The Power of Love

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 03:07 -- Arymat


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Let me start off by saying god bless you

The world's greatest philosopher couldn't fathom the words to express you

We tend to lose all hope and live in regret

Meanwhile the world continues to spin and time is being spent

Words and actions are two different roads

If I continue to talk you expect it to be exposed

See this love I have for you isn't a lust

This love I have for you is more than just trust

A beautiful girl with a broken past

A thirst for love, protection, and forever... but a half glass

What can I do to fill that void

I'm trying to build to be better not to build and destroy

It's amazing the pain a human being can endure

It seems we've had some bad data so let's restart and restore

Understand we are used as a pawn with the slightest idea when we will be taken of the board

Such as a pawn we have a chance to be greater than we are now and will ever know it

My life support... the life of my line have faith and don 't you dare pull that cord

Love makes us do crazy things and I'm not afraid to show it

I'll spend everyday like it's my last to show you your value so you'll always know...

And baby you'll always know it.

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