Haunting Memory

Tue, 10/29/2013 - 19:22 -- gsnf911

A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion. 

Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger.

With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.

You should rebel! Thats what people on the outside say, 

But most yell and tell you to obey. This is not how you wish to die.

But you don't have a choice in the matter. This is a place where you go if your 

different. You take the blame for the mistakes of others. These places house the

dead and decaying corpses of six million innocents. Where the monster's music 

meant death. Where people walk aimlessly into a trap, like a lost hoard of cattle, 

which they are slain as such. Where mothers watch there children die and there

husbands working themselves beyond death for the monsters. Where stars brand you

Do you want to get branded? The monsters thinks so. For those who live to tell there 

tale. There can live with bitterness and with there haunting past. Some don't speak of

what they saw they stay quiet. While others talk to free the chains that hold down there

souls. Some and most families have there kids and grandkids ask what the numbers

mean. Some tell while others keep that disgusting seceret. People that live to tell there

story are branded with this note. A horrible reminder of the past. Am I branded like

them? Time has shown me that I am branded with ignorance and hate. I keep silent

like most of them. I'm I wrong for doing this? I'm I wrong for not wanting the attention 

and more problems if I spoke up? I remember her. Just a snapshot in time. But I 

remember. She lived to tell her story about the awful things and creatures. But she was

never bitter. So why should I be?




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