Mother and Father gave me a kitten.

When they knew they wanted one,

It took a whole nine months for them to get it!

My new kitten was

Adorable, tiny, and fragile.


Mother and Father told me to take care of it.

They said that if I loved it very much,

Taught it manners,

And kept it healthy,

The kitten and I would become great friends.


Mother and Father helped me take care of it.

For almost eighteen years,

They taught me how to love and care.

As I grew and as the kitten grew,

They let me take more and more responsibility.


Mother and Father said goodbye

And my cat and I left the house

To find our own path-



As the years flew by,

I forgot about my cat.

It was still there,

Beside me through thick and thin.

But as I forgot,

My cat grew weak and weary,

Tired and fat.


Mother and Father passed away,

So I could not ask them for help.

I went to the doctor

And they said,

“Take care of your cat!”


Many more years passed.

The cat grew old

And had kittens.

It became healthy again.

But time takes its toll

On everything.



The cat had to go.

So I said goodbye.

The cat said goodbye.

And as the cat left,

I went to find a new Mother,

A new Father.


Mother and Father gave me a rabbit.

This poem is about: 
My family


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