when the ray hits you

it reminds you of life

not of the current

but of life at its source


it brings up the issues

from inside your bones

and beneath your skin

interrupting hibernation

forcing you to realize


you should be that ray

like the sun shines

free and mighty

but your weakness

shown in that light

is at times

seemingly unbearable


you may wish for cover

or head back to slumber

but lacking shade

you instead choose

to turn toward

and bask amongst

that tawdry ray


because even though

its highlighting

all the disease

its giving something

that you so desperately

need to continue

with a life

beyond just sleep


so, strolling out

beyond confounds

of cave or home

may reunite us


with the ill will

daylight tends

to bring about


but returning

oh, to return

to the sliver of sun

be it our only chance

at revival


we must never cease

taking part in this reunion

This poem is about: 
Our world



Hi Tumbleweed,hope ur well?

Amazing picture of you.

And a great piece of work. X


thank you for the comment on my poem. i appriciate the feedback and will be posting more. I am doing well. 

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