Change the Song


Would you tell a blind man he needs to open his eyes more to see?

Would you dare say “just walk it off” to a recent amputee?

Of course not. You know that the solution isn’t to be strong willed

So why would you tell a person who depression has filled

To “just get over it” because they’re “overreacting and wrong”?

When in reality you’re just singing them the same old song,

With a chorus that says “Other people have it worse,”

And “just get over it” is the beginning of each and every verse .

As if their pain is less significant because it’s something you can’t see.

Like Schizophrenia and eating disorders are less severe than a skinned knee.

“Do they even try to get better?”  But do you try to understand?

“They didn’t reach out for help.” But did you lend a helping hand?

“Just stop thinking about it. All you ever do is whine.”

Just stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking they’ll be fine.

When you see somebody drowning you don’t yell “SWIM!” from the shore,

When somebody has a panic attack it’s not something you abhor.

People with mental disorders need help and support and love,

Not disgusted faces looking down from a pedestal high above.

So instead of trying to get other people to sing along,

I think it’s time that you begin to change your song.


Wonderless Dreamer

I really love your poem


Aw thank you so much!

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