Living Slow , Dying Fast

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 15:46 -- Jbabe

I daydream of being something different, somewhere different

I wonder, I questions, I think and I have come to the conclusion.

Im not living to die, but dying to live.

I thurst for the liquid of life, like a flower in an unwatered garden

I crave, I need, I desire, I huger, I beseech, I command!

Give me my just dues, and pay my soul in wages unequivalent to monitary value.

Life is just a slow merry-go-round that is about to stop soon. 

I want it to go faster, to where I'm holding on by a thread.

Cause once its over I will be stuck on the other side, unable to feel that trill 

that makes your hair stand on edge.  And makes life worth the risk. 

Its something about life that is just worth living, and something about dying too

But I haven't died yet, so I couldn't tell you what's waiting on the other side.


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