The Beginning of the End

Death is sad. Death is beautiful. Death is gory. Hearts are broken. Love becomes extinct. It is inevitable. No one can hide from death. However, people can run toward it because running from it is the beginning of the end. No stop signs; no bodyguards; just you and the darkness conversing in the light of day. That is why death is an invisible entity. If it wasn’t, then everyone would have fled by now. The sad part is that maybe Death just wants a friend, someone to talk to, someone to love. Why would Death want a friend? Well, I think it would be quite lonely where Death is from. Death could be crying right this minute. Maybe Death has feelings, thoughts, a heart. Maybe Death is trapped in a world of his own, a torturous world, a gloomy world. Maybe Death was human once. Maybe Death lived, loved, and felt. Maybe Death had a family and friends that Death cared for more than anything. So next time you think Death is your enemy, think of who Death may have been. For Death may have been your friend.

“How are you Death?”

“Not so well… but I have you.”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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