More Than Reputation

First day of class I walk in, finding a seat
Talking to friends, stories of summer
Roll call, hands are being raised
My name is said and I respond, "Here!"
The teacher pauses and takes a good look 
"Any relation to so-and-so?"
"Yes, my brother," comes my reply
"Out in the hall now," says the teacher
A shrug at my friends and I go
It's the end of the term and I'm grounded 
Grounded for a low grade that's not my fault
My friends getting A's
I'm doing everything the same
But it's never enough 
It's not me, but my brother
The brother that graduated a few years ago
His reputation dominates my own
He wasn't good, he wasn't the best
Making jokes and pulling pranks
You're judging me for his mistakes
I'm not him
If I can only show you
I'm more than my brother's reputation


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