Step Inside

I've lost a lot in my life,

From happiness, to security, to fight.

Even though I survived another night,

I still wonder if I can handle this strife.

So tonight I step out into the storm

Just me, my key, and my kite,

To try to shock some sense into and warn

This terrified kid filled with fright.

I never expected the child to come out, realized he'd been reborn,

And little do I doubt the statement he'd sworn;

That he'll fight with all his might.

I tried to tell him I couldn't make him feel safe and warm,

What came next was a sight;

He reached to the sky and said "Come out Sun, you no longer have to hide."

The clouds drifted away, and now everything was bright,

And the child said, "Just for today, you don't have to be afraid of life."

The tears ran down my face and the child said "Please don't cry."

Then all my fears drifted away, when the child stepped back inside.

- Jarred Shah



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