Protest is a complicated word, 

defined as people making their voices heard.

We are encouraged to protest for what we believe, 

however no one ever seems to concede. 

We are told to work together to make a change, 

but we end up swerving into different lanes.

In a world full of chaos and judgment, 

where we put people who do not agree with our views in a virtual dungeon.

We do not accept each other as we are even though we say we do.

We all just want to speak out loud, but are discouraged by the proud, 

who believe there opinions are facts and do not care who that impacts.

But we are hypocrites too, all this corruption we do not know what to do. 

We sit back and watch as people argue and fight through an online society,

a virtual reality that is far from real or right.

We are in a cyber war with the media and news feeds,

Fake news plastered on our screens. 

We do not know how to succeed, 

so protest with me please.

Against the media who refuses to show all sides equally,

against the hate and labels, and come together peacefully.


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Our world
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