I walk out of my house with a smile,

I feel today will be great.

During advisory I rush to the library

Because of an unfinished essay.


I sit there and type

Typing as fast as my fingers will go.

Then the bell rigns, thank God it's done

and I leave for class at once.


World Geo arrives, and we take out our chromebooks

as I sign in to my Google account.

I look at my name and all I see

and the hatred of me summed up.


My name is Maryam, and I am Muslim

So I am subjected to stay calm. 

But these here stereotypes of me being a terrorist 

are hurtful, and just wrong.


So a week or two later, the family goes for a trip

San Antonio here we come!

Walking down the streets with my mother,

I'm just stolling around full of glee.


Suddenly a car speeds by

With the window being rolled down

And all I here is "Allahu Akbar"

As they drive away into Downtown.


My mom laughs it off, as I do as well

but inside I'm ready to burst.

Why is it that the minorities

Are always mentally hurt?


Just because I classify as some race,

Some religion or some gender.

Doesn't mean you get a say.

You don't get a part in what I do

Or why I shouldn't think this way.


So if you are Hispanic, 

Asian, Indian or Black,

Muslim, Athiest, Jewish,

Gay, Bisexual or not.

Remember this:


This is your land too, 

you sacrificed for this.

And if some idiot thinks for even a second

that you are rightless,


Tell them they have no reason to judge.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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