America the Ignorant

I remember hearing stories of a

Country wherein the citizens were free

To love and believe in whoever they

So desired, but that was in the past.

Since then things have changed and what we once knew

To be "freedom" is now "abnormal" and

"Wrong" and I realize that even here

In the "land of the free" there are freedoms

We are not permitted all because of

The majority's ignorance and their

Unwillingness to get all the facts and

Hear all the sides of all the stories if

There's even a small chance that they won't like

Whatever truths contradict their beliefs.

To love and be loved regardless of sex,

To believe differently without fear of

Violent discrimination and insults,

And to practice our amendments and bear

Arms so that we may defend ourselves and

Those we hold most near and dear to our hearts.

Individual selfishness is fine,

But when the individual becomes

The majority through blind shepherding,

Why then, should knowledgeable lambs suffer

To hide their feelings and religious ties?

For a man to love another man and

So the Muslim may go unpunished for

The actions of her estranged brethren,

I say we put an end to ignorance

And ensure that everyone knows the truth

Of love, government, religion, and health

So that they may be tolerant of those

Who are different from themselves, and civil

Towards those who think and love differently

From people with many generations

Stuck in archaic, traditional views,

I say there must be mandatory change-

In education so that we all may

Learn all the facts in all of our classes,

And from our peers learn what it means to live

And love and respect those of us who are

Younger and older than they, and those who

Are extreme and those who are moderate,

And those who seek God and those of Allah.

So that we all may be undivided

And know the grey of things- not black and white-

Let us all learn, willing or averse.




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