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So this is my first poem on here.
What is it supposed to be?
Is it supposed to be about me?
Do I show who I am,
As if my clothes are sheer?
Or should I just go grab a beer.

So I can speak with drunken words.
The drunken words,
Those are so true.
So true that I’m scared,
Scared of what will be spoken.
What will come out of my mouth?

Do I leave myself willing to open up?
Open myself up only to be judged.
To let others judge me for what I write,
To let others judge me for what I feel.
That’s when words hurt the most.

So I’m left here,
Not knowing what to write.
I’m left here,
Not knowing if I've done this right.
And you confused there,
Still not knowing who I am,
Or what I will do.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

poetry can be the introduction in finding yourself
poetry is an outlet that helps one expresses oneself honestly
keep writing

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