Behind the Curtain


I Am Not Who I Am.

By: Reid Davis

The day is full of masked faces and fake smiles

Being decepted for miles and miles

But when the light dissapears

And we're safe in our beds

Our true selves emerge

As we think of ourselves

We lay there awake

As thoughts race through our minds

And we're scared just to think of the things we may find

And even though all that we know is to hide

In the end we are wrong and end up mystified

Because nothing is able to hide from ourselves

The truth will come out

In a blur by itself

And sometimes we're too scared to try to accept

That maybe the truth is just meant to be kept

And that maybe things are what they are for a reason

And running away will just add to the bleakening

All that it takes is to accept yourself

And your mind will run free as it loosens itself

With no chains to limit the extent of it's reach

It'll rise to the sky

And be free defy

Everything that you once thought was the truth

But just lied to yourself

As you hid in your lies

So never think others can judge who you are

Because when the light dissapears

They just fade into tears

As you lie wide awake

With your mask taken off

And the truth is revealed in your mind as a thought

But still deep down inside you do know what you are

And you know that you hide yourself from the outside

Just remember exactly what that fight is worth

Because when the light dissapears and you lie in your bed

You won't lie with eyes open ashamed in yourself

You'll feel happy and glad that you are who you are

And the black shade above will transform into stars

So the bleak and the grey when you hide from yourself

Will come out when you sit all alone and supressed

So don't hide from your truth

It means something to loose

As you hide from yourself

All you're missing is You.




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