The Truth

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 22:35 -- mmuir

He’s stupid, she’s ugly, they’re weird

Judgments we hear and face everyday

Some hide who they are, living in a facade

Some ignore the voices, but slowly are dismantled

Some listen to the hatred, believing in the lies

And few rise above the discrimination


The boy you labeled stupid,

Spent half his childhood in a bed

Ex-rays and treatments were a routine

Battling a black best, in a fight for his life

Living on death’s door he never learn to read


The girl he branded ugly

Is living with a demon

Too afraid to leave, she braves the blows

Constantly doubting her self-worth

Trying to please an angry man

She has only worn black eyes

The only blush has been red


That family the neighbors’ pigeonholed as weird

Had to move in the middle of the night

Escaping from their home in sobs

Watching flames engulf their past

Now living in an alien world

Being themselves brings animosity


Listen to the stories of people around you

Live in their lives and feel their emotions

Change the judgments in your mind

Befriend the weak, helpless and the isolated

And unmaske a bright and beautiful dawn


That boy in the hospital bed

Is the most strongest

The girl with a demon

Is the most compassionate

The out casted family

Have the most to give  


Open your ears to hear to stories

Your eyes to see new people

Your heart to feel more love

Your mind to learn to ideas

And your world to learn new truths


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