To be beautiful

To be hot

To have a skinny waist

To have a six pack

To have a Kim Kardashian butt

To have a baseball players' rear

To have big breast

To have pecks

To have a contoured, flawless face

To have a sharp jawline


To drive when I'm not ready

To get a job

To get good grades

To have a social life


Along with being social, comes pressures as


To smoke

To drink

To do drugs

To have unprotected sex

To vandalize

To scandalize


With girls, we are told,


To not be a prude

To not be a slut

To not be bitchy

To not wear revealing clothes

To wear revealing clothes

To be skinny

To be pretty


With boys, we are told,


To be brave

To be emotionless

To not cry

To be fit

To be athletic

To be charming

To be a stud

To be sexy

To be tall

To be assertive


Society's corrupted us.


To fix it, we must


Be who we are and


Not a stereotype

Not a label

Not a mindless zombie

Not a follower

Not a number

Not a cliché




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



Great poem! Really love the breaks in the poem as you change topics.

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