Chancellor High School
6300 Harrison Rd, Fredericksburg Virgnia, 22407
United States


Alas, I am sitting in class,

Stressed for the upcoming test.

Afraid I am unprepared to pass,

My heart pounds in my chest.


Then a sensation so awkward

Like dead weight; Like dead weight.

I fall back leaning forward

If only I could think—





Chair. Teacher. Tissues. Wet.

“Can your name? What is hear me?”

I don’t remember what those words meant.

Is this reality?


Their worried eyes feel impatient,

So I try to respond.

Words and thoughts garble, in need of translation.

What I think and say cannot correspond.


Even as my symptoms subside,

My mind and body are drained.

Unwilling to hide, I take the next stride,

Back to my seat unashamed.


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My community
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