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“Lean back” “No lean forward”   The water gushes and churnes Beneath the silver hull The wind racing through tendrils of blonde
Now You’d Best BELIEVE That I’m... ON POINT... !!! When I Choose To Anoint My Notepad With Speed... With Speech That Deals In..... HONESTY..... !!!
So When Are We TOO OLD To Be Seen As.... " Dope ".... ?!? Or What's Called HOT Like Some SUPER FINE Crotch.... !!!!! Well I'm At THAT AGE Where My Body NOW ACHES... !!! But STILL Have A BRAIN That Functions... OKAY... !!!
Like Most People I Try To Show GOOD Judgement... !!! But It's Easier Said Than Done For Sure... !!!
Beware of The HAIR YEAH... BEWARE of The HAIR … !!! DON'T You Dare STARE In Case My Hair... Decides To SCARE And ATTACK Your Lair … !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah It May Get DREAD And... LOCK Like Feds' " … !!!
So When It Comes To Poetry... What Really Can Be Deemed To Be A... " MASTERPIECE "... ?!? A Really COOL HAIKU... Where Words Number A FEW... !?!
So What Does This CLASS Thing Mean To YOU... ??? Someone Who Went To A... " Public School "... ? Or A Gent In A BOWLER Whose Demeanour Is Cool... ? Well If This DEFINES Class To You... ?
One Day A Friend Said To Me.... “ Your Thoughts Big V, are deep and ample, but to get them through to people, you should try a different angle ! “ By This She Meant My Presence Is LARGE And My Words Hit HARD... !!!
I Was With A Female Friend ... When Our Conversation Led ... To ... Condescending Sinners ... !!! Who Are CLEARLY ... Walking Sphincters ... !!!!!
LISTEN LISTEN ... Middle Class England ... !!! Come On Now ... !!! It's NOT Immigrants Bringing England Down ... !!! It's Your Own Government That's Causing FROWNS ... !!!
Is it Such A Crime To Speak Your Mind … ? Because It Seems To Be If You're NOT WHITE ... !!! I Hear This Said So MANY Times … !!! "Virge, you scare folks with words you rhyme !"
I'm WATCHING YOU Like You WATCH ME … !!! It's Really NOT COOL To Watch Me Like A THIEF ... !!!?!!! Now This Story Happened To Me …
It's HARD To Stay ... " Cool " .. When Police Act The FOOL ... !!! They're USING The Bomb ... To Make You BELIEVE ... That WE DON'T Belong ...
A Spoken Word Poem ! I'm hearing that some people think New Poetry's ... " TOO CRUDE " ... !!! Now i'm not starting a poetry feud ! But ..... "Come come old boy, that views old news !"
Sitting there pretty and gloomy  Quiet seems scared to speak  Doesn ́t want words to leak  Sits in the back so alone and in need
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
There is no end in site. Stereotypes exist because of..: Muslims who blow things up, Christians who wrongfully judge,
Death is sad. Death is beautiful. Death is gory. Hearts are broken. Love becomes extinct. It is inevitable. No one can hide from death. However, people can run toward it because running from it is the beginning of the end.
Segregation based on race, Racial inequality is a disgrace Everyday the world goes by Blacks are mistreated: that’s no lie
weird kidscool kidscrazy kidsgang kids of all of thatwe are all still kids
I am a girl who cried out for a just world,  sitting with a scale in my hands,  weighing the lighter crimes,  judging.  This is either irony or self-awareness.
I remember crying myself to sleep, seeing no hope for the future. If only Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother could see the damage they inflict on me.
Protest is a complicated word,  defined as people making their voices heard. We are encouraged to protest for what we believe,  however no one ever seems to concede.  We are told to work together to make a change, 
I am you You are me We all have issues We all have strengths. So why? Why am I judged? Why do you make assumptions Pass judgement Ignore who I am.
People look at you, And just see your past. They see your tattoos, And your jaded mask. But I look much further, And deeper within. What I see inside you Is a true gentleman. I see a heart
by Ariel Douglas (22 October 2014)   Worship is more than singing pretty Worship isn't an impression It's not a popularity contest And it SURE isn't American Idol
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
I am from a no college family, from a brother in trouble with the law, and another brother with a mental illness.
He asked for help - they laughed. He begged to be understood - they ignored. He screamed for attention - they didn't give it.
Fallen in love with things unseen Culture I have adored People I'v never met before Inspired beyond reward   Trapped in this selfish humanity Gated we'll always be
I walk out of my house with a smile, I feel today will be great. During advisory I rush to the library Because of an unfinished essay.   I sit there and type Typing as fast as my fingers will go.
Light, Dense, To my defense, He was sweet like a sugar crystal.   Cut, Cubed, Too Misconstrued,
I, Elandria, Lay my heart on my sleeve, world, And await judgement.
Eyes cold, glassy Body stiff, unmoving I'm perfect. Body in position. Sit still! Face rosy, smile painted on Any other emotion obliterated, gone. Smile. SMILE! Don't let them see,
Everybody runs when they see my black charcoal coat of fur. Everybody runs as they see me stalking the streets late at night. When everyone should be asleep. When everybody should be, Hidden. Safe from me.
A jello mold of strawberry jam. A wrinkly little worm. A mind so painfully ridged even the thought of it makes me squirm.
Please don't talk to me like you know his sin
It’s not that you’re wrong, it’s just that you’re different. And for that crime you face sentence. The way you dot your I’s, the way you cross your t’s.
Away from you. Away from pain. Away from judgement. What’s to gain?   Everytime you said the note was flat.
When I left home A short five months ago I had my priorities set And was not prepared to roam   College was what I had prepared for Before I knew the alphabet could rule my life
I am not what you say I am! The bane Existence unworthy... Function unneeded... Purposeless, worthless... You throw your sickness upon me! But I have not faltered entirely I’m sick of this world
I'm done hidding in the shadows. Let the poeple come with their words as daggers, and their glares as swords. Let the people come with their arrogance that buries hopes and dreams
Seventeen years of life experience and I'm still not qualified for the job, because everyone thinks I'm either too young or too dumb. Pressured by society to look thin and tan, but we can hardly face each other man to man.
I want to leave it all behind  Eyes, faces, minds  See me defined Not by what I do But what I did  And pay no attention to the person I've hid. Somewhere. Behind the mask of who they want.
Kiss my neck, softly. Treat it as if it was a baby and you didn't want to be responsible for the damage. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear as if you were walking on the edge of a pier. 
So I've come to a conclusion, Everything and body is an illusion. Any sense can feel a tense delusion, Not sure what's real-- I feel deep confusion. So open, so crucial  So dangerous, so brutal.
Tight black curls bouncing against her back, Long loose waves too stringy to attack. Thick brown strands with a mind of their own, Too complicated to even try to be blown.  
This startedWhen the Gods chose death to be man's allotment.   And though they were wary of our pleas and demandsThe Gods kept life inside of their hands  
It seemed logical at the time. But now I stare at the scars, Demonized by those around me. To them each one is ugly, To them each one is alienating. To them each one is my insanity.  
Shadows are my friends, Keeping me hidden from judging eyes. Blanketing me with promise of safety, And protection of hatred. If I can't be seen by anybody, Then I can't be hurt by them.
Who am I? Do I let you define me, no! It's my heart and soul that carries me. I am resilient and full of character. i am who i am
With words of poison in my direction, I am an artist.Express feeling with color and word;paintbrush and pen.  
Living without my identity is like slipping through the drain on the side of the road. Flowing away with the water Nowhere to be seen. As if I could be seen.  
People say the relationship is toxic. That he'll kill me. (It surely well might be the case) But it's not your business I tell myself   People say the relationship ain't healthy.
In terms of Value, We judge loved ones by their actions, And strangers by their status.  As for ourselves, We often misjudge who we are, Which leads to consequences.
Religion is alcohol; an addiction to judging. So many people drink it’s poison and their minds get hazed. They become close-minded; obsessed.
In elementary school I had so many friends. Nobody cared what you looked like or the clothes you wore. But now that I'm older and high school is here, there's judgement all around. I used to be so confident,
Cheerleaders are too perky, 
For years I've skin walked. Days upon days mount up to one  complete with all of life's angst. Every second sealed with worry. Last moments are of pain until rest comes.
Sitting there, looking around, I didn't make a sound. The torrent of words was enough for me for there it hit me, slow and true, a Truth I've always known somewhere inside yet never quite understood.
Purpose--a complex structure in our mind Profound in sound, trivial in its utter existence. Perfect clones don't exist, but passions mix Painful links of genuinity and commonity.   
at age 13: girls were Sluts; Bitches, Whores, or Prudes,  and we thought that the length of jean aeropostle shorts were fuses that would lead to some dangerous explosion of promiscuity because:
Their reaction will depend on what choice you will make They don't care who you are Or what you have done   They taught us what's good and bad And made us open and realize
All of our lives intertwined; so connected but so distant.
It's not my right to judge, Its not my right to judge someone's sexual preference
Someday she'll be gone, she'll have left all alone. They'll catch on eventually, without having known The puzzle pieced burden of her created norm, How she sobbed through the nights, braving the storm.
"You can be anything you want," They sang to me on my eighth birthday. You can be a doctor, a musician Or a happy astronaut. And I believed all that they said, And that night in my bed
Who am I? If I say I don't see color, am I a racist? If I forget your sex, am I an asshole? If I tell you, I don't know your name but I still want to know more about you am I Denying your identity,
I am a product of judgement and lies. 
  Memories are a part of me, They drift apart from me. So many thoughts, just like my old matchbox cars, Simpler times---remember pogo sticks and toy guns,
My eyes dart side to side looking for the welcoming smile, Was it not enough, You have put my entire life on trial, I know what I have done makes my outside rough,
I smile in hope they will stop staring. I smile in hope that they will see the beauty I see when I look in the mirror. I smile in hope to make someone's day.
When it comes to how people view themselves you all have a blind spot. When you look in the mirror you don't see the same things I do. You see mistakes & flaws. I see perfection & beauty in My making.
You judged me
He looks out of place here His hair has too much product His suit is too tight He needs to fix his tie Is that a mustard stain on his sleeve?
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
What am I underneath it all? I am afraid, of new, of alone, of failure.
Porcelain   Where are you? What are you doing? This is not right! Unacceptable! Is this what you pictured?  
In a generation when kids of all ages are too wo
To speak without the fear of future regret  
You thought you knew my name But all that time all you saw an image Looking down and up "Yo!!! mame..."   Don't insult me I thought why don't you be like them gentlemen... I can't stand you!!!
O Muse, take pity one me! For I cannot retell half as well as thee! Daedalus, Daedalus, creator of many the glorious thing, Daedalus, Daedalus, the one who gave Man wing, In Crete, that wretched place,
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
  Freak  twisted, strange  disturbing, unnerving, disgusting  demented, insane, fantastic, beautiful  thrilling, amazing, dazzling 
Admire what you see Mirror or none For which everything that you see Beauty is none What makes things beautiful Thoughts or emotions Either one is powerful But without people's creations
Am I a Republican or a Democrat a liberal or a conservative am I for gay rights or against gay rights
As I sit here, Pondering.                     Wondering. Will I ever be good enough?
This is not an attack On any ideals But as an atheist I say I can feel as I feel Don't lecture me with your god Because I don't believe If I'm burning in hell, you'll be first there you see
You don't appreciate it till it's gone gone from your grasp and gone from your heart You will never have the chance
Ocean eyes that tell a story  about the rough seas  though you would never know He reveals a smile of innocent perfection  so you cannot see, nor hear about how his ship rocked
Today we are more sensitive to race than ever before. All the media has to do is put BLACK in the midst and Al Sharpton is on his way. I'm not saying racism does not exist. But why are we slaves to the very thought of it?
Can you hear it? The sound of them crying They want to be heard We all want to be heard
You always say “fake it ‘till you make it” i wish i didn’t have to fake it i work every day to please others
I thought chameleons were beautiful. But where is the respect in changing on every whim, capricious, for those who won't have us as we truly are? I thought chameleons were beautiful,
Everyone thinks my life is a breeze, and that I get by with ease. Everyone thinks I'm rich and snobby, and shopping is something I do as an everyday hobby.
I Am Not Who I Am. By: Reid Davis The day is full of masked faces and fake smiles Being decepted for miles and miles But when the light dissapears And we're safe in our beds
I rap like a rapper I Po et like a poet My mind is abstract But who really knows it   If I am a box A square full of roses Concealed to the world Who really knows it?  
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
How difficult is it to simply be ourselves? At a young age we're all taught that who we are isn't enough- Not tall enough, they say. Not pretty enough, they say. Not smart enough, they say.
"She is lofty and proud, prideful at best Her waist too great, her ego still greater." Satisfying others becomes her only success Yet only recalling the sneers of people who hate her.  
I always hear the words from men and women, they say to me that i'm not who they thought I'd be, should this offend me or should I just let it be, let them believe that I can be who they see of me,
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
From a distances I'm just like you Get to know me and I'm a little differet
You don't get a second chance at a first impression. So chase your dreams or your nightmares will catch you.
How much  glorification, can one
 person endure
 before becoming
 the person everyone
 wants them to be, instead of the person
The Making of a Leader A leader.....who is leader? Many are they in sight, Many that I see, But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems But for her deficiences.
I like to scream I like to shout I like to faithfully cast those negative thoughts out I think big I imagine wild I'll go the distance for my travel crave mile-to-mile But once indroduced to another mind
You can love me. You can hate me. It doesn't matter what you think of me, becuause I am me. You will not change me,. I am bold, bright, a star amoungst stars.
Why is it that I dream under this black sky again Why do i feel as though i cannot see My heart aches  But i still dont know  What to say to you I close my eyes again Today i must say it
Roses are red Violets are blue
People are quick to judge. They make hasty judgements simply based upon what they  have grown up seeing hearing avoiding what they have been told to evade. Something bad, something different.
Why does she look like that 
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Filled with judgement, we live our lives sensored by what people think and others' motives. Why? How come we express ourselves by the standards at which people set?
We'd just as easily hang each other with the chain around our necks And continue to burn our brothers because they're the ones having sex Why are we so quick to damn every young child that loses his way
Crayola has the right idea Every color in the media Every tone of every flaw Yeah, Crayola has them all The lovely red smudged on your lips Is the same red running down his wrists
A question asked of me, Flying or invisibility? Answers rang out, invisibility, no doubt! I shook my head, For I knew better. It doesnt take magic, It doesn't take powder.
Perfect hair and perfect skin
I know that I am not perfect.  
From having answers to knowing none. I thought that it was all made up that you could control anything if you tried hard enough I chalked it up to lack of discipline or emotions but then it happened to me
In the Great Book, it says not to judge. Yet we do, Everyday. We are taught as kids to live by the Great Ten Rules. Yet,
“Oh no! It’s not the size of your body, it’s the size of your heart.” And your waist, And your face.
It seems to me that mirrors never give an honest reflection of a person.
  Can I change their perception?
Hah, Hah. A simple denotation of happiness all but one musters a smile. Only he bears the whip of society.   “Look at his haircut!” “Why’re you breathing so heavily?” Why are you judging so heavily?
If I had the power to change one thing? I would change the ability to judge. Judgment affects everyone and everything, Through judgement, bullying was born, And hurt feelings are frequent,
The girl walks down the long hall. She keeps her eyes trained on the ground as she feels their stares burning holes through her. They look her up and down, judging her face, judging her clothing.
When what we see on the outside Is all we judge a person by We can no longer understand one another.
A vagina is a percious jewel? Seriously? And what is a penis? What is its mythical powers? Why does a woman have to explain her sexual history, intimacies and etc?
Judgment, The agowilt that consumes a weak cognizance.   Layers of musky mourning mount upon the unsuspecting,
He’s stupid, she’s ugly, they’re weird Judgments we hear and face everyday Some hide who they are, living in a facade Some ignore the voices, but slowly are dismantled
 Let go of your perceptionsthey are all wrong
To be in a world with over flowing judgement makes one cover up who they really are.
Why are we judged? We're just being ourselves, That's what you told us to be. But yet, you judge us. Should we mold into everyone else? No, we will be ourselves. You will judge us,
I never thought the day would come
The poor teenage girl sits in her room to cry Remembering all the mean things said today "Lose some weight! Wear a mask! Just drop dead and die!"   On her bed, knees hunched, tears fall
She's blonde and happy and amazing all the time but her seeking comfort once turned into a crime.  You see, when she walked into the school and couldn't hide her tears, she didn't do it for attention.
Clean, innocent Unaffected by time   Full of laughter, dreams imagination, and life   Antebellum...   But no, no it's ending Erasing that clean beginning  
  Judgment The girl that you bumped into today is being abused by her parents. The person that you judge is another story that you have not heard.
Cold bars of steel Bread roll for a meal Excruciating silence Guilty for alleged violence   After a ferocious fight He is blind to the light And in the corner of his cell
 From the moment I walked in, You judged me. It was apparent you knew nothin' I know nothing in the life comes free, But you told me I couldn't afford The one thing I wanted to be.
First day of class I walk in, finding a seat   Talking to friends, stories of summer   Roll call, hands are being raised   My name is said and I respond, "Here!"
So I heard you’re claustrophobic That you turned yourself into Peter Pan’s worst nightmare sentient shadow no one can find That must be pinned and confined
Innevitability: we all must go to school.
When they tell you That you’re too thin That you’re too pale or Far beyond normal Remember this   You will always be wrapped up Always be tied up In this world, but
They look at me.
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
"Shush" "Shove your degree in something other than my face" "I'm defying you" "We all copied Rachel's problem set last night" "Your class is a joke" "How are you married"
Filled with so much anger and hate, We judge each other while losing sight of the meaning of equality. Hippocritical actions defining our very characters. We ask ourselves why, yet the answer falls back on us,
I do not wish to say a damn thing to you and your hypocrisy Damnation of existentialism driven by your thoughts of “true” Christianity Scrunched face and squinted eyes
As I try to go to sleep at night, I rest my head and think of everything i fright.  I think of the world I cannot Cure, the judgment, and all the hate, I wish I could change but its way to late.  We all compare ourselves to who we think we should
Its easy to laugh But harder to cry Its easy to live But harder to die Its easy to love But harder to hate
The classroom they say is an open space  to share opinions and ideas while you learn. But what they don't tell you is that you are judged based on each idea opinion statement
“I’m not shy, I’m just quiet.” My friend says without lie But I can’t help thinking to myself “I’m not quiet, I’m just shy” It isn’t that I don’t want to talk Or that I don’t like anyone
How can you judge me? Do you know me or my story? How can you even judge me? Have you ever walked in my shoes? So, how can you judge me? Have you seen what I've seen through my eyes?
They Never See Me for ME. The only thing that they see is a sheltered girl, Living a sheltered life. They judge me on my parent’s parenting styles
I am just a mutation of the monstrosity we coined society. I see the knife as it flays at my waist; my skin rejoicing at the idea that soon, SOON I can fit into those jeans he told me I would look good in. I worry for my sister, for all the girls
At the end of the day everything is done for a single idea. A single feeling. And that is happiness.   Happiness is not an object. It is not a person place or thing.
Don't judge me for who I am! For what I believe or where I stand Don't Judge me for how I look! For there's more hidden inside this book Don't judge me for my friends! For their means define their own ends
Why do I compare myself to othersWhen I know they're just going to judge me in return?Then at the same time,They're comparing themselves to other people,And those people are comparing themselves to other people.
"Two roads diverged in a yellow road." That is, until that wood became another metropolis printed in bold on the United States map population, unknown.   If this is a dog-eat-dog world,
A meek moth among a sea of social butterflies Content with silent contemplation, and Saturday nights alone Peaceful seclusion is the condition in which I thrive Finding stimulation not primarily in the world around me,
As I walk down the street I see all the faces; The happy, the sad, the downright mad; Some might believe they are always this way; Soon you'll know that's just not true; The mad man at the bus stop,
The judgemental glares The critical stares They all think they understand But how is that possible?   Have they felt a mother's death? An ache of the stomach Yearning for a snack--
  Terrorism Isn't Me   There is one thing that has been bothering me That I must address It bothers me
Facing Adversity  There is one thing that has been bothering me That I must address It bothers me Just like a pest  
Who are you to judge the shape or size? Who are you to laugh at someones insecurites? Who are you? You are nothing. Imagine if that were you. How would you feel?
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All they see me is as black.  No matter my heart,  no matter my intelligence, regardless of my dreams and desires.... all they see me is as black. Why is black so threatening? 
Skin, Epidermis wrapped around the inner bones to perform life.   Skin, Barrier to the outer adversaries Of nature.   Skin, A continuous uncomprehensive Victimization from
I wasn’t born in the gutters; God blessed me with a stutter. So I searched and discovered, in the end hurt and disgusted Armed with this pen, dangerous on this sheet,. Bound to red ink, this is my ballpoint period piece..
We sit idle upon our thrones, taking in our wretched domain. It's humor- ous how they scurry about as if it  mattered, running faster and fast- er, pain and anguish and rust.       How comical.
The world is so broad and wideFull of the imperfection only one could define,from the slashes here and there that lies up on one’s body, it’s hardly fairStanding As reminders of each scar
  It hurts, that you judge But you’ll never know I keep it inside Buried below All my pain, And my pride,
Can I tell you a secret? I still want him back. After all this time, I still have things to tell him.   I always told him  I hated the mountains, But I lied. I love them deeply, passionately, like he did.
You say "we are all equal" That this is home of the free Yet you judge by my color not knowing what you see. I could be red,purple,gold,or silver But you look at me like I'm a stone figure
the reality of the world today is that there is no reality what we perceive it to be is judgement upon judgement we don’t see “teenaged girl wearing shorts”
All day long I fight the good fight against my eyes, A constant reminder I'm slave to my sight. What a shame, the content with such snide ties.   I suppose it's time for me to grow wise,
You're brittle and straining Transparent and weak. A ghost of a smile Fading before your poisoned eyes, A skeleton locked in a treasure cove. You live amongst valleys and ridges and mountains.
Two hearts shaking under cold pale skin Two minds racing into collisions So traumatic that all they can breathe out is “Why” seems to be all they can say, to express The rest of them are dead
Size, shape, and color don't matter. Be grateful and smile. Love them the way they are, please don't judge. Look into their personality That's reality
The story of my life would not be found on paper For upon hearing such a story your ears would turn inside out And you would desperately clutch their raw structures in agonizing pain
A reeking, filthy form rest rotting in the street Crumpled bones lay askew, smashed against hard pavement Body twisted and unrecognizable, draped over the curb Shaky breaths no longer escaped from a mouth full of blood
Alright so Sticks and stones wont break my bones but this razor surely scars me. Let it, let it roll of your back let it, let it stay for a sneak attack
I knew a girl once who got called boy more times than she could count each time it brought tears to her eyes liked she’d never amount to their glorified expectations horrified by her image in the mirror
Welcome to America. Where we think it's wrong for women in Africa to walk around topless. Where we cringe at the thought of another nation choosing its own form of government.
(poems go here) As I sit here in this desk, I wonder will I ever be used again. Will I be used as an example to keep this Negro pushing?
Your stolid expression Gazes over me like the sun. I felt the heat of your eyes--- Which penetrate into the deepest parts of my soul, Tearing though flesh and The carefully constructed walls of my heart.
Whirlwind Rivers of twisted emotion, Thoughts of Alabaster and marble stairs Mixed with ashes of ashes of ashes. Of Poor and rich and kings and peasants. And she floats through it all, she
Born in an egg already cracked Some say it’s a flaw Others sigh and say never This crack is indented in my soul How am I supposed to know Which is right, and which is wrong
The way he stands makes him look fragile, But I bet, back in the day he was agile. His back curves into a dramatic arch, His steps, so loud, it’s like a march.
Burning I shouldn’t be burning. I’m water, wild and free. Fire can’t even touch me Without sizzling and dying. So why am I burning? DAMNIT! Baby, stay with me! Nonono! NO! Stay awake!
The echo in my ear of all the hurt and pain, from the time I was younger and more I had to gain. All that I kept inside and I can't seem to get out, it's like a stomach full of words I want to shout.
I saw a stranger on the street one day, He came over and asked if I wanted to play. I said yes, and we went to the park. We played all day until it was dark. And when we were done,
So this is my first poem on here. What is it supposed to be? Is it supposed to be about me? Do I show who I am, As if my clothes are sheer? Or should I just go grab a beer.
You pass an invisible wall, you begin to snicker and sneer You judge me. You make me your victim. You cannot know where I’ve been or what trials I have gone through nor my joys.
I need to look like this I need to look like that Is whats being sold It's what you are told. But what you don't understand I will deal with, at your hands Nothing will be defended.
Your grimaces, painful half glimpses, Bring sorrow to every fragile piece of me. If I should shatter, I’d cut your skin. Make you remember you’re only human. You used to smile at me years ago,
My cheeks are rosie when I giggle My eyes smile when I'm happy When you see me my eyes turn away My ears hear laughter in the distance My heart aches at the sight you see
They say I'm ugly. They say I'm stupid. then what am I?. Do I not belong here in this world? I cry because the stuff you all say,I hold back tears because I here it everyday.
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I dont want to blend in with your high society I would have too quit without my variety Your world is insane Its nothing but a mind game What you want to see What you want them to be
Every girl was born with a face of porcelain and heat of pedals. Anyone can see that is beautiful, without a male to announce it.
Judgement judgement everywhere I always notice the hateful glares The whisper, the laughter As if my life is a complete disaster Feeling alone in the universe My life feels like the black death curse
She spends five hours getting ready Knowing all her hard work is for naught For by the time she gets to her locker she will be tripped Into a reality that feels a nightmare The names she can handle
(poems go here) Many people fear change. They fear the vulnerability. They fear the need to adapt. They fear the lesson that they may learn. It is frightening to be new, to be out of your element,
Dazed and aloof, I twirled a strand attempting to appear like I had an ounce of care Until I realized how much I despised having to pry my hand from this nappy, untamed hair Is it wrong that I just hate so many of my parts
I defy to listen to the words to listen to the herd to let my peers Be heard to these ears I alone control. I let myself join those who do not partake in the teasing, The hurt, the disrespect
Why do we have all of this? No one knows why. Why do we listen? No one knows why. Why should they tell us? No one knows why. Why do we do this? No one knows why. Why don't we stand up?
I am only one. I walk through the halls Looking for support From someone, From anyone. No one looks, No one listens, No one cares. The taunting and name calling continue
No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You are strong. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough. You are going to be successful, despite the hard times.
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