Still Thinking About My Ex

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 19:31 -- Jaylin


My life is kind of hectic 
Like a completed checklist
When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
I avoided the dimes ‘cause they are already asking for my last name,
but I had to tell them that I do not carry around loose change.
My ex’s are reckless.
They told their mom they found a good guy in me 
So then put a check on their checklist 
And put their booty on another guy’s waist like a neckless.
When I use to look in your eyes, I can see what heaven is
but now you have indulged in the chains of high school.
Getting drunk, acting out, and piercing Gods treasure and only saying whatever.
You have become a gardening tool that doesn’t feel happy unless a guy is in your room first 
That will not be the death of you, but your future 
That’s real ‘cause if you read this you will have chills 
The same chills that a girl is having when struggling to pay bills
And when she thinks of how she could be living on dream 'ville
Still I have to chill because this is only high school
But the present sets precedence for the future 
So it’s like putting the predicate before your future  
I’m kind of sad you had to do this
And I really loved the fact that we could do this 
This, as in a bunch of temporary forever’s of doing whatever 
Embracing our stormy weather with God by our side we could do that together 
But you said whatever cause you wanted quick pleasure 
I really feel offended because you had me embezzled  
You thought I was just another boy who used girls for toys
But I guess you were not in God’s plan 
Thus I’ll find another queen to help me take over the land.
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