The end

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:14 -- laffon


Crushed by this endeavor.

Broken by my lover.

I once thought love was forever,

but time seems to end when we were together


Hit the rocks from the tide.

Dropped down from the vibe.

Drowning in the cup,

I'm just glad to be alive.


The days glew with light,

but they felt so black.

Time slowed down, 

but i was too slow to react.


On the eve of defeat

and the moment of my torture's end

the sun rose

and a new world began.


Times are tough,

and the days get harder.

The moments get rough,

and the memories get darker


I'm here to say that its darkest is before the dawn,

and the dawn does come.

So if your tired, broken, and done,

and this is your last one

let this poem be your last, and hold on

because you really do only live once.


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