way I'll cave!

I'll go see an expert!" she vowed


The doc lifted weight off her chest

When he told her she simply was stressed

It was very unkind

To her body and mind

"Daily pills will fix all!" the doc guessed


But "Why change?" this worried girl thought

The stress made her body quite taut

Now fetching and litheful

Physique so delightful

So tablets prescribed she took not


She couldn't admit she was scared

Of the pills that at mornings she stared

"Numbing prescription" --

Her secret depiction

Of chemicals she should be spared


Prescribed from the doctor to client

Deep down she felt non-compliant

She faked taking pills

With great lying skills

And labeled herself "Pill Defiant"


But truth is not quiet or shy

And her mom and her doctor asked why

"Why are you faking?

Your health you're forsaking!"

With kind helpful words they did ply


Truth told now, it wasn't the weight

(For her body she always thought great)

Her ruse of deception

Was her misconception

That doses would alter her fate


But this girl had a thought one fine day

That her symptoms were just not okay

A tablet solution

To all her confusion

Might keep her from dwindling away


For sickness should never define her

This speed bump was just a reminder

That life gave her chances

To make strong advances

And rip off the chains that confine her


So this girl decided to try it

If these pills would help - why deny it?

Celexa she'd eat

With her Post Shredded Wheat

A "Breakfast of Champions" diet


Like a bird whose wings were constricted

And now learns to fly unrestricted

With flapping and flutters

Bursting through shutters

Her soul -- it was suddenly lifted


Not a miracle, not by a mile

Just lightening skies for awhile

Her life reassessed

Her spark once suppressed

Returning with each winning smile


And when troubles new are ensuing

Stress won't be her undoing

She'll keep her perspective

Remaining objective

Her goals she will now be pursuing


So -- while college is scary and new

She'll find courage and strength to pull through

Anxiety cloistered

The world is her oyster

And she's ready to make her debut!


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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