The Attic, Part 2

There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind.

A place where the scared little child ran away to hide.

At such a young age he had given up hope,

Went into this attic and tied up the rope.

But when he didn't have the courage to take the leap,

He decided simply to hide from a life so bleak.

He wandered the attic and found a box,

It was labeled "My Dreams" with a pentagram on top.

He opened the lid and first removed the candles,

Each of them inscribed with an emotion he couldn't handle.

Then he found the Ouija board; tried seeking help from the spirits,

But either it didn't work, or they simply didn't hear it.

Returning to the box, he grabbed the chalice,

Raised a toast to God; begged him to end his malice.

But when God didn't reply, the child returned to the box with a sigh,

Pulled out the drugs, and taught himself to get high.

When the drugs stopped working and he knew he wasn't dreamin',

He recited the chant inside the lid, begging help from the demons.

What he saw next had to be a black hole's shadow;

The darkest thing he'd ever seen emerged ready for battle.

It lied and said, "Don't worry kid, this isn't the end,

For I am the angel your God has sent."...


Many years later, the child trapped in the attic

Finally realized that he'd fucking had it.

He burnt those candles, inscribed with emotions,

Praying to God, beginning his devotion.

Then the candles burnt out; the demon was suddenly banished.

When the candles burnt out; the emotions finally vanished.

See, there's this place deep in the recesses of my mind.

A place where the scared little child ran away to hide.

When he ran there he was determined to die,

But the attic was a place his God was able to find.

- Jarred Shah



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