The Society Machine.

“Oh no! It’s not the size of your body, it’s the size of your heart.”

And your waist,

And your face.

But isn’t it a waste to hide away such a beautiful face?

When did beauty become a lost art?

When did we become a part

Of the society machine?

Oh look, a hand book can be seen!

The directions say:

You must obey

Follow the heard

And don’t say a word

Don't listen, don’t speak

Don’t let any original thoughts leak.

And if you flip it to the other side

You’ll see the body sizes women must abide.

“You must be thin

But not too thin.”

Because then you’re anorexic

Or bulimic

Or just ick.

And that’s not just the girls, the boys deal with the 'directions' too

Like the size of their biceps and triceps and if they only wear blue...

Rather than a rainbow because it’s better to stay in a closet

Than to get treated like shit.

And that’s not just the boys, the girls also deal with homophobia,

But staying in that closet is giving them claustrophobia!

Because you know “if you’re a female, you may not look at another female!”

And “if you are a male, you may not touch another male!”

So they sit in their closets, changing all their love poems from her and she to him and he

Changing all their love songs from him and he to her and she.

And they aren’t the only ones being hurt

They aren’t the only ones being treated like dirt!

Everyone is bullied whether it be over their weight, height, hair

Because everyone is mirror for bullies- cowards-

To sit and stare at all your flaws

All their flaws.

And they will make you hate yourselves

Because they hate themselves…

But we can’t say hate, because it’s a “strong word”

We’re told to be quiet and just follow the herd.

It’s a damn shame that society boxes us in

But it’s a damn shame that we try so hard to fit in

Because we need to be in

Because being in

Is all that’s left, being different has already been taken.

So we step on those scales

Defining our worth by numbers

And we go to the gym, to compete with the males

Defining our worth by the amounts of girls with whom we slumber.

And we cry in our closets with no lights

Because if you’re gay you don’t get marriage rights.

And if you don’t believe in God,

Shut up now before they’re given the nod

To execute you

Because you

Don’t get to choose

You get to believe whatever is shoved down your throat,

because that is what is “true”!

Don’t you see?

We must be “good Christians”

And live by the word of God

Because “good Christians” listen

to the word of God

because according to the good book we are all peas of the same pod.

Except if you believe in other religions

Or if you are a woman who loves another woman

Or if you are man who loves men

Because true love isn’t okay if you're gay,

However, you could kill a thousand people every day

And be accepted into those gates

Because nothing happens when

You’re a “good Christian” because you’re forgiven

And all you’re sins are forgotten.

Oh and it's not judgment if it’s in the good book

It’s funny that that’s all it took.

Just one paragraph

And now everyone laughs

At the boys who play with dolls

And the girls who don’t like shopping malls!

Because they don’t follow suit.

You just have to cut them loose.

That’s why parents are kicking their kids to curb

Because of some sort of “Godly” blurb,

But what about “So God created man in his own image.”

Or didn’t that come along in the bible package?

And what if you're unsure

of whether

or not you believe in the big man up top

or if we're just in space, floating on a rock

or maybe you believe in two Gods instead of one

what must be done?

“Go to a counselor, a camp,

you're just lost champ!”

“But what if I don't want to be found?

What if I want to break my own ground?”

Nope, that's not allowed.

Don't you get it, judgment is everywhere to be seen

Because that’s what happens when we’re a part of the society machine.

But thankfully not everyone is like this.

Some people can enjoy their own bliss

Without destroying others happiness.

And wouldn’t it be lovely

If that’s how everyone chose be?
Instead of just being “Drug free”

We could have schools that are “Judgment free”.

It could happen.

If we-

Not just you and not just me-

But if we could place all of our energy

Off of grievance

And onto patience

Off of judgment

And onto acceptance

Off of being society

And just being “me”,

Maybe instead of being a lost masterpiece

We could make all this pain and sadness cease.

We could break the society machine

And all that would be left to be seen

Would be ourselves.

For once, we'd place people off of high and mighty shelves.

The pedestals would shake,

The closets would break,

And once again,

we could see the once lost, but now found, artwork that is



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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