"Two roads diverged in a yellow road."

That is, until that wood became another metropolis

printed in bold on the United States map

population, unknown.


If this is a dog-eat-dog world,

and that is not to be questioned,

is cannibilism considered status quo behavior?


You tell me I'm better late than never

Is 'never' the bottom rung, or can we sink lower?


If an apple a day keeps the doctor away,

will half an apple bring about fleeting, indifferent visits?

What will a pear a day do?


The early bird gets the worm.

Where lies the fate of the night owl?

When the worms cease to exist, what then?


A gilded norm in our society-

treat others the way you want to be treated.

Sucks for the masochists.


Let's kill two birds with one stone.

No, thanks. I don't condone animal cruelty

even if it gets me closer to my goals.


Don't throw rocks in glass houses!

If the house is plexiglass,

does that make it safer?


It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

So, can smirking be my go-between?


Home is where the heart is.

Yet my heart beats a lot different than the next guy's.

And if a home lacks heart, what sense does that make?


Silence is golden.

Is it still as pristine

if the silence is forced or involuntary?


All's well that ends well.

If something beautiful is tragically destroyed,

does the tragedy demean its goodness?


Look on the brightside?

What do I do in an eclipse?


A little goes a long way,

espeically when a little's all you have.

Tell that to the aristocrats.


Make love, not war.

But read the fine print;

only if it's heterosexual love,

and please, utilize contraceptives.

Better yet, wait til you're married!

I know I'm a stranger to you,

more of an entity,

but I must regulate your love

and place stipulations on it.

'Cause its not about what you want and feel, you see,

its about what the public sees as morally sound.




This is an extremely well written, well composed, thought provoking poem. Please keep writing!

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