A Spell of Weeping




A troubled mind of broken thoughts

to ponder as you lay;

drowning in an open sea

of sorrow every day.


Console your thoughts with talks of love

and what you hope will be,

to break away from all you've known;

a harsh reality.


Breathing, sinking, drowning, thinking

you can never know.

Flying, crashing, lying, thrashing

drags you down below.


With hatred flowing through your veins,

it's easy to forget

while those who love and care for you

become your biggest threat.


Dig your nails into your skin

to scrape away the truth.

Overdose and clench your teeth

to throw away your youth.


To find yourself, you must restore

the twinkle in your eye.

So let your head fall in your hands

and find the strength to cry.


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