As I sit in my bed.
I try not to cry.
But the tears sneak out.
No one can deny.

She has relapsed. Again.
My sister has chronic depression. When we say relapse it is only our nice way of saying she has attempted suicide again. She will use anything she can get her hands on kill herself. She has slit her wrists, hung herself and much, much more.
This is not about her anymore.
No one sees me, I am the 'good' little girl. But I still have pain. Nobody sees my tears. I am one who gets injured easily.
Just this year...
I broke two fingers
Sprained my ankle
Broke my wrist
Got a concussion
And worked on recovery from a hip injury.

Now here I am. I have cancer.

Wednesday was my first chemotherapy treatment.

Yesterday I was throwing up.

Yet Emma she attempted suicide last night.

Life really isn't fair.

I wish the world wasn't so fixated on Emma*. Because if someone did they would see my tears.

*Names have been changed.

This piece has also been posted on teen ink

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really good


I’m really sorry that the world can’t see you but even if you don’t notice it theres probably

someone that is thinking about you. I hope you’ll get better .

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