Judgement Day


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This started
When the Gods chose death to be man's allotment.


And though they were wary of our pleas and demands
The Gods kept life inside of their hands


That day, mankind shunned its God given duty
And threw far the anchor of ingenuity


Hoping to sail to a place where we
Like the Gods could live endlessly


Our goal was just and our progress smooth
Upwards we flew and outwards we grew


The horizon seemed a phantom, until there came a time
When the reason for our progress did not quite balance with the RHYME


But there was a price for our progress
A limit of our options


To reach the Gods mantel
Was to kill our own planet


And when the crime was discovered
People were not that bothered


Until it was too late
As is the manner we behave


The Gods knew us better than we knew ourselves
They knew the flame of our progress would eventually die out.


We grew at our own expense
Until our RHYME fell a line
And our reason, though intense
Had to be placed away from mind


To live forever was grand
But to live tomorrow was better
So the world linked in hand
And united all of our efforts


But then the Gods above descended
And made sure every man witnessed
Then claimed that for every life saved or extended
The death was due back with interest


The planet had suffered our hands hard and rough
So she fought back with all of the Gods' strength.
And mankind learned efforts weren't enough
To stop their Judgement Day


So the reason fled along with the RHYME


The structure of society flew along withthem


Everythingbecame chaos and clutteredandunpred ict abile
So peopledielef t righ t and cen t er


Untiltherewas one left


Justo ne


Andlike Christ heheldthe weightofman'ss ins upon his shoulders.


He alone became the structure for all
He alone because the reason and RHYME
But His reason and RHYME were satirical
For He had too little done not in time.


And when this last man on Earth took his last breath
West of a sandstorm and east of a typhoon
His last words spoke of man's infinite jest
"I was because I thought I knew."


This poem is about: 
Our world



Save the planet.

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