Quick Fix


She tries to fix things.

Sometimes she'll look at the wall

And think it's too bare

And she'll gather up all her posters

And move them to that wall,

So that it could be filled.

So that it wouldn't be empty.

So that it would feel like

It was getting the attention of everyone

That walked in the room.

She did that with people too.

She took all of her love and her heart

She put them on other people's empty walls

She saw that they were bare

That they were looking for substance. 

She took her posters of concern

And nailed them to their fears,

Erasing any last space for that darkness

To dwell.

She took her pictures of hope

And hammered them to their disappointment,

Encouraged by their smiles when 

Her temporary changes

Seem to make permanent improvements.

But she was wrong.

Because every poster she put up

Came crashing down 

In the middle of the night

Waking her into consciousness

That quick fixes never work

And she can't save everything.


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