Her Heart

At only age two, this girl was falling apart

The doctors said she had needed a brand new heart

She received it from a baby boy that had died

It was up to her parents but they did decide

As her beating heart was going


The doctors told her parents she would live to ten

Her mom and dad were just glad that she lived again

They never did care about numbers or ages

All they ever wanted was her growing stages

As her beating heart was going


Everyone would always ask, “why is that scar there?”

She said it was her heart, they would not ever stare

Sometimes it was very rough, but she was so strong

She always kept on fighting, was here for so long

As her beating heart was going


She knew she was beautiful, she wasn’t ashamed

Her smile lit up the room, with her heart untamed

It was getting around that time, teenager age

That her heart needed to be kept inside a cage

As her beating heart was going


She was transferred to Houston, for some more treatment

It was not that surprising since it was frequent

Yet it did not feel the same as it did before

This time it felt as bad as an atomic war

As her beating heart was going


All we could do everyday was pray day and night

It felt weird, it felt different, it didn’t feel right

That beautiful young girl in the hospital sick

Everyone knew it wasn’t supposed to be quick

As her beating heart was going


She wanted a party to wear a purple dress

But she could not because her heart was a distress

She did wear a nice purple dress in her coffin

Nobody in there would have ever forgotten

As her beating heart was stopped


February twenty-eighth, the day she had left

The mighty God had committed a crime of theft

As I carried her young sister with me that day

We had to say our last words and send her away

As that beating heart stopped

This poem is about: 
My family





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