As I wake up everyday, I know

I'm just going with the flow

No one is there

I listen and I take it

I try to fight back

But my fist goes through a dark mist of air 

People call it crazy

People call it psycho

People call it helpless and fake

With every breath taken it feels like an uncommon typo 

With every thought it sounds like a ringing bat echoing in my mind

Getting stronger and louder with every attempt to stop it

I call it a game of charades

Not able to tell anyone

A game of charades

People keep guessing but their always wrong

Never speaking because it's cheating

Having to constantly act everywhere I go

Only telling myself that this isn't me

I'm continuously going back and forth

Into this never ending cycle of hurt

I can't take it

Some way, somehow, one day I knew my voice would be heard

The darkness inside can't be lured

It seems to have a mind of it's own

I guess you can't truly conquer such feeling

Rather than becoming the master of your own

You can't always control it

You can't always push it aside 

Because the moment it comes back

There's nowhere to hide

Enough with the pills

Enough with the therapy

Take your body and health back

But ever so slightly

Don't change for society 

And forget about the "normal"

Because noone knows what you're truly experiencing 

As we go through the turmoil

So be you and be proud

Be tough and be loud


I took my life back.


In this constant game of chardes,



Was the thief






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