Blood and Water


What if you felt an undying affection
An honest, eternal, phlegmatic protection
If love couldn't find you, would you go off and look
For the one who'd complete you, by hook or by crook?

What if a darkness became of your soul
And the light in your eyes turned mortally dull?
If you lashed out in fear that you could not condone
Would the one that you love scoff, and leave you alone?

If love wasn't said, and could only be felt
If pain weren't real, and the scars never dwelt
What type of feelings would hopelessness slaughter
If blood were never deemed thicker than water?

Lying in vein in an empty white room
What if he saved you from inevitable doom?
If his arms drew you back from this self-renowned strife
And his kiss indiscreetly replenished your life?

How would you feel if you knew for a fact
That your guardian angel was always intact?
That the ethereal presence would always exist 
And refill you with joy each time that you kissed?

They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Consult with your heart if conclusions are drawn.


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