Fri, 10/04/2013 - 21:07 -- yamig29

There is an underlying silence over everything

that holds everything, is everything

as we communicate this substance of silence embodies our conversations

meanwhile I search for inner peace

inner peace that will be resistant and resilient

resistant to my conflicting inner thoughts, the geniuses that rot, my battling mind but

hidden is this silence

that is under the riots,

the clashing, clashing, burning, human pupil swelling, inner cities falling, slashing, slashing, fighting

Underneath is the silence

beyond the violence I carry this half whisper near quiet full vibe, that can become

an intruder of the world’s most unruly times

but what is the silence

it could be power, or space and time colliding, spirits dancing beneath our own breaths

it could be our breaths, the lack of vibrations released from our mouths is often unheard

but silence is not just not communication, it is emotion, motion

or my own peace, meditation, connections between west and east

I want to be silent

and I have the right to be

but if I am silent then who will speak




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