These Kids


I pretend to drown in the bath.

I dream of hazy, pill-induced dazes.

But then I remember these kids.

These Salvation Army angels

have become true angels to me.

They came when I cried and have saved my life.

They inspire me to do good.

They make me want to live,

to love, to feel grateful for all I'm given.

It's so easy to forget

how lucky we are.

I'm just a little depressed girl

living in her lonely world.

But these kids have trampled down walls

and embraced me in their warmth.

Seeing that first kid's smile,

The little girl shine as she got to meet Santa,

The little boy blush when I called him prince,

They show me how I've been selfish.

There are kids out there craving life

and I've been throwing mine away.

But now this has changed.

I'm going to care for these kids

as if they were my own.

These kids deserve this Christmas,

I don't deserve these pill bottles.

They deserve presents and cheer,

not screaming and depression.

They deserve what I was given

and yet so much more.

These kids are my new life.

And my new life shall be glorious.


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