Health: The forgotten Gem

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 10:52 -- Pritam

As the clock ticks away with the Nick of time,
Health is wealth knowest thou all for to live quite sublime,
Rich or the poor none have the desire to keep the health in prime,
Coz all are running after wealth, hence playing race against time.

Entangled are we all in the nuisance of cacophony,
Forgotten is the prized health that we all accompany,
Whether we live alone, or in symphony,
Confused are we all as if handling a jaboolani.

Spent are the days now in the world of utmost digitization,
Flattering ourself in the awe of urbanization,
Crawling towards the morgue sans hesitation,
Finally we think to have gotten the recipe for this Cessation.

Ya it's the mighty doctor as he finally arrives,
Waiting since long all in anxiety and jive,
Hoping to change the world by all his positive vibes,
It's time for him to make the folks healthy to thrive.

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Our world


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